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  The account application and registration services of e- mail boxes ( e- mail boxes , e -mail boxes , e-mail boxes ) are indispensable for modern Internet users, such as sending and receiving e-mails, e-mails and other functions, as well as registering online service platforms account will be used. In addition to the common personal mailboxes (such as: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and other free web mailboxes), what other electronic mailboxes are there? And which mailboxes can customize their own domain name? What other temporary use, disposable mailboxes? This article will introduce various types and functions of e-mail, and integrate them in detail.

1 Introduction

  For modern people who rely on the Internet, having an electronic mailbox is necessary. Although, in recent years, due to the rise of instant messaging software and social platforms, ordinary people are less and less likely to send messages by writing electronic letters, but for formal occasions, units, organizations, and even resumes, e-mails must be used. way to transmit. Furthermore, even if you do not write e-mails to deliver, you will still use e-mails and mailboxes to receive e-mails, authentication codes, etc. because you need to register various service platforms, apply for various online accounts, and receive e-mails.

  An e-mail box (e-mail, e-mail, Email box, e-mailbox, etc.) is a destination for sending and receiving e-mails (e-letter, e-mail, Electronic mail, email, e-mail, etc.). Although most people already have a common personal mailbox (such as: Gmail, hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and other free web mailboxes), but in different occasions, there are still other different types of mailboxes to choose from, such as integrated packages , enterprise mailboxes with customizable domain names, disposable and disposable mailboxes for temporary use, etc. This article introduces these different types and functions of mailboxes in detail, and organizes the common mailbox service platforms on the Internet.

1.2 Project list

  In general, most of the classification methods of e-mail mailboxes on the Internet are mainly based on the operating platform, such as from the earliest "e-mail client" software (such as Outlook of Microsoft Office, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.) running on the computer, to the Internet. After the rapid development of the Internet, the "web email mailbox" (Webmail, such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc.), to the development of mobile devices (mobile phones, tablet computers, etc.) in recent years and the popular "mobile application (APP)" ) "E-mail mailbox", that is, "client (PC)", "web page", "mobile phone (APP)" to distinguish the types of mailboxes.

  However, with the development and convenience of web pages, web mailboxes have long replaced the client software that had to be installed on the computer before, and the number of client software has gradually decreased or is less maintained and developed. As for mobile mailboxes, although there are It is specialized in mobile version only (because it is only bound to mobile phone, so it can improve privacy and information security), but most service platforms are developed in parallel with mobile application (APP) and web mailbox, so the pure mobile version of mailbox instead minority. Due to the above reasons, the functions of "personal mailbox", "enterprise mailbox", "anonymous mailbox", "temporary mailbox" and other functions are used as the classification of mailboxes in this article, which is also more helpful for readers to find mailboxes with suitable functions. Various mailboxes that are common and still in operation.

1.2.1 Personal mailbox

  Personal e-mail mailboxes , personal mailboxes , and private mailboxes are the most common and most commonly used mailboxes, including paid and free web e-mail mailboxes (Webmail, common such as: Google's Gmail, Microsoft's Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc. etc.), mobile email mailboxes, etc., but in addition to the common free web email mailboxes, there are actually many paid web mailboxes with richer functions and better plans, as well as mobile phone mailboxes that focus more on privacy and mobile support ( For example: myMail of Mail.ru Group, etc.), the following will detail the long-term use of e-mails by such individuals.

(The mobile version can be scrolled left and right)

personal e-mail
project name(in alphabetical order or stroke order)
address format
website language
nature of use
Operating platform Remark
industry brand
AOL AOL Mail custom@aol.com English free 225 GB Web, Android  
Paid: Upgrade AOL Account Remove ads.
Apple iCloud Mail
multilingual Semi Free: Requires purchase of Apple products 5 GB Web, iOS, macOS, Windows  
Basecamp HEY Email HEY for You custom@hey.com English Paid: US$99/year (14-day trial)
100 GB Web, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux Provide a personal blog (requires HEY Email to publish articles).
ContactOffice Group Mailfence

Free (to be confirmed)
EnglishFrenchSpanishPortugueseItalianGermanDutch LanguageSwedishRussianTurkish
free 500 MB Web, Android, iOS  
Entry customizable domain name Paid: €2.50/month 5 GB  
Pro Paid: €7.50/month 20 GB  
Ultra Paid: €25.00/month 50 GB  
Edison Software OnMail Personal custom@onmail.com English Free: Invitation code required 10 GB Web page  
Gandi.net Gandi Mail Custom domain when purchasing a Gandi domain
EnglishFrenchSpanishTraditional ChineseSimplified ChineseJapanese
Semi-free: need to purchase Gandi's domain service 3 GB Web page
  • A Gandi domain name must be purchased to use.
  • 2 free standard mailboxes per domain name.
payStandard: NT$10/month; 3 GBAdvanced: NT$63/month; 50 GB
GoogleGoogle GmailGoogle Mail custom@gmail.com
multilingualAzerbaijaniMalayCatalanDanishGermanEstonianEnglishSpanishBasqueFilipinoFrenchGalicianCroatianIndonesianItalianSwahiliLatvianLithuanianHungarianDutchWritten NorwegianPolishPortugueseRomanianSlovakSlovenianFinnishSwedishVietnameseTurkishIcelandicCzechGreekBulgarianRussianSerbianUkrainianHebrewUrduArabicPersianMarathiHindiBengaliGujaratiTamilTeluguKonadaMalayalamThaiBurmeseAmharicCambodiantraditional ChineseSimplified ChineseJapaneseKorean
free 15 GB Web, Android, iOS The capacity is shared with Google Drive and Google Photos.
Paid: Upgrade to Google One membershipNT$65/100 GB per monthNT$90/200 GB per monthNT$300/2TB per monthNT$3300/10TB per monthNT$6600/20TB per monthNT$9990/30TB per month
Google One FeaturesAsk a Google expertOption to add family membersAdditional member benefits
Customize@gmx.comCustomize @gmx.us
English free 65 GB Web, Android, iOS  
Hush Hushmail personal
custom@hushmail.comCustomize @hushmail.meCustomize@hush.comCustomize @hush.aiCustomize@mac.hush.com

