Life Spirit Number: What kind of person are you? Decide the role and direction you want to play in life







Life Spirit Number: What kind of person are you? Decide the role and direction you want to play in life

  The number of destiny (destiny number, natal number, main destiny number, life number, main secret number, life number, number of people, number of people) is a number composed of the number of talents after the sum of the year, month and day of birth, and is the number of life spirits One of the most important spiritual numbers, there are nine numbers, which represent the direction of a person’s life, and what is the role and mission to be played in life. This article will fully introduce the meaning of the nine destiny numbers, as well as the meaning of positive and negative traits.

1 Preface

Everyone is affected by fate as soon as they are born and lives a different life, but many people will think “Why do people live?” when they are discouraged? “What is the meaning of being alive?” But everyone has their own unique life, there is no standard answer, you must explore and experience by yourself. If you want to understand the answer to all this, you must first understand what kind of ability you have, how you will live your own unique life, and after having the ability to be conscious and self-aware, you can live yourself in the way that suits you best. Therefore, understanding the destiny number of the number of life spirits helps to understand the purpose and mission of life.

  Number of Destiny:Destiny numbers), akaDestiny Numbers,Natal number,Main Lives,Number of lives,Life Count,Master Secret Number,Number of merges,Life Course FiguresLife Path numbers)、Life Topics FiguresLife Lesson numbers), referred to as fate, or directly referred to by a number of people, several people (e.g., person 1, person 2, etc., and so on to person 9; 1 count, 2 counts, etc., and so on to 9 counts) and so on. Although the name of the destiny number is very many, but it is one of the most important and extensive hard luck and calculation methods in the life spirit number, the importance can be said to be the first position in the various calculations of the life spirit number (see the article “How to calculate the life spirit number”), as long as the fate number is calculated, you can roughly interpret the meaning of a person in the life spirit number, but it is still necessary to cooperate with other calculation methods to improve the accuracy and a deeper understanding of the meaning of the life spirit number.

The number of destiny is composed of two digits (talent number) after adding all the numbers that appear in the year of birth, month of birth and day of birth, and again adds up to a single-digit number to become a number of destiny, all of which have nine destiny numbers from the number 1 to the number 9, but if there are double numbers such as the numbers 11, 22, 33, and 44 in the process of suming, it is an excellent number (see “Life Spirit Number Outstanding Number article). Each number will have a difference between high energy and low energy, appropriate digital energy can produce positive characteristics, but if there is too much energy, it will produce negative tendencies, and it is necessary to adjust itself in time to achieve a balance of energy characteristics.

The number of destiny represents the meaning of one’s own life in the world, and it is also a decision to what kind of drama and plot to be performed in a lifetime, which can give a person the direction and guidance for learning future goals, is the positioning of the role and mission of life given by the universe and digital energy, and is also the problem that individuals encounter in the journey of life that need to be learned, solved and accepted, so they may feel pressure, fear, and even want to escape, but in the end they still need to face and accept guidance, until they have solved and overcome the problems of life , in order to be able to realize the role and mission of life.

2 Calculation method

The calculation of the destiny number is simple, just add all the numbers of the date of birth. The following describes the formula for calculating the destiny number and gives examples of how to calculate it.

2.1 Formulas

The number of destiny is calculated by adding up all the numbers that appear in the first days (including the year of birth, month of birth, and day of birth) to become a talent number, and adding up to a single digit number is the number of destiny. The following is the formula for calculating the number of fate:

  AD Birth Year + Month of Birth + Date of Birth = Number of Talents → The number of Talents adds up to a single digit = Number of Destiny

Note: For the details, calculation method and analysis of the talent number, please refer to the article “Life Spirit Number Talent Number“.

2.2 Examples

Usually the talent number after adding all the numbers that appear in the year, month, and day of birth once only needs to be added up once to be a single digit of destiny, because the number of destiny 1 to 9 is a single digit, but some people’s dates of birth appear in larger numbers, and they cannot become single digits after all summing, and must be added more than once to become single-digit destiny numbers. In addition, two identical numbers (numbers 11, 22, 33, 44) are considered exceptional. The following will give examples of adding up once and adding up more than once.

