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  Cloakmobile It is a mobile phone number receiving platform service that provides free mobile phone numbers in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines.

1 Introduction

  Various services are provided on the Internet, and many services require an account to be able to use more complete services. At the same time, users are often required to verify their mobile phone numbers, such as: Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc.

  However, if users who pay more attention to privacy do not want to disclose their mobile phone numbers, but at the same time they do not have extra mobile phone numbers to use, and do not want to apply for additional phone numbers, then the service of receiving text messages on mobile phones is fine. Allow users who have this need to have an additional mobile phone SMS number for SMS verification.

  Although there are various mobile phone SMS receiving services on the Internet, some users only temporarily use services that require mobile phone verification, and do not want to do too complicated account registration, mobile number management, personal account and privacy. For setting and other operations, you only need to simply provide the mobile phone number and read the text message content.

  and Cloakmobile It just meets the above requirements, and does not require the user to register an additional account, nor does it need to do any mobile phone number management, but provides a very simple and positive mobile phone number and SMS content viewing.

2 Basic information

  • Website name:Cloakmobile
  • Website URL:
  • Website language: Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese.
  • Website service: Provide free SMS receiving platform services for mobile phone numbers in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Philippines and other places.
  • Contact information: None.

3 How to use

  The services and interface provided by Cloakmobile are very simple. It does not require users to register an account, nor does it require complicated procedures. Generally, it only takes a few steps. Select the desired country/region, and mobile phone number, and wait until receiving The content of the message can be read after the sender sends the message.

3.1 Check the mobile phone number provided by the website

  After entering the home page of Cloakmobile, you will see the mobile phone numbers of all countries/regions, and you cannot select the mobile phone number of a certain country/region individually.

Cloakmobile Homepage

  Each grid is a set of mobile phone numbers. On the left side of the grid is a flag, and in the middle from top to bottom are the mobile phone number, SMS information (country/region and time when the SMS was received), and the button to read the SMS (Read SMS) After selecting the number, you can directly click the "Read SMS" button to enter the page for receiving SMS content.

3.2 Read the SMS content of the mobile number

  After clicking on the mobile phone number in the previous step to enter the SMS content page, you can enter to view the content of the received SMS. Each cell is a text message, and each cell has three fields, the right is: From, Time, Message, representing the number of the sender of the message, the time when the message was received, and the content of the received message. The following is an example of a content grid for a newsletter:

From Time Message
(12***34 2 minutes ago SMS text content 1.
(56***78 3 minutes ago SMS text content 2.
... ... ...

4 Conclusion and evaluation

  The web service interface and use process of "Cloakmobile" are very concise and simple, and there is no need to apply for a user account, email verification, and many steps to set and apply like the more complicated web page of mobile phone SMS receiving service. There are many processes and functions, and you can query the content of the short messages received in the past. The mobile phone number is also marked whether it is online, so as to prevent users from using invalid numbers.

  Although the content of the SMS received by the website using the free number is published on the website, since no account is required and no personal information is provided, it is impossible to see who is using it except the user himself. , if the content of the text message is not important and confidential information, there is no need to worry too much.

  If you just want to quickly obtain a SMS number and receive a verification SMS to activate other services on the Internet, or if you don’t want to disclose your real mobile phone, and you won’t receive confidential content, and you don’t want to spend too much time on complicated application account or function operations , then "Cloakmobile" is a function that can quickly obtain a free mobile phone number and quickly complete the SMS receiving service.

  However, if you want a more powerful number management platform, you can use other SMS receiving services. Because the overall function is relatively simple, it is more suitable for users who need to quickly obtain numbers. Therefore, if you want a complete management service, then there are Other better platforms are available.

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