Paid (14-day trial) 10 GB Web, iOS  
Business Customizable domain name pay 10 GB or more  
Cocoa thumb mail Customize@hanmail.net
free (to be confirmed) Web, Android, iOS Daum is the second largest portal site in Korea.
Cocoa Mail Customize@kakao.com Korean free      
Mail2World Mail2World
Customize@mail2world.comcustom@mail2one.comcustom@mail2taiwan.comCustomize@mail2cool.comcustom@mail2art.comCustomize@mail2fun.comCustomize@mail2expert.comand many more
English free 25 GB Web, Android, iOS  
pay 1 TB(1000 GB)  
Mail.ru Group Mail.ru
custom@mail.ruCustomize@internet.ruCustomize @bk.ruCustomize @inbox.ruCustomize @list.ru
English, Russian free unlimited Web, Android, iOS  
myMail Customize@my.com
free 50 GB - 150 GB Android、iOS Bind the mobile phone, no password, mobile phone to send and receive messages.
MeMail AG

MeMail Webmail starter plan custom@memail.com English free 1 GB    
premium plan Customizable domain name Paid:US$0.99/monthor US$9.99 per year 2 GB Web page  
MicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook Mail
multilingual(including Chinese) free 15 GB Web, Android, iOS Replaces the original Hotmail.
Customizable domain name
Paid: Subscription to Microsoft 365Home Edition NT$320/50 GB per monthPersonal Edition NT$219/50 GB per month
Microsoft 365 featuresIncluded Office Applications├Word├Excel├PowerPoint├Outlook├Publisher (PC only)└Access (PC only)Included Services└OneDrive
NAVER NAVER Mail Customize@naver.com
KoreanEnglishChinese (Simplified)Chinese (Taiwan)
free 30 GB Web, Android, iOS NAVER is the largest portal site in Korea.


custom@mailo.comcustom@net-c.comcustom@netcourrier.comcustom@netc.euCustomize @netc.frCustomize @net-c.beCustomize @netc.lucustom@net-c.nlCustomize @netc.itcustom@net-c.esCustomize @net-c.catCustomize @netc.plCustomize@net-c.cacustom@netcmail.comCustomize @francemel.frCustomize @europamel.netCustomize @africamel.netcustom@brusseler.comCustomize @emailasso.netCustomize@inmano.comCustomize@lavache.comcustom@monemail.comCustomize @perso.be
free 1 GB Web, Android


Paid: From €1 per month 20 GB - 500 GB  
Customizable domain name  
Openfind Mail2000 E-mail Customize@mail2000.com.twCustomize@kiss99.comcustom@pie.com.twcustom@home.com.twCustomize@88mail.com.twCustomize@m168.com.twCustomize @shop888.tw traditional Chinese payElite mailbox: NT$1,499/year; 50 GBValue Pack: NT$2,499/year; 500 GB Web page  
oriented.net LLC

Wölkli Mail FREE

registered address )

Level M1 @wail.ch
free 200 MB    
Level M2 @wail.ch Paid: Fr 60/year 1 GB    
Level M3 Customizable domain name Paid: Fr 200/year 5 GB    
Level M4 Customizable domain name Fee: Fr 300/year 10 GB    
OvO Systems Ltd Cockmail Customize addresses such as @cock.li English free (to be confirmed) Web page  
Proton ProtonMail free
multilingualEnglishCatalanCzechDanishGermanSpanishFrenchCroatianHungarianIndonesianIcelandicItalianJapaneseKabyleDutchPolishPortugueseRomanianRussianSwedishTurkishUkrainiantraditional ChineseSimplified Chinese
free 500 MB(0.5 GB) Web, Android, iOS  
PLUS Customizable domain name pay 5 GB  
Securechain ApS Finmail Free custom@finmail.com English free 5 GB

Web page Blockchain development.
Upgrade Paid: US$2/month Support IMAP, POP3, SMTP.
Seychelles LLC CTemplar Free Customize@ctemplar.com English Free: Invitation code required 1 GB

Web; Linux, macOS, Windows;


Prime 1 customizable domain name Paid: US$8/month 5 GB  
Knight 5 customizable domains Paid: US$12/month 10 GB  
Marshall 10 customizable domains Fee: US$20/month 20 GB  
Champion 100 customizable domains Fee: US$50/month 50 GB  
Seznam.cz, a.s. Email.cz
Customize @seznam.czCustomize@email.czCustomize @post.czCustomize @spoluzaci.czCustomize @stream.czCustomize @firmy.cz
free (to be confirmed) Web, Android, iOS  
SwisMail custom@swismail.com English free 1 GB Web page
featureSupports PGP encryption and end-to-end encryptionSupport two-step verificationSupport IMAP, POP3, SMTPAliases are supported
Tutanota Secure email Private Domain name for Tutanota
CatalanDanishGermanEnglishSpanishGreekFrenchGalicianCroatianIndonesianItalianRomanianHungarianDutchNorwegianPolishPortugueseRussianSlovakTurkishUkrainianCzechBulgarianArabicHindiSimplified ChineseJapanesetraditional ChineseKorean
free 1 GB Web, Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, macOS  
Customizable domain name
payPremium: €1.20/month/user; 1 GBTeams: €4.80/month/user; 10 GB
United Internet AGUnited Internet Corporation Mail.com Free Mail
@mail.commore than 200 others
free 65 GB Web, Android, iOS  
Premium Mail Paid: Upgrade Premium No ads, phone support, POP3 / IMAP.
Vivaldi Technologies Vivaldi Webmail Customize @vivaldi.net
EnglishCzechDenmarkGermanSpanishFinnishFrenchFelicianHungarianCroatianItalianIcelandicJapaneseJapanese - Kansai accentKoreanWritten NorwegianDutchPolishBrazilian PortugueseEuropean PortugueseRussianSlovakSlovenianSerbianSwedishUkrainianVietnameseSimplified Chinesetraditional Chinese
free 5 GB Web page Create a Vivaldi account to use Vivaldi Sync, forums, blogs, webmail.
Yahoo!Yahoo Yahoo! MailYahoo! Chemo E-mail

Free version
custom@yahoo.com.twcustom@yahoo.comand many more
multilingual(including Chinese) free 1 TB(1000 GB) Web, Android, iOS  
Professional Edition(Pro, VIP) pay No ads, priority customer support, no missing letters.
Yandex Yandex.Mail (to be confirmed) English, Russian, etc. free 10 GB Web, Android, iOS The capacity is shared with Yandex.Disk.