The number of talents added up once is the number of destinies:

If someone’s birthday is “1986-01-02”, then the formula for calculating the number of destinies is: 1 + 9 + 8 + 6 + 0 + 1 + 0 + 2 = 27 → 2 + 7 = 9 .

The number of talents must be added more than once to be the number of destinies:

If someone’s birthday is “November 12, 1986”, then the formula for calculating the number of destiny is: 1 + 9 + 8 + 6 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 2 = 29 → 2 + 9 = 11 → 1 + 1 = 2 .

3 Numbers and spirits

The nine destiny numbers in the life spirit number have their own spirit number characteristics, and their own areas of expertise, if you can understand the meaning of each number, you will be able to help better understand the meaning of the destiny number, the following will be a brief introduction in the form of a table, the details can refer to the article “Life Spirit Number Nine Squares“.

Spiritual numbersimplication
1Pioneering, independent, leading
2Communication, cooperation, coordination
3Creativity, ideas, expression
4Adherence, stability, rules
5Freedom, challenge, change
6Caring, considerate, loving
7Truth, analysis, acumen
8Power, wealth, career
9Wisdom, fraternity, dedication
0Dilution, fusion, dissolution

4 Fate number analysis

There are a total of nine destiny numbers, from 1 to 9, each with different qualities of the Spirit Number, as well as different target directions and character missions. In addition, there are superior numbers of double digital energy, which must be discussed separately and cannot be summed up and classified as single digits. The following is a complete and detailed introduction to the nine destiny numbers and the number of excellence.

4.1 Destiny Number 1 (Person No. 1)

  Destiny Number 1 (English:Destiny number 1), also known asNatal number 1,Master Hit 1,Hit 1,Master Secret Number 1,Combined number 1,Life Course Number 1Life Path number 1)、Life Topics Number 1 (English:Life Lesson number 1)、Person 1,Person No. 1,1 number of people orThe main star 1 is composed of the talent number 19/1 (the number 19 is also the number of karmic debts, see theLife Spirit Karma Debt“), 28/1, 37/1 or 46/1, ownThe qualities of Spirit Number 1 such as pioneering, independence, and leadership, they are independent and consider themselves leaders, able to accomplish many things on their own, or pioneer to do things that ordinary people have not done, and can also take the position of leading the crowd among the masses.

Positive energy is very independent, many things will be solved or completed by themselves, and full of confidence, very confident in doing things, believe that they will be able to achieve, and the whole body is full of energy. Therefore, whether it is doing personal affairs or group affairs, it will be completed with a responsible attitude and is the leader of the group. When you see injustice and unrighteousness, you will stand up and confront it, have a sense of justice, be tolerant of others’ minds, and have the ability to focus the eyes of others on themselves.

Negative energy is arrogance, many things, whether conscious or unconscious, are often centered on their own ideas, feel that they are right, and preach to other dissenters, but also love face and love comparison, everything feels that they are right, so they must win. Personality is also easy to be impulsive, to win everything, want to achieve the goal quickly, so there is no patience and perseverance, often do brave things. Because they think that their ideas are correct, they are too paranoid in many things, they are unwilling to admit their mistakes, and their desire to dominate others is also very strong, thinking that as long as they have the final say, they also show their selfish side.

If the film and television entertainment industry is suitable for screenwriters, directors, etc., in the industry is suitable for entrepreneurs, presidents and other leaders or supervisors, and other need to have innovative ideas and independent thinking are inventors, designers, teachers, authoritative doctors, writers, artists, etc., or other athletes, public figures, etc. who will have their own world.Therefore, people with a destiny number of 1 should try to learn to be humble, put down their bodies to cooperate with others, and use their pioneering traits to complete unique and pioneering career and life goals.

