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Life Spirit Number Energy Supplement

  digital energyyeslife numberThe energy represented and possessed by each number. In the Nine Palaces of Life Spirit Number Birthday, the missing numbers are vacant numbers. The vacant numbers represent the natural lack of energy of each number, and also represent the part that people are not good at. In addition to getting along and communicating with people who have the energy of this number, how to make up the energy of this number? This article will explain in detail how to use thecolor,crystal,energy cardAnd other ways to supplement and attract the digital energy!

1 Introduction

Using the personal natal chart of the nine-square grid of life, spiritual number and birthday, you can know what digital energy you have and what digital energy you lack, and see your own strengths and weaknesses from it. and make up.

And we often encounter the same number several times around us, which means that the number has a certain connection with itself. For example, people who have more numbers 1 will often encounter the number 1, such as ID cards, exam admission tickets, and classes. , mobile phone number, table number of the restaurant during meals, etc., it is very likely that the number 1 will appear frequently, and these may be the attraction of digital energy.

But for the lack of digital energy, it may increase the lack of skills or shortcomings in some parts of life. First, you must accept your own shortcomings and find out how to improve to make up for the lack of digital energy. Learning and growing, this is the method and way to attract vacant digital energy.

To find out the lack of numerical energy, one must first know how to draw a personal horoscope with the nine-square grid of life, spiritual number, birthday, and understand the meaning of the vacant numbers. The following will explain how to find out your own vacant numbers and make up for the missing numbers energy.

2 Find the empty digital energy

The easiest way to find out what number energy you lack is to draw your personal horoscope with the Nine Palaces of Life Spiritual Number and Birthday. Among the circled numbers in the horoscope, there are no circled numbers or only one circled numbers Just the lack of energy in that number. For details on how to draw a personal horoscope by using the nine-square grid of life, spiritual number, and birthday, please refer to "Nine Palaces of Spiritual Numbers of Life"One article, there will be detailed step-by-step teaching.

After completing the personal horoscope with the number of life and birthday, the number that is not circled is the "vacant number", which means that you are born without the energy of this number, which forms the part that you are not good at, and is also what you have to face subject. For details about what each vacancy represents and how to improve it, please refer to "vacancies"A text, there will be a detailed teaching instructions.

After understanding the vacant number of life spirit number, in addition to changing one's mentality and actions to improve the missing number energy, you can also use external methods to supplement the number energy of life spirit number, including: (1) Communication;( 2) Crystals; (3) Colors; (4) Digital Power Cards.

The following will introduce in detail the four ways of using external digital energy to supplement digital energy.

3 Supplement of digital energy

There are many ways to replenish digital energy. There are four major types, including communication, crystal, color, and digital energy cards, which will be introduced in detail below.

3.1 Communication

When you lack a certain digital energy, or need to make up for the vacant number, communicating with other people is the fastest and most direct way. You can find someone who has the digital energy you need, and you can talk, communicate, and learn from him His strengths make up for his weaknesses, so that he can learn and grow.

For example, if you lack the energy of the number 1, you can get along or talk with relatives and friends who have more energy of the number 1. It is possible that the leadership qualities or independent modes he possesses can affect you.

Communicating with others is a subtle way. Through communicating with others, it can affect the digital energy and supplement that one does not have originally. It will make people gradually start to have the energy of the number without knowing it, and it can also complement each other. .

In addition to communicating with people who have the number energy that you lack, you can also wear some accessories that represent the number that you lack to attract the corresponding number energy. The relationship between numbers and colors will be introduced in detail below.

3.2 Color

In addition to the "communication" mentioned in the previous paragraph, another relatively simple method to supplement digital energy is to use "color" to supplement the vacancy of digital energy.

For the numbers with vacancies and the number energy that needs to be obtained, you can use the corresponding color to make up for it. Each number has its own corresponding number. For example, the number corresponding to the number 1 is red, so you can add more energy around your life. Make good use of red to fill the vacancy and energy of the number 1.

There are many ways to use colors to supplement digital energy. You can wear more accessories or clothing of corresponding colors, including glasses frames, bracelets, shoes, clothes, etc., which can be changed to the digital colors you need. Especially for accessories that are worn for a long time, such as glasses frames, bracelets, watches, etc., they will be more effective and durable than frequently changed clothes, pants, etc.

The meaning of each number and the color it represents will be introduced in detail below, and the meaning represented by each color will be described in detail, and the corresponding relationship and reason between the number and color will be explained.

3.2.1 Number 1: Red (Red)

number 1 isNumber of creations,founding number, represents independent consciousness, and is the beginning of energy. It is also a number with the most basic "self". Therefore, people with the energy of number 1 are more independent, can have their own ideas, and are less likely to rely on others. On the contrary, they prefer to lead others, easily become the leader in the group, and are full of automatic and spontaneous state, very aggressive, full of vigor and energy.

Red (red) is the color of earth fire, which is the color representing physical strength. It has strong energy and can increase one's own mobility. Among the seven colors of the rainbow, red is the first color, leading the presentation of the entire rainbow.

The bright red color full of energy and power is like the energy characteristics of "leadership" and "self" represented by the number 1. It has the power of leadership in the group and is unique to its own ideas.