Zoho Mail custom@zohomail.com
EnglishSpanishPortugueseGermanFrenchDutch LanguageArabicIndonesianThaiVietnameseItalianJapanese
free 5 GB Web, Android, iOS  
Zoho Mailbox Customize@zohomail.com.cn Simplified Chinese free  
Chunghwa Telecom HiNet Webmail Service HiNet personal mailbox
@msa.hinet.net@ms1.hinet.net@ms2.hinet.net@ms3.hinet.net@ms4.hinet.net@ms5.hinet.net@ms6.hinet.net@ ms8.hinet.net@ ms9.hinet.net@ms10.hinet.net@ms11.hinet.net@ms12.hinet.net@ms13.hinet.net@ms14.hinet.net@ms15.hinet.net@ ms16.hinet.net@ms17.hinet.net@ms18.hinet.net@ms19.hinet.net@ms21.hinet.net@ms26.hinet.net@ ms28.hinet.net@ms30.hinet.net@ms31.hinet.net@ms34.hinet.net@ms35.hinet.net@ms36.hinet.net@ms37.hinet.net@ms38.hinet.net@ ms39.hinet.net@ms40.hinet.net@ms41.hinet.net@ms42.hinet.net@ ms43.hinet.net@ms44.hinet.net@ms45.hinet.net@ms48.hinet.net@ms49.hinet.net@ms50.hinet.net@ms51.hinet.net@ms52.hinet.net@ms53.hinet.net@ms54.hinet.net@ms55.hinet.net@ms56.hinet.net@ms57.hinet.net@ms58.hinet.net@ ms60.hinet.net@ms61.hinet.net@ms62.hinet.net@ms63.hinet.net@ms64.hinet.net@ms65.hinet.net@ms66.hinet.net@ms67.hinet.net@ms68.hinet.net@ms69.hinet.net@ ms70.hinet.net@ms71.hinet.net@ ms74.hinet.net@ms75.hinet.net@ms78.hinet.net
traditional Chinese conditional free 50 MB Web page Services such as HiNet's Light Generation, ADSL or dial-up must be used.
pay$60/unit/month; $599/unit/year; 1 GB$100/unit/month; $999/unit/year; 3 GB$150/unit/month; $1499/unit/year; 5 GB$240/unit/month; $2399/unit/year; 15 GB
UMail @ umail.hinet.net Email group, you can manage the accounts in the email group.
Zhibang Zhibang E-mail

Free lifetime mailbox
Customize @edirect168.comcustom@ms1.url.com.twcustom@ms2.url.com.twcustom@ms3.url.com.twcustom@ms4.url.com.twCustomize@ms5.url.com.twcustom@ms6.url.com.twcustom@ms7.url.com.twcustom@ms8.url.com.twCustomize@ms9.url.com.twcustom@ms10.url.com.twCustomize@ms11.url.com.twcustom@ms12.url.com.twcustom@ms13.url.com.twcustom@ms14.url.com.twcustom@ms62.url.com.twcustom@ms63.url.com.twcustom@ms64.url.com.twcustom@ms65.url.com.twcustom@ms66.url.com.twCustomize@ms67.url.com.twcustom@ms68.url.com.twCustomize@ms69.url.com.twcustom@ms70.url.com.twCustomize@ms71.url.com.twcustom@ms72.url.com.twcustom@ms73.url.com.twcustom@ms74.url.com.twcustom@ms75.url.com.twCustomize@ms76.url.com.twcustom@ms77.url.com.twCustomize@ms78.url.com.twCustomize@ms79.url.com.twcustom@ms80.url.com.twcustom@ms81.url.com.twCustomize@ms82.url.com.twcustom@ms83.url.com.twcustom@ms84.url.com.twCustomize@ms85.url.com.twCustomize@ms86.url.com.twCustomize@ms87.url.com.twCustomize@ms88.url.com.twCustomize@ms89.url.com.twcustom@ms90.url.com.twcustom@ms91.url.com.twCustomize@ms92.url.com.twcustom@ms93.url.com.twcustom@ms94.url.com.twCustomize@ms95.url.com.twCustomize@ms96.url.com.tw
traditional Chinese free 100 MB Web page

If you haven't logged in for more than two months, it will be listed as pending suspension and the mailbox will be emptied first.
Personal paid mailbox

Paid: Painless upgradeCheap Edition: NT$400/year; 250 MBFull version: NT$600/year; 500 MB
custom@url.com.tw Paid: VIP Mail 2 GB  
SinaChina Sina-mail
Simplified Chinese free 5 GB web, mobile  
Sina VIP Email Customize@vip.sina.com
payVIP Impressions: CN¥8/month; 5 GBVIP Business Easy: CN¥15/month; 10 GBVIP Unlimited: CN¥30/month; 20 GBVIP Supreme: CN¥68/month; 68 GB
NetEaseNetEase Netease free mailbox
Customize @ 126.comCustomize @ 163.comCustomize @yeah.net
Simplified Chinese free 5 GB web, mobile Emails, network disks, and oversized attachments will share the mailbox storage space.
NetEase VIP Email
payBasic Edition: 50 GBPremium: 200 GB
Emails, network disks, and oversized attachments will share the mailbox storage space.
TencentTencent QQ mailbox QQ Account / Customized@qq.com Simplified ChineseEnglish free 2 GB - Unlimited Web, Android, iOS  

1.2.2 Education mailbox (student mailbox, campus mailbox, edu mailbox)

  In addition to the "personal mailbox" mentioned in the previous chapter, there is also a kind of mailbox for personal use, which is a domain name with "edu" as the email address, such as ".edu", ".edu.tw" , ".edu.hk", ".edu.cn" and other mailboxes, such mailboxes are often referred to as education mailboxes , student mailboxes , teacher- student mailboxes , campus mailboxes , school mailboxes , edu mailboxes , etc.

  The reason why the education mailbox will be discussed separately is that compared with the general personal mailbox, there are more ways and uses, but there are various educational benefits. For example, there are many services, resources or platforms on the Internet that offer educational discounts or so-called "educational" products for students, faculty or educational institutions.

  When registering an account on the platform and using these preferential services, it is often necessary to use the email address of "edu" to identify whether the user is eligible to use the educational version. However, for some platform services, in addition to using the email address of the edu website, the student version may also invite users to provide other proof methods such as proof of enrollment.