4.2 Destiny Number 2 (Person 2)

  Number of Destiny 2 (English:Destiny number 2), also known asNatal number 2,Main Lives 2,Hit 2,Master Secret Number 2,Combined number 2, life course number 2 (English:Life Path number 2)、Life Topics Number 2Life Lesson numbers)、Person 2,Person Two, 2 several people orThe main star 2 is composed of 20/2 or 11/2 (the number 11 is also an excellent number, please refer to theLife Spirit Number Excellence Number (Master Number)“), possessedSpirit Number 2 communication, cooperation, coordination and other characteristics, they have the ability to see through the two sides of the same body of affairs, but also have sensibility and dual personality, if they can match and coordinate well, they can see through many things, and they are quite harmonious and cooperative with others.

Positive energy is friendly, affinity, likes to keep the atmosphere in a state of harmony, is also very cooperative with others, has the ability to help others, and is less competitive and ambitious. Analyze things logically and rationally, have a good mind, but the heart is more emotional, the imagination is richer, and there is a certain feeling for art, so it has the aesthetic ability to distinguish beauty and ugliness. He also has strong intuition, can make quick judgments, and has a keen insight and foresight. The mind is also more able to wait, be patient, act unhurriedly, slowly, and always wait and see.

Negative energy is too dependent on the heart, many things cannot be done alone, and need to rely on the help and help of others. When getting along with others, sometimes too much to agree with others, afraid of disputes and often only promises, become without their own position, unable to firm their true inner thoughts, appear to have no own personality. The heart seems more emotional, too sensitive to things, and too depressed inside, resulting in frequent complaints in private. Opinions or decisions about people and things are often wavering, it is difficult to make decisions, and there is too much consideration and lack of decisiveness.

When choosing a profession with a destiny number 2, they tend to talk to people, art design, communication and negotiation, balance and coordination, etc., such as artists, colorists, designers, makeup stylists, etc. in art or design, coordinators, diplomats, agents, lawyers, salesmen, negotiators, etc. for communication and coordination, and psychologists, healers, etc. for physical and mental balance. Therefore, people with destiny number 2 should learn to be independent, learn to be patient and cultivate compassion, so that they can be harmonious with others in their careers and interpersonal relationships, but also be able to solve problems alone and reduce dependence.

4.3 Destiny Number 3 (Person 3)

  Destiny number 3 (English: Destiny number 3), also known as the natal number 3, main life number 3, life number 3, main secret number 3, combined number 3, life course number 3 (English: Life path number 3), Life Lesson Number 3 (English: Life Lesson Number 3), Person 3, Person 3, Number 3 or Main Star 3 is composed of the talent number 12/3, 21/3 or 30/3, and has the creativity, ideas, expression and other characteristics of the number 3, and they have a very expressive desire. There is a sense of beauty and the characteristics of art, ideas, ideas and creativity.

Positive energy is the ability to express and diversify ideas, so they are curious about things, like to learn new things, and are passionate about what they like. Innocence, optimism and straightforwardness by nature, but also fun-loving, like a child, less scheming. There are a lot of novel ideas in the head, different ideas flashing smartly, and sometimes the wild imagination is like a child’s child’s heart. It has a strong desire to express itself in a variety of ways, such as acting, painting, photography, etc. He loves socializing and art, is attracted to beautiful things, and is also versatile and witty.

Negative energy is like a child in the heart, will make many immature actions, such as like a child impatient, no perseverance, for their inner emotions are also difficult to suppress, easy to be impulsive, unable to self-control, love to show at the same time difficult to say more, often speak without barriers, want to say anything, and finally will also engage in love gossip, play right and wrong, export to hurt others but not yet know it, unable to understand the pain of others. The problem of self-doubt is also serious, because the inner emotions are emotional, like childlike emotions, changeable, can not settle down, and it is difficult to have confidence in yourself. The whole is that there will be problems such as childishness, immaturity, and willfulness of children.

When choosing a profession with a destiny number of 3, people tend to choose a stage where they can have innovative, diverse and original ideas, and can have expression and expression, such as writers, artists, media workers, entertainers, etc., and for occupations that can show themselves and have a stage for expression, there are motivators, coaches, salespeople, tour guides, travelers, teachers, hosts, etc. Therefore, if a person with a destiny number 3 can overcome unrealistic illusions and willfulness, and can face things with a mature attitude, he can create a career and life in the expression of art, creativity, ideas, etc.

