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Emirates Draw

Emirates Draw is one of the largest and most unique events held in Dubai. It is usually held with a great purpose, such as improving the lives of Dubai residents, and will donate a large amount of money to support the protection of coral reefs in the Fujara area to protect marine life and biodiversity. If you want to know the latest Emirates Draw results today, you can check the winning numbers online.

1 What is Emirates Draw?

Emirates Draw Protecting Coral Reefs

Emirates Draw is an environmentally friendly and socially active company located in Fujara, United Arab Emirates. They work to promote fun events, sweepstakes, and products in socially beneficial programs.

Emirates Draw uses the latest technology to run entertaining lucky draws for its consumers in the UAE. By following a socially responsible approach, they focus on helping and supporting UAE regional projects through socially and environmentally friendly initiative services.

The aim of the Emirates Draw is to give back to the UAE, and the draw of the Emirates Draw is an important and unique event held in Dubai. Usually the Emirates Draw is held to have a great idea behind the event is to improve the lives of Dubai residents and donate a lot of money to the Faujara Coral Reef Conservation Program to protect marine life and biodiversity.

In addition, Emirates Draw is actively involved in various social activities and is committed to environmentally friendly behavior. When hosting their draws, they ensure sustainable materials are used and participants are encouraged to adopt environmentally friendly behaviours. In short, they believe that through their own behavior, they can raise public awareness of environmental protection and create a better world for the future.

2 lottery results

Emirates Draw is a company based in Fujara, United Arab Emirates, who are dedicated to running fun sweepstakes and active social good. The current lottery activities include "Emirates Draw Mega 7" and "Emirates Draw Easy 6". The latest lottery numbers will be provided below. If the current numbers are not updated immediately, you can click the different "Channel" at the bottom of the table to change the channel. Get latest updated results from different channels.

2.1 Mega 7 draw results

Emirates Draw Mega 7

Emirates Draw Mega 7 is currently the main and earliest draw of Emirates Draw.

2.1.1 Mega 7 lottery results today

Here are the winning numbers for today's latest Emirates Draw Mega 7 results.

2.1.2 Mega 7 past draw results

Below are the results of all past winning numbers for Emirates Draw Mega 7.

2.2 Easy 6 draw results

Emirates Draw Easy 6


In addition to the above Emirates Draw Mega 7, Emirates Draw has also announced their second sweepstakes, the Emirates Draw Easy 6, which is a low-priced version of Emirates Draw that you can play for only 15 AED, with a total of 6 guaranteed winners will win 15000 AED.

2.2.1 Easy 6 lottery results today

Emirates Draw has announced their second lucky draw on their 1st anniversary celebration called "Easy 6", tickets for this draw are priced at just AED 15, one lucky winner gets a grand prize of AED 10,000,000 and there are 6 more The lucky winner will receive a prize of AED 15,000. Here are the winning numbers for today's Emirates Draw Easy 6 results.

Emirates Draw Easy 6 draws are held every Friday at 9pm UAE time.

2.2.2 Easy 6 Past Draw Results

Below are all past Emirates Draw Easy 6 winning numbers results.

3 Winning Number Generator

Emirates Draw Number GeneratorIt is an exciting way for participants to discover, guess or participate in their own winning numbers. These generated numbers are randomly generated by the system and can be used as a reference for participants when purchasing lottery tickets or researching winning numbers in accordance with. If you don't know what number to choose, you can try the number generator of Emirates Draw, so that you can have more ideas about the selection of winning numbers.

But please keep in mind that these numbers are randomly generated by the system and do not guarantee the chance of winning, please use your own discretion for reference. The following will provide the number generators for Emirates Draw Mega 7 and Emirates Draw Easy 6. If you use the number generator below to win a lottery in Emirates Draw and win any prizes, you can leave a message at the bottom of this article to share with everyone. Good luck! good luck!

3.1 Mega 7 Number Generator

Random Number Generator for Emirates Draw Mega 7 is an easy way to randomly generate numbers from the numbers 0 to 9 according to the rules of Emirates Draw Mega 7, you can use it anytime, anywhere, unlimited and absolutely free!

Please click the button above to generate your Emirates Draw Mega 7 winning number predictions here.

3.2 Easy 6 Number Generator

Random Number Generator for Emirates Draw Easy 6 is an easy way to randomly generate numbers from numbers 1 to 39 according to the rules of Emirates Draw Easy 6, you can use it anytime, anywhere, unlimited and absolutely free!