  But with the edu website email inbox, what are the deals actually available? The following helps readers sort out some common EDU discount services on the Internet, and update relevant information from time to time.

edu mailbox offers
project name EDU discounted products or services
industry EDU Promotions and Pages
Adobe Adobe Creative Cloud for Students and Teachers" , Creative Cloud, Adobe (Taiwan).
  • Students and teachers can get up to 40% off.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud includes over 20 apps (including Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro, and more), and 100GB of cloud storage.
Apple Educational Pricing and Student Discounts ", Education, Apple (Taiwan).
  • Get education savings on a brand new Mac, iPad.
  • 0% interest rate installments.
  • Apple refurbished products come with a one-year warranty.
  • Apple TV+ is included with the Apple Music Student Plan.
  • Accessories.
  • Pro App Bundle Education Edition (includes Logic Pro, MainStage, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Compressor).
GitHub GitHub Student Developer Pack〉,GitHub Education。
  • A variety of discounts and free student development kits provided by GitHub.
  • Free two-year premium account.
Lenovo Student Discount Store | Laptop and Desktop Discounts for Students, Parents and Teachers" , Lenovo Taiwan.
  • Exclusive purchase offers
  • Instant Procurement Line
  • Customized Specifications
  • Diversified peripheral accessories

Free Educational Licenses〉,WebStorm,JetBrains。

(Note: Editors developed for JavaScript are licensed for free if they use Education Mail).

  • Individual licenses for students and teachers, free educational licenses.
  • Free access to all JetBrains IDEs for personal use at school or at home.
  • Get all of JetBrains' developer tools for free.
Microsoft Student Overview and Discounts ", Microsoft Education, Microsoft (Taiwan).
  • Students get Office 365 Education for free (with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Microsoft Teams, and more classroom tools).
  • Get 10% off Surface.
  • College Students: Upgrade to Windows 10 Education.
  • Earn $100 in credits with an Azure Student account.
  • Additional Microsoft resources for students.

Setapp Educational Discount〉,Setapp。

(Note: Subscription service with over 190 apps developed for macOS and iOS).

  • 7-day free trial.
  • Student Discount: 50% off for US $4.99 per month.

  With the many edu offers listed above, the next step is to use edu's email address. Generally speaking, there may be two ways to obtain edu mailboxes. The first is for students or faculty members in school (some schools provide alumni application mailboxes), and they usually automatically have a set of edu mailboxes for the school; the other is to obtain The method is to apply for edu separately. Many of these services are open to in-service students or faculty members by government agencies and academic platforms, so there are usually status restrictions.

  In addition to educational government agencies, the edu mailboxes of many schools are usually used by the school's active students and staff, and do not require additional applications (very few or some schools require additional applications), but most of the alumni mailboxes still require additional applications. Application (only very few will continue in the school mailbox). Therefore, the following only lists the edu mailbox services that require additional applications (education mailboxes of government units, school units, etc.), and alumni mailboxes are limited to graduate alumni mailboxes that can be applied online. If you need to visit the school's alumni mailboxes, they are not listed below.

edu email
project name(sort by letter or stroke)
address format website language nature of use

identity restriction mailbox capacity
Mailbox system Remark
unit Serve
California Community Colleges Application for Admission to College @apps.theseries.edu English free students at California Community College. (to be confirmed) (to be confirmed)  
Red Rocks Community College Student Email @student.cccs.edu English free Students at Red Rock Community College. (to be confirmed) (to be confirmed)  

University of North Carolina

General Alumni Association

@alumni.unc.edu Email custom account@alumni.unc.edu English free University of North Carolina alumni. (to be confirmed) Google Workspace for Education  
Jiaotong University mail service Custom account@nctu.edu.tw traditional Chinese free Students and staff of the school. (to be confirmed) Google Workspace for Education  
Ministry of Education Campus Cloud Email Custom account@mail.edu.tw traditional Chinese free Students and teachers of Taiwanese schools. 5 GB Openfind Mail2000 When applying, you need to log in with the OpenID account (SSO) of each county and city education bureau.
Chung Cheng University CCU Alumni Mailbox Application System @alum.ccu.edu.tw
traditional ChineseEnglish
free Alumni, current students and staff of the school. (to be confirmed) Google Workspace for Education  
Taiwan Normal University Alumni GSuite Service Application Student ID@gapps.ntnu.edu.tw traditional Chinese free School staff and alumni. (to be confirmed) Google Workspace for Education  
New Taipei City Government Education Bureau Email service custom@ntpc.edu.tw traditional Chinese free Colleagues of the bureau and the faculty and staff of various institutions and schools. 1 GB (to be confirmed) If you have not logged in within 500 days, the mailbox will be deleted.
Hsinchu City Education Network Center Hsinchu City Education Google Single Portal Teacher account@tmail.hc.edu.tw traditional Chinese free

Teachers in Hsinchu City. (to be confirmed) Google Workspace for Education  
Student account@smail.hc.edu.tw Students from Hsinchu City.  
Chia Nan University of Pharmacology Alumni Center Alumni G Suite Email Student ID@gm.cnu.edu.tw traditional Chinese free Alumni who graduated before June 2017. (to be confirmed) Google Workspace for Education  
Taipei Education Bureau Mail2000 mailbox Custom account@tp.edu.tw traditional Chinese free Faculty and staff in Taipei City. (to be confirmed) Openfind Mail2000  

1.2.3 Enterprise mailbox (multi-user mailbox, mail hosting, mail host, custom domain name mailbox)

  Enterprise e-mail mailbox, enterprise mailbox, company mailbox, employee mailbox, or multi-user mailbox, multi-customer mailbox, multi-user mailbox, usually refers to the creation of many mailbox accounts for enterprises, businesses, organizations, companies, etc., for used by its employees, members, customers, etc. Because of this, it is equivalent to outsourcing the entire mailbox service to the host company, so it can also be called mailbox hosting , mail hosting , mail host , and cloud mailbox .

  However, this type of mailbox can also be used by individuals or a small number of users in addition to enterprises or units used by many people, because in addition to the function of opening multiple accounts, this type of mailbox also provides self-service Functions such as domain name subscription and package software allow individual users to use more advanced mailbox functions.