4.4 Destiny Number 4 (Man No. 4)

  Number of Destiny 4 (English:Destiny number 4), akaNatal number 4,Master number 4,Hit 4,Master Secret Number 4,Combined number 4,Life Course Number 4 (English:Life Path number 4)、Life Topics Number 4Life Lesson number 4)、Person 4,Person 4, 4 or the main star 4 is composed of the talent number 40/4, 22/4 (the number 22 is also an excellent number, please refer to the article “Life Spirit Number Excellence (Master Number)” for details), 31/4 or 13/4 (the number 13 is also the number of karmic debts, for details, please refer to “Life Spirit Number Karmic Debts” ), with the characteristics of persistence, stability, and rules of the number 4, they like to have a sense of security and order, and they are organized and make people feel stable, so they are very practical and life-oriented at the same time.

Positive energy is to do things, to be able to start from scratch, and to be orderly, orderly, step-by-step, and slowly, so dealing with people, things, and things follow a set of rules in the process, and only do what they are sure of, so people feel that things are solid and reliable. In addition, he is particularly good at organizational skills, and can properly use talents and unite people to make the team stable. Have the ability to do things with lasting ability, but also can be strong execution ability, let yourself do things principled, while paying attention to details, showing a simple and generous feeling. He pays great attention to the stability of life and family.

Negative energy is stubborn and conservative, because of the fear of change, so there will be a feeling of insecurity, but also caused by not knowing how to change, unable to accept new things and concepts, just want to follow tradition and be too old-fashioned. Also because of insecurity, they tend to be too stingy, afraid that the money will be reduced or spent, and afraid that others will take advantage of themselves. In addition, sometimes the mind is too narrow-minded, because they cannot accept new ideas, and then cannot accept the criticism of others and different views, in order to stick to their own ideas, they often have a fierce reaction or counterattack, and they do not listen to advice and appear stubborn, and they are unwilling to change.

People with a destiny number 4 will tend to have constructive, organized, stable occupations when choosing a career, such as constructive, groundbreaking such as architects, commercial artists, entrepreneurs, developers, scientists, etc., and including organizations and management such as administrators, clerks, workers, accountants, behind-the-scenes workers, etc. Therefore, if people with fate number 4 can overcome the stubborn, do not like to change thoughts, try to make their hearts feel safe, and not accidentally change in materials, then they can break out of their own world in career and life.

4.5 Destiny Number 5 (Man 5)

  Number of Destiny 5 (English:Destiny number 5), akaNatal number 5,Main Lives 5,Hit 5,Master Secret Number 5,Combined number 5,Life Path number 5, Life Lesson number 5, Person 5,Number five, number 5 orThe main star 5, which is composed of talent numbers 32/5, 23/5, 41/5 or 14/5 (the number 14 is also the number of karmic debts, please refer to the article “Life Spirit Number Karmic Debt” for details), has the freedom, challenge, change and other characteristics of the spiritual number 5, they like to live freely and adventure, and taste all the free journey of life.

Positive energy is love of freedom and change, with an adventurous spirit, not always in the life of unchanged, boring, boring, boring, uninteresting, conservative, old related things, but like to challenge new, different, interesting, adventurous things. And very insistent on themselves, will live the way they want, even if there are many people against or understand, they will still choose their own direction, let people’s life in their own hands, have their own position and opinion. At the same time, he likes to contact and challenge different groups of people, so he is a communicator who is good at speech and communication, and can also adapt to different occasions and environments to achieve a free life.

Negative energy is often avoided, because they do not like an unfree, bound life, and too much pressure in life makes them breathless, making them want to get rid of stress, and then want to escape, so they also lack responsibility, and inertia. Because they like a changing environment and life, their thinking is often leapfrogging and irresponsible at the same time, making them easy to be fickle and unpersevering. Although the ability to express and socialize is strong, if there is no real strength, it is easy to make people feel vain, in addition to paranoia, and act more impulsively.

