Life Spirit Chart: Let the numbers more clearly express the influence of inner personality and external processes







Life Spirit Chart: Let the numbers more clearly express the influence of inner personality and external processes

Life spirit number can from the calculation of numbers to a person’s personality and characteristics, but also can predict the future trend and challenges, so as to understand a person’s internal character and external influencing factors, but these calculation parameters are somewhat more complex or abstract, digitized into a fortune chart to present will help readers better understand the meaning and overview of digital energy. This article will introduce the various types of fortune charts commonly used in the operation of life spirit numbers.

1 Preface

Life spirit number is the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras (Pythagoras) developed the numeracy, can use the numbers around life, especially the date of birth (birth year, month, day), etc., to calculate a person’s personality and characteristics, in addition, you can also use the number of external process changes, such as a certain time (a certain year, a certain month, a certain day), a certain place, etc., as a divination of future development, direction and goals, or future fortune changes.

Whether using the number of life spirits to calculate the characteristics and characteristics of people, or to calculate the future process, fortune and future changes, if a simple calculation can directly understand the meaning, but to understand the relationship between more complex factor changes, it is necessary to visualize these calculated numbers, and after the chart is integrated, it is more convenient and clear to understand the overall context and meaning, then it is necessary to use the “fortune chart” to use the chart to assemble these numbers into more understandable icons.

In the process of calculating the number of life spirits, some life charts are used to let people understand the meaning, and the life number life charts usually use two types, namely: “personality life chart” and process life chart. As the name suggests, personality fate chart refers to the internal factor life chart that can calculate a person’s personality, characteristics, internal, extrinsic, potential and other attributes; The process fate refers to the external factor fate that can depict the process, fortune, direction and future changes of a certain time or place.

The way of drawing and using the fate chart can help readers understand the meaning of the numerical parameters of the life spirit number more conveniently, clearly and easily, and better understand the inspiration that digital energy gives to individuals. The personality chart allows people to clearly see a person’s characteristics and know who they are, while the progress chart shows a person’s situation at a certain point in time, what opportunities he will encounter, external factors and obstacles, and how to face and deal with it. By understanding these two types of fortune charts, you can know the destiny (personality chart)) and change your luck (progress fortune chart), but you must first understand and master the personality fate chart before analyzing the progress life chart.

2 Hit plate analysis

2.1 Personality Chart

  Personality chart refers to a life chart that can depict a person’s personality, characteristics, interior, exterior, potential and other attributes, and can be used to understand, reveal, and recognize who a person really is, and to understand the true self.

2.1.1 Birthday Nine-House Fortune Chart

Birthday nine-square grid is one of the simplest, convenient and clear methods in all kinds of life spirit number fortune chart, very suitable for beginners to learn and draw, only need to have the birthday first number of days (AD birth date, including year, month, day), talent number, fate number, constellation number and other parameters, you can easily draw the birth day nine-square grid chart. For detailed birthday nine-square grid drawing methods and steps, please refer to the article “Life Spirit Number Birthday Nine-Square“.

In addition to the birthday nine-square grid is the easiest to draw the life spirit number chart, it can also be seen which of the nine numbers have the energy and size, and can connect the numbers in a straight line, from which you can see which life spirit number connections, the connection represents some personality traits (main wire) and interpersonal relationships (secondary wire) composed of numbers. For more detailed details of the number of life spirits and connections, please refer to the article “Life Spirit Number Connection“.

In the birthday nine-square grid chart, there are vacant numbers (that is, numbers that are not circled) representing the energy of which numbers are missing from the birthday person, and it also causes the inability to form a connection, which also lacks the characteristics and power of the connection, and the detailed content introduction can refer to the article “Life Spirit Number Vacancy“.

In short, the birthday nine-square grid can more easily see what digital energy it has, the size of the digital energy, what connections it makes, what digital energy is missing, etc., from which to understand what digital energy can be filled, how to improve their digital energy, find out the number of vacancies can be used in many ways to make up, for details, please refer to the article “Life Spirit Energy Supplementation“.

2.1.2 Golden Triple-Count Chart

The most common way to calculate the number of life spirit is to calculate the number that appears in the common birthday (birth year, month, day), and analyze the resulting solution as digital energy, including the number of fate, the number of talents, and the number of days And so on, because the calculation of the number of life will cause a lot of numbers to affect each other, although these seemingly complex relationships have their own meaning, but there are different degrees of importance, the more important the number on the digital energy will have a greater impact, vice versa, then you can use the “golden three numbers” drawn by the fortune chart to interpret the relationship and influence of different numbers.