  Custom domain email , custom domain email , custom URL email , custom address email , custom domain email refer to emails that can customize domain names. In the previous chapter of this article, the common and long-term personal mailboxes were introduced. Usually, the domain names behind these personal mailbox addresses are fixed domain names provided by website service providers, such as: @gmail.com@yahoo.com.tw@hotmail.cometc., but most of them cannot be automatically Domain name subscription (only a few paid personal mailboxes provide custom domain names). For companies, organizations, websites, blogs, public figures, etc., sometimes using a free email mailbox may not feel so professional, so if you can have a mailbox address with a custom domain name, in addition to being able to more easily In addition to highlighting the characteristics, it can also improve the credibility of the mailbox address and the professionalism of the website, so it will switch to the use of corporate mailboxes, and usually corporate mailboxes will have the function of customizing the domain name.

  In addition to the customizable domain name of the corporate mailbox, some brands even integrate the email mailbox with other functions commonly used in work (such as: calendar, address book, cloud hard drive, etc.), and package it into a complete set of office software packages ( For example: Google Workspace), so that the software functions in the office are more comprehensive, so compared with personal mailboxes, the functions are more comprehensive, and it is more suitable for enterprises, organizations, companies, and studios to use. The following will introduce the common corporate mailboxes on the Internet, and also include the services of a complete set of office software suites.

(The mobile version can be scrolled left and right)

business email
project name(sort by letter or stroke)
website language
nature of use
Number of accounts
mailbox capacity
industry brand
Basecamp HEY Email HEY for Work English Paid: US$12/user/month; 100 GB/user  
Edison Software OnMail English
payFreelance: US$4.99/user/month; 20 GBProfessional: US$9.99/user/month; 100 GBBusiness: US$19.99/user/month; 1 TB
GoogleGoogle Workspace (formerly G Suite)
IndonesianCzechDanishGermanEnglishSpanishFrenchItalianHungarianDutch LanguageNorwegianPolishPortugueseFinnishSwedishVietnameseTurkishRussianUkrainianArabicYasufumiKoreantraditional ChineseSimplified ChineseJapanese
Paid (14-day free trial)Basic: US$5.40/user/month; 30 GB capacityBusiness: US$10.8/user/month; unlimited capacityEnterprise: US$25/user/month; unlimited capacity
G Suite featuresaccompanying app├Gmail├ Cloud Drive├ Hangouts Chat├ Hangouts Meetup├Documents├ Trial Balance├ Briefing├Form├ Collaboration Platform├Keep├Currents└Apply ScriptSecurity and Management├Support service├Admin Console└Endpoint Management
Chunghwa Telecom: HiNet hiMail Enterprise Email traditional Chinese
payNT$75/month/account; 1.2 GBNT$100/month/account; 2 GBNT$200/month/account; 6 GBNT$400/month/account; 16 GBNT$1000/month/account; 50 GB
hiBox all-round mailbox pay  
Naver LINE WORKS English, Japanese Free version without email The original free version of WORKS MOBILE has a free mailbox, but after the reorganization of LINE WORKS, the paid version of Basic (including) must be available.
payLite: JP¥300/user/month; no email box for this planBasic: JP¥500/user/month; 30 GB/userPremium: JP¥1000/user/month; unlimited capacity/user
Openfind MailCloud traditional Chinese
payEconomy A: NT$88/person/month; from 5 GBBusiness B: NT$108/person/month; from 5 GBFlagship C: NT$168/person/month; 100 GBExclusive Z: Order separately
Cloud plan featurescorporate mailboxMobile APPinstant messagingfile sharing cloudMail Archives (B, C, Z)Sending Security (C)
Mail.ru Group Mail for domainMail for DomainsMail.ru

Russian Free: Basic Mailbox Plan 5000 unlimited
Features of the Basic Mailbox PlanUnlimited mailbox sizeVirus protection with Kaspersky Lab technologyHas solid spam protectionAny mail client (IMAP/POP3)Collect and migrate mail from any mail serverFamiliar interface and your mobile appAudio and video calls
Paid: Extended Mailbox Plan₽2990/month; up to 30 users₽3490/month; up to 100 users₽6990/month; up to 300 usersCustomized price/month; over 300 users
Features of the Extended Mailbox SolutionAll features of the basic mailbox plancalendaraddress bookMonitor employee behaviorAccess to the Administrator's User Box without a passwordrecover deleted emailspriority supportService availability guaranteed 99.5% of the timeAPI integration capabilitiesBrand the web interface with your own badge
Paid: Full Feature Plan₽3990/month; up to 30 users₽7490/month; up to 100 users₽17990/month; up to 300 usersCustomized price/month; over 300 users
Features of the full functional planAll functions of the extended mailbox planCorporate messenger Myteam3 TB of Teambox cloud storage(Optional) Office cloud online editing
Migadu Migadu Email English
payMinimum: Annual US$4 per month / Monthly US$5 per monthStandard: annual payment of US$13.5 per month / monthly payment of US$17 per monthMaximum: Annual US$49.5 per month / Monthly US$60 per month
unlimited unlimited  
PChome OfficeMailPChome Business Mail traditional Chinese
pay1 email account: NT$1100/year; total space 1000 MB; setup fee: NT$5003 email accounts: NT$1800/year; total space 3000 MB; setup fee: NT$05 email accounts: NT$3000/year; total space 5000 MB; setup fee: NT$010 email accounts: NT$6000/year; total space 10 GB; setup fee: NT$015 email accounts: NT$9000/year; total space 15 GB; setup fee: NT$020 email accounts: NT$11000/year; total space 20 GB; setup fee: NT$030 email accounts: NT$16500/year; total space 30 GB; setup fee: NT$040 email accounts: NT$22000/year; total space 40 GB; setup fee: NT$050 email accounts: NT$24000/year; total space 50 GB; setup fee: NT$0
multilingualEnglishCatalanCzechDanishGermanSpanishFrenchCroatianHungarianIndonesianIcelandicItalianJapaneseKabyleDutchPolishPortugueseRomanianRussianSwedishTurkishUkrainiantraditional ChineseSimplified Chinese
Paid VISIONARY plan: €24/month 6 20 GB  
Paid Pro plan: €6.25/month/user  
Seznam.cz, a.s. Email Profi Czech free (to be confirmed) (to be confirmed)  
Yandex Yandex.Mail for Business English, Russian free 1000 up to 10 GB  
Paid: ₽129/month/user unlimited unlimited  
Zoho Zoho Mail
EnglishSpanishPortugueseGermanFrenchDutch LanguageArabicIndonesianThaiVietnameseItalianJapanese
free 5 5 GB  
Paid Mail PlanMAIL LITE: US$1/user/month; 5 GBMAIL PREMIUM: US$4/user/month; 4 GB
Paid WORKPLACE planSTANDARD: US$3/user/month; 30 GBPROFESSIONAL: US$6/user/month; 100 GB
Zoho Business Email Simplified Chinese
payMAIL Lite: ¥50/user/year; 5 GBMAIL Premium: ¥150/user/year; 30 GB
Taiwan Domain Registry Center Taiwan eMail corporate mail hosting traditional Chinese
payMSH-LITE: NT$3500/year; 10; 5GMSH-BIZ: NT$6000/year; 70 pieces; 10GMSH-PRO: NT$9600/year; 150 pieces; 25G
Alibaba Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Email Simplified Chinese
payStandard Edition: CN¥600/5 accounts/year; unlimited capacity/accountGroup Edition: CN¥9500/100 account/year; unlimited capacity/accountPremium Edition: CN¥1400/10 account/year; unlimited capacity/account
Asia Pacific Telecom Asia Pacific e Butler Corporate Mail traditional Chinese
pay3-19 people: NT$600/person/year; 1 GB20-50 people: NT$550/person/year; 1 GBMore than 50 people: NT$480/person/year; 1 GB
Business Email Backup3 GB: NT$1200/year5 GB: NT$1750/year10 GB: NT$3000/yearValue-added service feeDVD offline data retrieval: NT$450/timeHD offline data retrieval: NT$3000 / once a year
Zhibang Zhibang enterprise mailbox traditional Chinese
Paid (30-day free trial)Utility: NT$500/year; 1 GBLarge capacity: NT$1490/year; 10 GB
SinaChina Sina enterprise mailbox Simplified Chinese