Please click the button above to generate your Emirates Draw Easy 6 winning number predictions here.

4 game rules

These "Rules" will apply to numerous rules and procedures when participating in Raffle and Ball Draw events at Emirates Draw. Additionally, in order to participate in Raffle and Ball Draw, participants must agree to be bound by all terms and conditions listed below, as well as Emirates Draw's Privacy Policy. Therefore, if you want to participate safely and smoothly, you must abide by the rules and regulations provided by Emirates Draw.

4.1 Game entry

  1. Fees: The fee for each Emirates Draw product or service will cost AED 50 or such other amount as Emirates Draw may determine from time to time.
  2. Lottery Tickets: One free entry ticket for every Emirates Draw product or service purchased.
  3. Eligibility: To enter the draw, you must meet the following criteria:
    1. Must be 18 years or older at time of purchase.
    2. Not restricted by participant's home state laws or jurisdiction of participation.
    3. Additionally, participants cannot be: Emirates Draw employees, administrators, immediate family members, third party contractors, and individuals on sanction lists.
  4. Notifications: Accepted entrants will be notified via email and notifications within the platform. In addition, push notifications can be sent.
  5. Refund: Only the "credits" in the e-wallet balance can be used to participate in the activity, and the financial regulations of the UAE prohibit the return of credits.

4.2 Prize draw

  1. When: Emirates Draw reserves the right to choose the date, time and method of the draw, Raffle and Ball Draw will be held every Sunday in Dubai, UAE at around 9pm (GST). However, if there are special circumstances (eg: Ramadan), this time may be changed.
  2. Audit: The draw will also use an internationally certified random number generator and lottery machine.
  3. Conduct: All draws are conducted by draw administrators, insurance representatives or government representatives.
  4. Validity: If any draw is determined to be invalid, a new draw will be held to determine the winning numbers.

4.3 Results

  1. Bonuses: All Raffle and Ball Draw bonuses will be credited to the customer's winnings balance.
  2. Announcement: After each draw, the platform and Emirates Draw's Customer Service Center will announce the winning numbers as soon as possible. In addition, winning numbers may also be announced at such time as Emirates Draw deems appropriate.
  3. Indemnification: Errors in any announcement or publication do not entitle participants to compensation.
  4. Bonus Distribution: If the final verified number of wins differs from the draft number of wins first announced, the amount of the prize may vary accordingly.

4.4 Awards

  1. Winning Numbers: Winning numbers can be used in Raffle and Ball draws.
  2. Prize Matching: For example, if you win a Quintuple Prize, you will only get a Quintuple Prize, not a Quadruple Prize, Triple Prize, Double Prize, or awards".
  3. Amount: All prizes will be rounded up to 1 AED.
  4. Notifications: Prize winners will be notified using in-platform messages and push notifications.

4.5 Bonus payments

  1. Client Verification: Emirates Draw verifies participating clients before awarding bonuses.
  2. Prize Allocation: Emirates Draw will only award prizes based on the official winning numbers recorded for the relevant draw under the Emirates Draw Rules.
  3. Liability: Emirates Draw is not responsible for winnings paid to impersonating account owners.
  4. No Interest: Bonuses should never accrue interest.

5 Quick Guide

The Emirates Draw is usually held in Dubai, with the first draw on 25 September 2021. It's one of Dubai's newest and best-known attractions and takes place every week.

Each week there are seven lucky Emirates Draw winners, taking home AED 77,777 in prize money. On top of that, the winner has the chance to take home a grand prize of AED 77,777,777, the largest prize in Dubai's entire history.

Before participating in the lottery, you must understand the game rules of Emirates Draw. If you don’t know the game rules yet, you can go back to the game rules chapter in the previous paragraph of this article, and continue reading after you understand the game rules.

After confirming that you already know the game rules of Emirates Draw, let us learn more details through the following content!

5.1 How to win?

It's really more a matter of luck, as all participants are drawn into the Emirates Draw after completing registration and purchasing tickets online. The draw is usually a type of lotto draw that takes place during a weekly webcast and announces one AED 77,777,777 winner and seven AED 77,777 draw winners.

Seven winners are chosen at random for this draw. In the main draw, winners need to have a combination of seven numbers to win. Matching the numbers will net the individual a 77 million prize.