People with a destiny number 5 will tend to work with interpersonal socialization, challenge difficulty, free change, break the system, etc. when choosing a career, such as spiritual mentors, counselors, media and journalists, public figures, performers, etc., and the fields with higher challenges are developers, change agents, speculators, advertising creative talents, etc., or work without institutional restrictions and advocating freedom, such as explorers, writers, freelancers. Therefore, people with a destiny number of 5 should not be too free and unrestricted, but should make choices, do not escape, show courage to face the subject, use freedom to create life, and enjoy challenging and difficult careers and lives.

4.6 Destiny Number 6 (Man 6)

  Destiny Number 6 (English:Destiny number 6), akaNatal number 6,Main Lives 6,Hit 6,Master Secret Number 6,Combined number 6,Life Course Number 6 (English:Life Path number 6)、Life Topics Number 6Life Lesson number 6)、Person 6, person number six, number 6 or the main star 6, is composed of the talent number 15/6, 24/6, 42/6 or 33/6 (the number 33 is also an excellent number, please refer to the article “Life Spirit Number Excellence (Master Number)” for details), with the spirit number 6 care, thoughtfulness, love and other characteristics, they love others more in love with themselves, know how to love and give, At the same time, he is also a person who gets along in harmony with others, and also knows how to treat and help others.

Positive energy is empathetic, can think from the other party’s standpoint, value harmony and affinity, always care about others, be enthusiastic and reasonable to people, make people feel very warm, do things responsibly, and have the ability to heal themselves when encountering problems. “Love” is the most important support point in life, and while longing to be loved, we also love others with all our hearts and sincerity, and have a compassionate mentality and be able to help others. There is also a certain ability to feel beautiful things, and music, words or other arts will be satisfied and happy from them. In addition, he is also diligent and pragmatic, able to find self-motivation, and knows how to love and dedicate.

Negative energy is too much to ask for the heart, because it is to give sincerity to others, give love to others and help others, but if the other party does not respond, it will feel that the other party is very indifferent, and then make themselves feel unbalanced psychology in their hearts, feel very unfair, and hope that others can compare their hearts to their hearts, but they are often misunderstood because of this. Because of being too loving and enthusiastic, helping others to the point of often being nosy, and even treating other people’s affairs as their own important things, will make people feel that this kind of love has the meaning of pressure, aggression and intervention. Being too zealous and hastily agreeing to promises from others, but overwhelming oneself and causing self-interest. Although he is kind and kind, he is prone to perfectionist personality, and then picky and demanding.

People with a destiny number 6 will tend to serve people, spiritual and educational aspects, art and creative work when choosing a career, such as educators, teachers, consultants, counselors, coaches, psychologists, counselors, etc., while serving and caring for people are service industries such as catering services, nurses, waiters or others, and in the case of art and creation, they are like makeup artists, writers, artists, etc. Because they love others more than themselves and suffer and have an imbalance in their hearts, people with a destiny number of 6 can take better care of themselves, love themselves more, control the love of others, and achieve higher respect and achievements in career and interpersonal with a high degree of empathy.

4.7 Destiny Number 7 (Man 7)

  Number of Destiny 7 (English:Destiny number 7), also known asNatal number 7,Main Lives 7,Hit 7,Master Secret Number 7.Combined number 7,Life Course Number 7Life Path number 7)、Life Topics Number 7Life Lesson number 7)、Person 7, person number seven, number 7 or the main star 7 is composed of the talent number 16/7 (the number 16 is also the number of karmic debts, see the article “Life Spirit Number Karmic Debt“), 25/7, 43/7 or 34/7, with the truth, analysis, sensitivity and other characteristics of the spiritual number 7, they like to analyze and seek the truth, Know how to understand the real meaning and truth behind things.

Positive energy is strong rational analysis and thinking ability, like to explore the meaning and truth behind things, not superficial phenomena, have strong ability to perceive, for doubtful things will break the casserole to ask the end, if there is no credible reason is difficult to be persuaded, but also have the courage to challenge the public’s speech. The way of learning comes from their ability to observe, analyze and teach themselves, dislike popular theories, become interested in fate, try to find the truth, and get inspiration from the perspective of art. In addition, he also has strong self-reflection ability, strong research ability, and is very good at thinking.