Paid: Standard Edition (trial available)CN¥170/user/year; 5 - 19 users; 5GCN¥160/user/year; 20 - 49 users; 5GCN¥150/user/year; 50 - 99 users; 5GCN¥140/user/year; 100 - 149 users; 5GCN¥135/user/year; 150 - 199 users; 5GCN¥130/user/year; 200 - 499 users; 5GCN¥100/user/year; 500 users; 5G
Paid: Business Edition (trial available)CN¥200/user/year; 5 - 19 users; 100,000 copiesCN¥190/user/year; 20 - 49 users; 100,000 copiesCN¥170/user/year; 50 - 99 users; 100,000 copiesCN¥160/user/year; 100 - 149 users; 100,000 copiesCN¥150/user/year; 150 - 199 users; 100,000 copiesCN¥145/user/year; 200 - 499 users; 100,000 lettersCN¥135/user/year; 500 users; 100,000 copies
Paid: Shared Space Edition (trial available)CN¥100/user/year; 5G - 49GCN¥90/user/year; 50G - 99GCN¥80/user/year; 100G - 199GCN¥70/user/year; 200G - 499GCN¥60/user/year; more than 500G
Paid: VIP version (trial available)CN¥50/user/year; starting from 300 users; 2G
NetEaseNetEase Netease enterprise mailbox Simplified Chinese
Paid (free trial available)CN¥0.39/person/day; unlimited capacity
TencentTencent Tencent Enterprise Mailbox Simplified Chinese free unlimited 1 GB
Basic featuresUnlimited number of email accounts1G mailbox capacity2G Personal Transfer Station2G enterprise network disk
payFrom CN¥950/yearVIP account available
Professional Edition FeaturesUnlimited number of email accountsVIP has more privilegesUnlimited mailbox capacity32G personal transfer stationLarge-capacity enterprise network diskSend confidential emailopen interface capabilityEmail auditMail recallEmail backupmail archivePersonalized loginExternal business cardGive away a dedicated domain nameExpert online service

1.2.4 Anonymous mailbox (mail forwarding service)

  Anonymous e-mail mailboxes , anonymous mailboxes , and private mailboxes , as the name implies, can make the mailboxes used by people have the function of anonymity, but usually it does not provide a mailbox for users to use, but provides a set of e-mail addresses, and links and binds them. Set it to the usual e-mail address (as the front-end receiving address), if an e-mail is sent to the e-mail address provided by the service, it will be automatically forwarded and forwarded to the linked e-mail address (as the latter In this way, you can use the usual e-mail to receive letters without revealing or exposing the real mailbox address, so as to achieve anonymity and enhance privacy. But because it only provides a set of e-mail addresses as a forwarding service, and does not actually provide a set of e-mails with capacity, it is only a forwarding service instead of providing a mailbox (can not receive and send letters), so strictly Said to be called a mail forwarding service .

  In addition to providing a group of forwarding functions to commonly used mailboxes, anonymous mailboxes also have a convenient function. If the service provides custom domain names, the forwarding function can be used to achieve the effect of custom domain name mailboxes similar to corporate mailboxes. (While most are paid features, they are much less expensive than business mailboxes).

  In the previous chapter, the most famous enterprise email address with customizable domains is Google's G Suite. The predecessor of G Suite is actually Google Apps. In the early days, people could register for free, which attracted many bloggers and individual users at that time. Apply, but stop free applications for users after nearly five years of release, leaving only paid Google Apps for Work or Google Apps for Business, and later integrate new features and change to paid G Suite, and in late 2020 to Google Workspace . In addition to the conversion of free Google Apps to paid G Suite and later renamed Google Workspace, Microsoft's famous and free Windows Live Custom Domains also stopped new user registrations (Windows Live Domain free accounts are available under the same domain name). Create up to 500 email accounts, compared to 50 in the free version of Google Apps, a tenfold increase), and then there are few business emails with free custom domains on the web. For some individual users and bloggers, it is an additional expense if they purchase G Suite only as an email address for a custom domain name, and simply use the email part without other office software suites. The use of mail forwarding services can provide users with a mailbox address using a custom domain name, so there is no need to spend more expensive or more complicated corporate mailboxes or office suites.

  In addition, such services can forward letters, but not necessarily able to customize the domain name (some have to pay to customize the domain name), and most do not have real mailbox capacity (some do not have it at all, and some have to pay for it) ), when choosing a service, look carefully at what functions the website provides. Listed below are the websites whose main function is "Mail Forwarding Service".

(The mobile version can be scrolled left and right)

anonymous e-mail
project name(sort by letter or stroke) address format website language nature of use register Operating platform Remark
old mails custom@altmails.com English free none Web page  
Best Temp Mail Generator
custom or random @tartoor.comCustom or random @tartoor.funCustom or random @tartoor.clubCustom or random @tartoor.spacecustom or random @runmail.infoCustom or random @runmail.club
EnglishFrenchGermanSpanishPortugueseItalianSwedishDutch LanguagePolishCzechHungarianRussianArabicTurkishPersianIndonesianJapaneseSimplified ChineseKorean
free none Web page  
Bouncr custom or random @boun.cr English free none Web page Includes spam filtering system.