Of course, you need to purchase Emirates Draw tickets before participating in the lottery draw. If you don’t know how to buy them, you can go back to the chapter on buying Emirates Draw tickets earlier in this article in order to be eligible to participate in Emirates Draw.

Also, before buying a ticket, please make sure you understand and abide by the Emirates Draw rules of the game.

5.2 Prices of Lottery Tickets

Emirates Draw has two versions, Mege 7 and Easy 6. Emirates Draw Mege 7 is the original version with a higher price, and the later added Emirates Draw Easy 6 is a new version with a lower price.

5.2.1 Price of Mega 7

Emirates Draw Mega 7 is a lottery in the UAE, and the price of a ticket is only AED 50.

You can also buy unlimited tickets if you want, and you can even buy tickets for 5 draws in advance.

By purchasing a ticket, participants will be eligible to participate in the Emirates Draw. If you don't know how to participate in Emirates Draw, you can go to the next chapter of this article on how to participate in Emirates Draw to learn how to participate in Emirates Draw.

The Emirates Draw is a luck-based event with weekly live-streamed draws and announcements of one grand prize winner of AED 77,000,000 and seven lucky winners of AED 77,777.

5.2.2 Price of Easy 6

The price of the Emirates Draw Easy 6 lottery ticket is only AED 15. Match all the numbers for a chance to win the AED 10,000,000 jackpot, and there are 6 lucky winners up for AED 15,000.

In the Emirates Draw Easy 6 draw, if all the selected numbers match, you will have the chance to win up to AED 10,000,000. Not only that, but six lucky winners will receive AED 15,000. Buying this lottery ticket for only AED 15 is a very good investment.

5.3 List of Awards

Emirates Draw has Mege 7 and Easy 6 versions of awards, Emirates Draw Mege 7 is the original version with higher awards, and the later added Emirates Draw Easy 6 is the new version with lower awards.

5.3.1 Awards for Mega 7

The first main draw of the Emirates Draw Mega 7 will be for all 7 winning numbers matched. The Emirates Draw Mega 7 will provide seven prizes to seven lucky winners every week. Those who match all seven winning numbers below will be eligible to participate in the main draw. The list of prizes for Emirates Draw is listed below.

  1. Jackpot: AED 77,777,777 for matching 7 numbers.
  2. 2nd Prize: AED 777,777 for matching 6 numbers.
  3. 3rd prize: AED 77,777 for matching 5 numbers.
  4. 4th Prize: AED 7,777 for matching 4 numbers.
  5. 5th Prize: AED 777 for matching 3 numbers.
  6. Sixth Prize: AED 77 for matching 2 numbers.

5.3.2 Awards for Easy 6

Tickets for Emirates Draw Easy 6 cost only AED 15. If every number matches, Easy 6 will have one AED 10,000,000 jackpot winner and 6 AED 15,000 lucky winners. For those members who matched 3 of 6 numbers, they will each win AED 5, while those who matched 4 of 6 numbers will share the prize of AED 15,000, matching 5 of 6 numbers Number ones will share the prize of AED 15,000. In the end, AED 10,000,000 will be shared by those who match 6 numbers.

5.3.3 Greater awards and opportunities

All participants in the Emirates Draw Easy 6 or Emirates Draw Mega 7 will automatically be placed in the additional free bet draw, which has 51 winners. Additionally, the Emirates Draw Easy 6 jackpot has been expanded to AED 15,000,000. The 51 confirmed winners will win AED 5,100 each. Members who attend any of the weekly Emirates Draws before 8pm on 2 December 2022 will automatically be placed in this unique public day bet.

5.4 How to participate?

To participate in Emirates Draw you need to create an Emirates Draw account and log in, then from Emirates Draw Official Siteor the official Emirates Draw APP (Android or iOS) to buy an AED 50 lottery ticket and can choose your own 7-digit number, or the system will automatically assign a set of numbers. The last selected number will be locked after confirmation, so no one else can have the same number.

5.5 Live broadcast time of lottery

The live draw for Emirates Draw Mega 7 will take place every Sunday at 9pm, while the draw for Emirates Draw Easy 6 will be a direct draw every Friday at 9pm UAE time. Winning numbers can then be checked on the official website, and the live draw can be watched live on their YouTube channel and other social media platforms. Additionally, all winners will receive email and SMS notifications on their registered email and mobile numbers.