Negative energy is because of the ability to think and show a conceited look, feel that their own opinions are deeper than others, and unconsciously despise others, causing themselves to show a proud, arrogant and omniscient attitude, as well as a condescending feeling, but also appear narcissistic, and then too believe in their own logical judgment and make judgments, do not believe in others’ statements and love to question, it becomes a serious suspicion, which will make themselves confused and uneasy, and will also appear to be manipulative, Formed somewhat withdrawn. So

People with a destiny number of 7 will tend to work in rationality and analysis, science and research, logic and reasoning, etc. when choosing a career, and those who are good at analysis are like analysts, consultants, professors, professional researchers, etc., while scientific or research is like scientists, occultists, etc., and logical reasoning is like detectives, observers, spies, and even artists or writers. Therefore, if people with a destiny number of 7 can have the courage to accept criticism, can choose the real truth, rationally analyze everything, and have a difference in career and life.

4.8 Destiny Number 8 (Man 8)

  Destiny number 8 (English: Destiny number 8), also known as natal number 8, main life number 8, life number 8, main secret number 8, combined number 8, life course number 8 (English: Life path number 8), Life Lesson number 8, Person 8, Person 8, Number 8, or Star 8 , is composed of 17/8, 26/8, 35/8 or 44/8 (excellent numbers), with the power, wealth, career and other characteristics of the spiritual number 8, they are good at development and cultivation, sharp eyes can see the potential of people and things, can achieve ideals, obtain wealth, sit on full strength and achieve success.

Positive energy is the spirit of hard work, being able to persevere to the end, being very cautious when doing things, not taking risks, just wanting to do things with certainty and planning, and trusting in their own experience. Have the talent to manage money, good at investment and financial management, have courage and courage in business, do not stick to small things, believe that as long as you work hard and practice, you can succeed, and have strong leadership skills in the business group. In addition, in addition to material successes such as money and power, he also has management and progress in interpersonal, spiritual and spiritual aspects, and will often do good deeds and help others, and at the same time often receive rewards and be respected.

Negative energy is too purposeful for doing things, too much attention to the result, so will begin to use the brain, plan, how to quickly achieve success, and then some speculative mentality or behavior appear, or want to take shortcuts. They will want to take power into their own hands, especially when they are managers, and may be too domineering and disrespectful. They will also attach too much importance to money, too greedy, and indulge in material gains, and at the same time, they will also appear to have some worldly atmosphere, and will dishonestly use some means to obtain in order to achieve the goal.

People with a destiny number of 8 will tend to work in terms of ownership status, career engineering, finance, etc. when choosing a career, and if they are powerful, they may choose politicians, judges, etc., financial such as financial analysts, accountants, etc., and the overall career is larger or more comprehensive such as entrepreneurs, publishers, contractors, engineers, and even artists or any other field. Therefore, people with a destiny number of 8 can be honest, less hide their true feelings, be down-to-earth and use their strong potential, and will be able to achieve great things in career, wealth and relationships.

4.9 Destiny Number 9 (Man 9)

  Destiny number 9, also known as Destiny number 9, main life number 9, life number 9, main secret number 9, combined number 9, life course number 9 (English: Life path number 9), Life Lesson Number 9 (English: Life Lesson Number 9), Person 9, Person 9, Number 9 or Main Star 9, is composed of the gifted number 18/9, 27/9, 36/9 or 45/9, with the wisdom, fraternity, devotion and other qualities of the number 9, they are good at taking care of people and serving the public , with a huge ideal of social peace, but also humanitarian.

Positive energy is for friendly and peace-loving people, who hope to change society into a world unity, and at the same time naturalists, such as environmental protection, fast time, LOHAS, etc., who believe that this can make the body, mind and spirit more pure, healthy and peaceful, have the wisdom to pursue a pure heart, want to change the heart of evil forces, and serve everyone with the spirit of great love. Therefore, the care and care for the public and the enthusiastic charity can also show the spirit of humanity and fraternity, and can have sincere and selfless dedication to the social environment.