The golden three-number fortune chart can use and summarize the three numbers that can best represent the fortune chart, and arrange the three numbers into a golden triangle of the fortune chart with one degree of importance, and interpret it according to the arrangement and combination in it, we can deduce which three numbers are affecting each other, and avoid using only one number to cause inaccurate results. These three important numbers are destined, birthdays, and talent (but if these three numbers have the same result, other numbers, such as horoscopes). For details and analysis, please refer to “The Golden Triangle Number of Life Spirits“.

2.1.3 Karma Debt Issues and Hidden Desires

Due to space limitations, a special article will be published in the future.

2.1.4 Manifestation of the Face Chart

Due to space limitations, a special article will be published in the future.

2.2 Progress Chart

  A progressive chart refers to the ability to depict factors such as luck, external influences and obstacles that a person encounters at a certain point in time, or what goals and directions a person may go in the future, and how they will face and deal with it. In addition, even if the progress of two people is the same, but because the personality life chart is different, they will be different methods and views, according to their different unique personalities to deal with these progress cycles, so before analyzing the progress of the life chart, you must first understand the personality life chart.

2.2.1 Progress Chart

Since the progress chart will involve the conversion of letters, essence numbers, karmic debts, peak numbers, personal years, cycle numbers, etc., the page covers a wide range of topics, and a special article will be devoted to elaboration in the future.

2.2.2 Peak numbers and birthday charts

Due to space limitations, a special article will be published in the future.

3 Conclusion

In terms of arrangement, the life cycle is divided into a personality chart drawn by its own conditions, and a progress chart of external environmental changes, and the following will list the different types of life charts in the form of a table.

Creatures count the life chart
Life Spirit Count Charttypeclass
Personality ChartBirthday nine-house grid chart
Gold three-count life chart
Karmic debt issues and hidden desires
Manifest the face of the fate
Progress HitsProgress Hits
Peak numbers and birthday charts

In addition, a table is used to compare the differences between the personality and progression charts.

Comparison of the life spirit number of the life chart
Hit-wheel comparisonPersonality ChartProgress Hits
effectPersonality, traits, inner character, external personality, potential.Cycles, progress, opportunities, external influences and obstacles, goals, directions.
The degree of changeIt does not change over time, unless it is a fundamental change, such as: changing from a national birthday to a lunar birthday, changing a name, etc.Change over time.
Learning orderYou can learn the personality chart alone.You must first learn the personality chart before you can understand the progression chart.

4 Related books

The most common life chart is the life nine square grid fortune chart, but some books will explain more types of life charts, but some will explain the life chart outside the birthday nine square grid, and the following life spirit number books will be listed as long as more than one life cycle type appears.

4.1 Hits

The birthday nine-square grid is the most widely used application of the life spirit number, but not every book mentions the nine-square grid, some only describe the nine numbers, or although there is a nine-square grid in the content, it is not explicitly pointed out and elaborated as a chapter. The following is an introduction to books that mention the nine-square grid of birthdays.

  • Diamond Life Numbers: The Peerless Secret Notes of Greek Mathematicians”: There is a brief introduction to the preface to Chapter 2 (Time and Time) of “Personality Fortune” and “Progress Chart”, and at the end of the book there are blank tables for paying “Karmic Debt Issues and Hidden Desire Charts”, “Manifestation Fortune Chart“, “Progress Chart”, and “Peak Number and Birthday Chart. However, this book does not mention the more common birthday nine-square chart.
  • The Code of Life Numbers“: There is a whole chapter on the birthday nine-square grid chart, and a whole section analyzes all the connections in the chart, and there is an entire section on the number of gaps that appear in the chart.
  • New Life Code“: In the chapter of theory, the practice and analysis of the “birthday nine-square grid” are explained, and the “golden three numbers” are also explained.
  • “New Life Code 2”: It is a sequel to “New Life Code“, and in the later chapters of the book, a solution number is proposed for the golden three numbers.
  • Ni Duan Life Spirit Number Encyclopedia“: Chapter 2 (Advanced) is to explain the practice and connection of the birthday nine-square grid, as well as the role of the energy of the number of circles, and analyze various birthday nine-square grid fortune charts.

4.2 Life Spirits

The way the life spirit number is drawn by the life spirit number can certainly make the reader clear about the meaning at a glance, but the theory and knowledge of the life spirit number must have a certain foundation, in order to be able to solve it more accurately, more books related to the life spirit number can refer to the article “Life Spirit Number Related Books“.

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