6 How to participate?

Everyone has the desire to have a better future and dreams, are you one of them? Luckily, Emirates Draw offers everyone who wants to be rewarded a chance. Plus, it's an opportunity for those who want to test their luck.

In order to ensure ease of entry and participation in Emirates Draw and to avoid any unfairness, Emirates Draw has taken various measures to ensure that the results of the draws are fair and reliable. Therefore, participants can fully trust the results of the lottery and participate in this event with confidence. The process of how to participate in Emirates Draw is outlined below.

6.1 Participation

  1. Purchase: In general, weekly draw participants can purchase tickets worth AED 50 on the official Emirates Draw website or through one of the growing number of Emirates Draw authorized stores.
  2. Picking Numbers: Then when registering online, participants can choose their own seven-digit number, or let the system choose numbers at random. Once a participant's number has been chosen, it cannot be changed and no one else can choose the same number.
  3. Prizes: If consumers purchase raffle tickets, they stand a chance to win AED 77,777 each week, with seven winners to be chosen each week. As an added bonus, they will be able to enter a second draw with six prize categories including a grand prize of AED 77,777,777.

6.2 steps

  1. Registration: Fill out the registration form on the official website of Emirates Draw, fill in your personal information and register.
  2. Number Picking: Choose seven numbers out of ten numbers (0 to 9). The more options you choose, the better your chances of winning an award.
  3. Buy: Select a draw from the current draw or future draw options. Also, you can make any necessary changes to the selected figures before submitting the final version.
  4. Payment: The next step is payment, pay for all lottery tickets purchased online with a debit or credit card. Promotional codes can also be used when purchasing lottery tickets, to receive these coupons you must join the loyalty program of the lottery's partner "bounze".
  5. Confirmation: The registered email address will receive confirmation of lottery purchase.
  6. Rewards: Finally, when a reward is won, the winning amount will be deposited into an e-wallet managed by Emirates Draw.

7 How to buy?

If you want to participate in the activities of Emirates Draw, you must know how to purchase Emirates Draw lottery tickets. You can purchase Emirates Draw lottery tickets through the official website of Emirates Draw or the Emirates Draw APP. Additionally, each Reef Poly or lottery ticket costs AED 50.

If you want to participate in the activities of Emirates Draw, be sure to buy lottery tickets on the official website of Emirates Draw to avoid falling into the trap of scams.

When buying lottery tickets, be extra careful to avoid losing money by buying fake lottery tickets. Only by purchasing lottery tickets on the official website of Emirates Draw or the Emirates Draw APP can you ensure your rights are guaranteed and stand a chance to win huge prizes. So, take a moment and make sure you buy the lottery tickets on the right website to have more chances to win lottery prizes!

In order for readers to understand how they can participate in the draws of Emirates Draw, here are the steps to purchase Emirates Draw tickets:

7.1 Lottery ticket purchase

  1. Login Account: Enter a username and password, or create a new account.
  2. Choose Numbers: Each line has seven numbers of your choice, so there are nine different numbers in the number system, from 0 to 9, and multiple lines can be entered at the same time. You can use "QUICK PICK" to let the computer make decisions instead. If you confirm the number, you can save it to "My Favorites" to participate in future draws.
  3. Draw Type: Select a draw type and click on it to participate in current and upcoming draws. Additionally, it allows selection of up to five upcoming draw dates and entering the desired number of lines for each date.
  4. Number sequence: If a particular number sequence cannot be used, a different number sequence can be used. Press the "QUICK PICK" button and the system will do all the work for the buyer.
  5. Payment: Once the selected number is available, the payment method can be selected and paid with a debit or credit card.
  6. Confirmation: After this, a confirmation email will be received to confirm the purchase and registration for the draw.
  7. Program: You can watch the lottery program in real time. If you are lucky enough to win an award, Emirates Draw will immediately deposit the award into the reward's e-wallet.

7.2 Coupon Participation

  1. How to enter: Select "ENTER CODE" from the drop-down menu and enter the coupon code.
  2. Scan: Please scan the QR code or manually enter the 16-digit discount code of the coupon.
  3. Add more coupons: If you want to add more coupons to the shopping cart, please select "ADD COUPONS".
  4. Number Generation: The system will generate a sequence of numbers based on the number of confirmed coupons.
  5. Confirmation: You will receive a confirmation email.
  6. Live broadcast: You can watch the lottery program in real time.
  7. Notification: In addition, seven winners will be notified by the Emirates Draw team and the prize money will be deposited into their bonus wallets.