Negative energy is a disguise, because the relationship with the spirit of great love will show its noble and selfless spirit and outstanding and great characteristics in front of everyone as much as possible, so if the dark side of one’s heart contradicts this, there will be many fears, it is difficult to face, and it will want to hide, and sometimes it will disgust themselves. At the same time, he cares too much about peace, and when the environment is too bad to change, he will timidly close his heart. So they also agree to be attracted to spiritual forces, such as religion or the occult, but sometimes rely too much on superstition. It is also because of the desire to make the public better and improve their spirituality, sometimes they are too delusional, imagining is too beautiful, and if they do not achieve it, they will be self-deprecating.

When choosing a profession, people with a destiny number of 9 will tend to the spiritual field, the physical, mental, or high professional fields, such as spiritual leaders, social leaders, religious people, etc., while the physical, mental and health aspects are like doctors, health counselors, etc., or other high-professional fields such as lawyers, judges, diplomats, craftsmen, artists, etc. Therefore, although people with a destiny number of 9 are multi-talented, if they can transform unrealistic imagination into down-to-earth ideals, and work hard and practice, they can stand out in the career and social environment.

4.10 Special Hits: Excellence Number

  Excellence numbers (or master numbers, English for master numbers) are composed of 11/2 (including 29/11/2, 38/11/2, 47/11/2), 22/4, 33/6 or 44/8, with dual digital energy, if they can improve mental maturity in adulthood, they can later develop more natural potential than others.

Positive energy is that if you can overcome the challenges, contradictions and personality splits brought about by dual forces, and gradually surpass yourself and improve yourself and self-identity, you can achieve more brilliant and dazzling achievements and success than others.

Negative energy can cause inner contradictions and personality splits because the dual forces are too strong for each other, and will experience more difficulties, challenges and tribulations on the road of life, and it is easier to produce negative emotions in the heart, and the goal of life has a more difficult mission to complete.

For a more detailed description of the number of excellences, please refer to the article “Outstanding Numbers of Life Spirits“, which is elaborated in detail.

5 Conclusion

The number of destiny is one of the most important calculations of the number of life spirits, and it is only necessary to add up the numbers that appear in the date of birth, month, and day to a single digit. Understanding the number of destiny can let you know what the mission of life is, what is the role you play, and you can also find the goal and direction of life, and gradually solve the problems of life, which is the guide of life.

The above has explained all the destiny numbers in detail, and the following will summarize the positive and negative characteristics of the beautiful destiny numbers in the form of a table for the reader’s reference, as well as compare the differences between the destiny numbers and the positive and negative traits between each other.

Life Spirit Counts Destiny Number
Number of fatesPositive traitsNegative traits
1Pioneering, independence, leadership, self-confidence, justice, courage Arrogance, preaching, solipsism, love of face and comparison, desire for dominance
2Communication, cooperation, coordination, friendliness, analysis, acumen, patienceDependent, indecisive, emotional, positionless, too sensitive
3Creativity, ideas, expression, naivety, originality, ingenuity, artImpatience and perseverance, immaturity, impulsiveness, willfulness, emotionality
4Persistence, stability, rules, security, order, stability, organizationStubborn, insecure, narrow-minded, overly conservative, fighting back
5Freedom, challenge, change, speech, communication, fun, adventureAvoidance, inertia, fickleness, irresponsibility, impatience, inability to restrain themselves
6Caring, considerate, loving, compassionate, artistic, empathetic, friendlyGiving too much, self-interest, easy to be unbalanced inside, perfectionism
7Truth, analysis, acumen, research, logic, curiosity, thinkingArrogant, suspicious, conceited, critical, nagging, withdrawn, manipulative
8Power, wealth, career, hard work, persistence, courage, helping othersStrong purpose, love of money, love of stacks, dishonesty, greed, addiction to material things
9Wisdom, fraternity, dedication, friendliness, purity, selflessness, serviceDelusional, overly idealistic, fearful, self-deprecating, too giving
Number of excellencesDual energy, potential, excellence, helping others, transcendenceContradictions, split personalities, challenges, difficulties, emotions

6 Related books

Destiny number is one of the most important calculation methods in the number of life spirits, but also directly corresponds to the characteristics of the original number, and composed of different talent numbers a combination of the same number of fate but different talent numbers, the following will sort out and introduce the number of fate, talent number and life number related books.