10 random groups @users.idbloc.co English free Yes

  • Chrome extension
  • Firefox extension
Unlimited groups @users.idbloc.co pay  

5 sets of custom domains(10 aliases per domain name) English

free none Web page  
100 custom domains(100 aliases per domain name) pay(Premium) Yes  
1000 ~ Unlimited groups of custom domains pay(Business)  
jetable.org random @jetable.org English free none Web page
keep timeOne hourone daya weeka month
Mailhero custom prefix.name@mailhero.io English free Yes Web page Any preposition can be added before the letterbox.
Custom or random @0box.eucustom or random @contbay.comCustom or random @damnthespam.comCustom or random @kurzepost.decustom or random @objectmail.comcustom or random @proxymail.euCustom or random @rcpt.atCustom or random @trash-mail.atCustom or random @trashmail.atcustom or random @trashmail.comCustom or random @trashmail.ioCustom or random @trashmail.meCustom or random @trashmail.netCustom or random @wegwerfmail.decustom or random @wegwerfmail.netcustom or random @wegwerfmail.org
English free none Web page  
pay Yes  

1.2.5 Temporary mailboxes (10-minute mailboxes, disposable mailboxes, disposable mailboxes, disposable mailboxes, mailbox generators)

  Temporary email mailboxes , 10-minute mailboxes, disposable mailboxes, disposable mailboxes, disposable mailboxes, mailbox generators, mailbox generators are electronic mailboxes that people can use temporarily, for a short period of time, not for long-term use, or even just use Don't use it once or twice. General personal mailbox registration takes some time to fill in the registration information (for example: account number, password, name and other personal information), and is usually used for a long time. However, if you register an account on some untrusted website service platforms and fill in your usual personal email address, there is a chance that you may receive spam emails from time to time due to leakage, causing privacy concerns, so using a temporary email address can avoid such problems. There is also no need to apply for many personal mailboxes all the time.

  In addition, although the "mail forwarding service" introduced in the previous chapter can avoid exposure of personal mailbox addresses and improve personal privacy, the mail forwarding service only provides a forwarding service between addresses and mailboxes after all. That's all, there is no mailbox with real capacity, and all of them must have a group of electronic mailboxes that actually receive electronic letters, otherwise they cannot receive letters. However, if you need to use it temporarily and do not need to receive letters for a long time, or if you register an account on a certain website, you do not want to expose the real account and do not want to set up the mail forwarding service function, or if you just want to fill in an email address to verify that it is used up, you do not need this It is also called a mailbox generator because it can generate mailbox addresses with different aliases . Such services usually have a limit on the storage of letters, and the content of the letters will be automatically deleted if the time limit is exceeded. The following lists these service websites.

(The mobile version can be scrolled left and right)

temporary e-mail
project name(sort by letter or stroke) retention period address format website language nature of use register Operating platform Remark
10 Minute Mail 10 minutes random @10minutemail.com English free none Web page  
10 minute mailbox 10 minutes Random names and domain names
EnglishAfrikaansAlbanianArabicBelarusianBulgarianCatalanTraditional ChineseSimplified ChineseCroatianCzechDanishDutchEstonianPersianFinnishFrenchGermanGeorgianmodern greekHebrewHindiHungarianLithuanianIndonesianIrishItalianJapaneseKoreanLatvianMaoriMacedonianNorwegianPolishPortugueseRomanianRussianSerbianSlovakSlovenianSwedishSpanishThaiTurkishUkrainianUrduVietnamese
free none Web page  
10 Minute Mailbox - BccTo.CC 10 minutes
Customize @bccto.ccCustomize @taptap.icuCustomize@garnb.cnCustomize@iousm.cnCustomize @bccto.ccCustomize@nissb.cnCustomize@nbabb.cnCustomize @adosoft.topCustomize@huawei8.topCustomize@leshi919.cnCustomize@firstado.cnCustomize@wangsanpang.cnCustomize@b.119fk.comCustomize@xiaomi418.cnCustomize@nc0817.netCustomize @huangniu8.xyzCustomize@adonb.cnCustomize@jingdong919.cnCustomize@mi418.cnCustomize @deomail.top
Simplified ChineseEnglish
free none Web page  
ChacuoNet Temporary Mail 24 hours
Simplified Chinesetraditional ChineseEnglishJapaneseKoreanFrenchGermanRussian
free none Web page  
  • Read: 2 days
  • Unread: 2 months
custom or random @dispostable.com English free none Web page  
FakeInbox 60 minutes (extendable) random @fakeinbox.com
free none Web page RSS subscription mailbox available.
Fake Mail Generator 24 hours
Custom or random name@armyspy.com@cuvox.de@dayrep.com@einrot.com@gustr.com@jourrapide.com@rhyta.com@superrito.com
English free none Web page  
Anything 7 days random @getnada.com English free none Web pages, Chrome extensions  
GuerrillaMail 60 minutes
Custom or random name possible@grr.la@guerrillamail.de@ pokemail.net
multilingualEnglishSpanishFrenchItalianGermanDutch LanguagePortugueseRussianTurkishUkrainianArabicKoreanJapaneseSimplified Chinesetraditional Chinese
free none Web page Can be forwarded.
MailDrop 10 letters/mailbox custom@maildrop.cc English free none Web page
  • Open Source (Open Source)
  • Spam filtering
Mailinator in a few hours custom@mailinator.com English free none Web page  
50 MB custom domain pay Yes Web pages, APIs, Webhooks  