7.3 How to win the bonus?

  1. Raffle: Seven balls will be drawn during the live-streamed draw.
  2. Slots for balls: There are seven slots in total, with ball numbers ranging from 0 to 9.
  3. Sequential Matching: The numbers entered must be from left to right and be exactly the same as the lottery result in order to get the highest bonus.
  4. Winners: Each week in addition to the main draw, there will be seven guaranteed winners of AED 77777.

8 How to claim the prize?

Ultimately, if any of the prizes are won, they will be rewarded, and the following will explain step by step how to withdraw the prize money.

8.1 Ways to receive prizes

In the Emirates Draw event, there are two ways to claim prizes, e-wallets and participation points.

8.2 Electronic wallet

In Emirates Draw, there is an electronic wallet system. It earns points from the Bronze Rewards program, as well as buying travel tickets. In addition, if you win the prize money, the prize money is also added to the e-wallet, and the money in the e-wallet can also be transferred to a bank account. Wallets must have AED 200 or more in order to withdraw.

All in all, through Emirates Draw's e-wallet system, it is easy to manage bonuses and travel expenses, and you can also freely choose to transfer the money in the wallet to a bank account, or use the money in the wallet when travel expenses are required. Plus, take part in Emirates Draw's Bronze Rewards program to earn even more points and credit them to your wallet once you've earned them.

8.3 Participation points

This is the only way to earn points, which participants can earn by scanning the QR code at participating stores, which Emirates Draw will send to the winner's e-wallet. AED 1 is equal to one point, 50 points can be used to buy 1 Reef Polyp to participate in the Emirates Draw.

8.4 Withdrawal steps

  1. Step 1: Log in to the account created in Emirates Draw.
  2. Step 2: Next go to "My Account" and select "TRANSFER/ WITHDRAW" from the drop-down menu.
  3. Step 3: Select "TRANSFER TO WALLET" if you want to put all your winnings into your credit balance to participate in draws more frequently.
  4. Step 4: To request a withdrawal of your winnings, please enter the desired amount.
  5. Step 5: Next, select the withdrawal method from the drop-down menu: "BANK TRANSFER or CASH TRANSFER".
  6. Step 6: Complete the form with the requested information.
  7. Step 7: You will receive an email confirming your registration.
  8. Step 8: Finally, the transfer and request information will be updated on the pages of "TRANSFER" and "WITHDRAWAL".

9 Official Contacts

The main purpose of this article is to educate and inform, and it does not endorse or assert any trademark related to Emirates Draw. If readers need further help or support, please contact Emirates Draw directly. The following provides you with the official contact information of Emirates Draw, you can contact them through customer service phone, email, etc., or online for more information and assistance.

Official contact details for Emirates Draw
Contact information content
United Arab Emirates 800 777 77777
Global International Calls +971 9 237 7723
電子郵件信箱 [email protected]
Official website Emirates Draw
YouTube Emirates Draw (@EmiratesDraw)
Facebook Emirates Draw (@emiratesdraw)
Instagram Emirates Draw (@emiratesdraw)
Twitter emiratesdraw (@emiratesdraw)
TikTok emiratesdraw (@emiratesdraw)

10 Conclusion

Emirates Draw is a large-scale sweepstakes organized by Dubai, UAE, and has obtained various approvals from the local government, guaranteeing its fairness and transparency, which shows that it is a legal activity and there is nothing illegal or immoral question.

Also, one of the main purposes of Emirates Draw is to improve the lives of Dubai residents and is usually held once a week. In addition to bringing fun and improvements to the lives of its residents, it will also donate substantial funds to support the coral reef conservation project in the Fahala region, which aims to protect marine life and biodiversity.

Among them, one of the characteristics of Emirates Draw is its transparency and fairness. This means that all participants have an equal chance of winning the prize, and that the winners are selected by random selection, with no one being given priority over the prize due to their relationship with the sponsor. Another important feature is that Emirates Draw will be held and viewed worldwide, meaning that no matter where you are in the world, you can participate without any risk of fraud.

In short, as a global event, it is not only held in the UAE, but also can be watched around the world, providing more opportunities for participants. Participants can participate in the lucky draw by purchasing tickets online and have the opportunity to win huge prizes. However, before participating, participants need to understand the relevant game rules and ticket purchase methods. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Emirates Draw directly.