6.1 Number of Destiny

Although the number of destiny is one of the most important ways to calculate the number of life spirits, different books use different names, with names such as the number of fate, the number of nate, the number of main life, the number of fate, the number of spirits, the number of life course, etc., some books will be introduced independently, some are combined into the basic number introduction, and even integrate the number of talents, the following is a compilation of related books about the number of destiny.

  • Life Number Code“: The title of this book is called “Fate Number”, but the small label and the text are abbreviated with “Fate Number”, and start with a story or historical event, then describe the characteristics of each fate, and finally deeply interpret the essence, energy, interpersonal relationships, feelings, etc.
  • The Complete Book of Life Numbers“: This book does not use words such as natal life independently and directly, but in the number introduction of each chapter, many of the characteristics, occupations, directions, etc. of natal numbers are described, and will also be explained in combination with the talent number.
  • “The Code of Life“: The table of contents and title of this book do not directly explain the number of lives alone, but the word “fate” will be interspersed in the introduction of each number and explained and analyzed.
  • New Life Code“: Like the previous work of the same author, the table of contents and title do not directly explain the number of natal numbers separately, but the characteristics of each number are explained first in the introduction of each number, then the original life, and finally the combination of talent numbers.
  • Diamond Life Numbers: The Secret Legacy of Greek Mathematicians: This book uses the term “life course numbers” and addresses nine numbers and exceptional numbers.
  • “Life Spirit Numbers That Make Life Smoother: Exclusive Card Array Divination × Agricultural Calendar Life Spirit Number Combination”: The name used in this book is “Master Number”, but it is not proposed separately to explain, but integrates some workplace and career explanations between the introduction of each spiritual number and the introduction of each talent number.
  • Riko の Rainbow Numerology: Digital Decoding and Theoretical Basis”: This book is not specifically called “honmei” and so on, and there are not many parts elaborated, but after each number introduction, it will simply list the profession that each number is suitable for.
  • “Happiness Star Number Force: 9 Spiritual Number x 12 Constellations, Star Professor Angus Teaches You to Build a Good Luck Physique”: This book does not directly describe the number of natal numbers, the whole book is divided into three spiritual numbers of “self number, self number, and superego number” from the perspective of psychology, but the calculation formula of self number is the same as the original number, and does the analysis of explicit personality, work, feelings, interpersonal and other aspects.
  • Ni Duan’s Complete Book of Life Spiritual Numbers“: There is an explanation of the characteristics of the nine destiny numbers.
  • “The Secret Art of Disappearing for a Thousand Years: Eight Characters of the West”: The name used in this book is “Primary Star”, while the talent number is called “Auxiliary Star”, and briefly explains the main and auxiliary stars of the nine numbers, and explains the characteristics of positive and negative directions.

6.2 Number of talents

The method of calculating the number of destiny of the number of life spirit is to sum the numbers that appear in the birth year, month and day of the Western Yuan to single digits, but the numbers that appear in the first time in the sum are often two-digit numbers rather than single digits, and this two-digit number is the talent number, which is the precursor number that constitutes the destiny number, and is one of the factors that make up the same destiny number and different combinations, which will affect what kind of mode and talent is used to achieve the mission of the destiny number, and a better understanding of the talent number can be clearer about how to complete the direction of the destiny number. There are more related book chapters in the article “Life Spirit Number, Talent Number“, a book about talent numbers.

6.3 Life Spirits

The number of destiny is the result of adding all the numbers that appear in the year, month and day of birth into the talent number, and adding up to a single-digit spirit number, which is the result of adding and affecting multiple numbers, so if you can better understand other influencing factors, you will be able to better understand the meaning of the number of destiny and the meaning of the number of life spirits, and more books related to the number of life can refer to the article “Books related to the number of life spirits“.

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