Within a few days (depending on traffic)
custom or random @mailnesia.comcustom or random @johndo.emailCustom or random @myalias.club
multilingualEnglishHungarianItalianLatvianFinnishPortugueseGermanRussianPolishtraditional ChineseFrenchSpanishCzechMalayIndonesianTurkishGreekSimplified Chinese
free none Web page  
custom domain  
MintEmail 1 hour
Custom or random @ch.MintEmail.comCustom or random @MyMintInbox.com
English free none Web page  
Moakt Mail 1 hour (extendable)
Custom or random @tmpbox.netCustom or random @moakt.ccCustom or random @disbox.netcustom or random @tmpmail.orgcustom or random @tmpmail.netcustom or random @tmails.netCustom or Random @disbox.orgCustom or random @moakt.coCustom or random @moakt.wscustom or random @tmail.wsCustom or random @bareed.ws
ArabicEnglishSpanishPortugueseFrenchGermanItalianRussianSimplified ChineseTurkishJapaneseIndonesianHindiBengaliVietnameseKoreanYasufumiPersianRomanianHungarianPolishCzechSlovakMalayUkrainianGreekNorwegianFinnishJavaneseSwedish
free none Web page  
NowMyMail 15 minutes random @nowmymail.xyz
free none Web page  
Reggy Disposable random email address English free none Chrome extension  
Snapmail 4 hours
custom or random @snapmail.ccCustom or random @xxxhi.cccustom or random @lista.cc
EnglishSimplified ChineseJapanese
free none Web page  
Temp Mail within a certain time
Random or custom name@mailsecv.com@pastmao.com@votavk.com@xenzld.com
multilingualEnglishSpanishDutchGermanFrenchItalianPolishPortugueseRussianSerbianTurkishUkrainianArabicSimplified ChineseCzechDanishFinnishGreekHungarianIndonesianJapaneseKoreanNorwegianPersianRomanianSwedishThaiVietnamese
free none Web, Android, iOS  
custom domain pay Yes Android、iOS、Webhook  
TempMail.altmails 20 hours custom@altmails.com English free none Web page  
Tempr.email 30 days
address with custom name@sambog.com......
free none Web page Customizable domain name.
Inboxkitten 3 days Random or custom @inboxkitten.com English free none web, open source The full file is available for download.
YOPmail 5 days
custom@yopmail.comCustomize @yopmail.frCustomize@yopmail.netCustomize @cool.fr.nfCustomize @jetable.fr.nfCustomize @nospam.ze.tcCustomize@nomail.xl.cxCustomize @mega.zik.djCustomize @speed.1s.frCustomize @courriel.fr.nfCustomize @moncourrier.fr.nfCustomize@monemail.fr.nfCustomize@monmail.fr.nf
multilingualEnglishRussianPolishSimplified ChineseUkrainianItalianSpanishGermanFrench
free none Web page Has basic spam protection.
temporary mailbox (to be confirmed)
Random or custom @linshiyouxiang.netRandom or custom @bestlistbase.comRandom or custom @meantinc.comRandom or custom @powerencry.comRandom or custom @truthfinderlogin.comRandom or custom @chasefreedomactivate.comRandom or custom @wellsfargocomcardholders.com
Simplified Chinese free no Web page  
Disposable Temporary Mailbox (to be confirmed) @suiyongsuiqi.com Simplified Chinese, English free optional Web page  

  In addition to the temporary mailbox that can be used for one-time use to protect personal privacy, it is often necessary to fill in the mobile phone number when registering for an online service platform. If readers need to fill in the mailbox when applying for online services When using a mobile phone number, you can also try to use a temporary mobile phone number (virtual phone, virtual phone, disposable number, wash-free number, disposable number, number generator) to improve the effect of personal privacy. For details, please refer to " Virtual Phone " The article " General Arrangement of Services such as Number, Mobile Phone Number Generator, and Online SMS Receiving " has a service platform for arranging various temporary numbers.

1.2.6 Mailbox client software

  Email mailbox client software is a software that uses a computer to send and receive emails when there is no web email mailbox in the early days, such as Microsoft Office's Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Foxmail and so on. However, since the advent of web mailboxes, there have been fewer and fewer mailbox client software, and only a few are still being updated. If the software is not installed by default on the computer, it will be more troublesome to install it separately.

  Although the usage rate of mailbox client software is not as good as that of web mailboxes in recent years, it still has its advantages. For example, it can use various communication protocols such as IMAP, POP3, SMTP, ESMTP to send and receive emails, and it does not display advertisements like free web mailboxes. , e-mails are stored in their own computer. However, since the number of client software is decreasing and the usage rate is not high in recent years, readers who need it can go to Wikipedia's " Email Client List " or " Email Client Comparison " entry to check the client The software will not be introduced and organized here.

3 Related information

  The following is the introduction and technical information related to e-mail and e-mail on the Internet, and interested readers can check it out by themselves.

4 Related Resources

  Email mailboxes are actually electronic and virtualized from traditional physical mailboxes. In the past, it was necessary to receive and organize a large number of physical letters. Now, as long as the Internet is used, a large number of unlimited emails and electronic letters can be obtained. In addition to the traditional physical mailboxes that can be virtualized, there are other tools and resources for daily use that can also be virtualized and electronic. The following introduces the relevant resources published on this site: Virtual mobile phone number generator to receive SMS verification code service (receive code platform), virtual card.

4.1 The virtual mobile phone number generator receives SMS verification code service (code receiving platform)

  A virtual mobile phone number refers to the ability to apply for a set of mobile phone numbers (door numbers) online in the online service platform. Usually, it is not necessary to apply through a telecommunications company. "SMS only", "Only calls", "SMS and calls at the same time", "SMS, calls and Internet access at the same time" and other functions.

  Also because there is no need to apply through a telecommunications company, these numbers can be used quickly, easily, and without contract. If you want to use a group of numbers temporarily (for example, apply for an online service platform), or you don’t want to reveal your phone number in order to protect privacy, You can use a virtual mobile phone number, but at the same time, the function is relatively simple, and it cannot be like the various services provided by the telecommunications industry, and at the same time, it does not guarantee the quality of service, and it is difficult to find customer service personnel. But if you want to quickly get a set of temporary numbers, it may be a convenient alternative. For detailed resources, see the article < Virtual Mobile Numbers > for a detailed introduction.

4.2 Virtual Card

  In addition to the traditional home mailboxes that can be virtualized as email mailboxes, physical cards used daily can also be virtualized as virtual cards, such as: virtual credit cards, virtual membership cards, virtual electronic ticket cards, virtual SIM cards (eSIM cards) And so on, it can be bound to the mobile phone to reduce the trouble of carrying multiple cards when going out, and it can also reduce the risk of being scribbled and data leakage. It can also reduce the contact between cards and people in the epidemic era, and can better organize the troubles of cards. Reduce resource waste, protect the environment and love the earth. For more virtual cards and usage skills, please refer to the article " Virtual Cards ", which has a complete introduction and teaching.

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