If you can use red to supplement the energy of the number 1, you will be able to have a lot of vitality and mobility.

3.2.2 Number 2: Orange (Orange)

The number 2 iscoordination number,balance number, has two-sided characteristics, has the ability to analyze, is sensitive, and is easy to measure. It is also a number that loves beauty. People with the number 2 pay great attention to details, have better analytical and discerning skills, and like to ask questions and think. Good at communication, sometimes with diplomacy and public relations, and rich in emotion, kind and gentle, especially very rich and sensitive in emotion. People with the number 2 don’t like to take the lead, but they are more willing to cooperate with others instead of acting alone. They are not easy to make decisions about things, and they are less likely to take the initiative to make decisions and take positive actions. They would rather wait for others to find them Do things together and rarely invite others to join in.

Orange (tangerine) is a combination of red and yellow, which is a more harmonious color. Compared with the gorgeous red, orange is softer, and compared with the bright yellow, it is more gentle and unique. It is a harmonious and pleasing color.

The harmonious and pleasing color of orange is like the energy characteristics of "coordination" and "balance" represented by the number 2. It is neither as bright as red nor as bright as red. Soft and unique colors.

If you can use orange to supplement the energy of the number 2, you will be able to handle things that happen around you in a harmonious way, and you will be able to understand how to coordinate people, things, and things.

3.2.3 Number 3: Yellow

The number 3 iscreative number,Number of expressions, People with the number 3 often look at things from the surface first, care about image and appearance, and sometimes have opinions on things they don't like, and their attitude towards life is often very similar to a Like spoiled children, they are also the most stubborn group of all digital energies, and they also have innocent personalities. People with the number 3 can dance well, because they are lively and interesting, and can make people happy, and bring everyone a happy atmosphere. When engaged in work related to creation and creativity, I feel very happy.

Yellow is one of the three primary colors (red, yellow, and blue). It is a color that cannot be compared with other colors. It has the characteristics of "simpleness", and it is also a color that is more "bright" and "shiny".

The bright and shining qualities of yellow are like the energy characteristics of "creativity" and "expression" represented by the number 3. Yellow looks like a dazzling light, symbolizing the manifestation of creativity and innovation. Light is also an object The necessary elements for appearance presentation, so that things can clearly express their appearance or image.

If you can use yellow to complement the energy of the number 3, you can make your presentation of works more creative and innovative, and you can also be more inspired when creating.

3.2.4 Number 4: Green

The number 4 isPragmatic number,Number of executions, representing a stable strength, has practical ability, and has a particularly strong sense of security. People with the number 4 are not characterized by creation, so they don’t need to start with the spirit, they only need to make choices from the original things, and they can achieve the effect that other people cannot achieve. Experts, because of this construction characteristic, are a way to build a sense of security and are unwilling to take risks, making them prefer to be employed by others rather than being their own boss. When people with the number 4 encounter challenges, doubts, and opposition, they will appear highly self-defensive and extremely stubborn.

Green represents the land, the mother of the earth, the color of flowers and trees, and the fundamental color of life. Life needs continuity and reproduction, so green has the characteristics of "stability" and "safety".

Green represents the characteristics of vitality, just like the energy characteristics of "pragmatic", "executive" and "normative" represented by the number 4. It represents the flowers, trees and other plants on the earth, and it breeds countless lives. What is needed is to continue to reproduce, how to live a stable life is an important consideration.

If you can use green to complement the energy of the number 4, you will be able to do things step by step, not half-hearted, and it is not easy to overstep the rules when doing things, and you can be pragmatic in thinking instead of fantasies.

3.2.5 Number 5: Blue

The number 5 isfree number, represents the ability of the new system, and seeks its own freedom and changing life, so it does not like to stick to the rules and the same way of doing things, but also wants to subvert the original rules and ideas, and has its own opinions, ideas and sense of direction , anything that interferes with their freedom is repulsed by ingestion.

Blue represents freedom, the color of the sky and the sea, a symbol of an unrestrained and free environment or life style, and also represents people's rationality, calmness, thinking, language and other abilities.

Blue represents the quality of freedom, just like the number 5 represents "freedom" and "change". The same is fickle, sometimes stormy and rough, sometimes sunny and white clouds, calm.

If you can use blue to supplement the energy of the number 5, you will be able to get out of your original comfort zone, accept and challenge new goals, and be able to adapt to different environments and changes.

3.2.6 Number 6: Indigo (indigo)

, representing the spirit of dedication and the need for love, can always consider others, be kind and considerate, and value emotions. The personality traits of the number 6 instinctively want to fix things and solve problems. They are naturally very sensitive, empathize with the pain of others, and get caught up in other people's problems because they are too strong. No matter what, they just get the feeling of being needed by helping others. The feeling of being needed is the life supply of number 6 people, which makes them feel that their life is worthwhile. The life goal of the number 6 people is to fix things, solve problems, and encourage others to create a better life. When their contributions need the response of the other party, they feel respected. Their enthusiasm for others should be Apply to social volunteers, or religious groups.

Indigo (indigo blue, blue-violet) is a color between blue and purple. At the same time, it is not as easy to have obvious representative things as other colors, but it is a more abstract color.

The abstract qualities of indigo are somewhat similar to the abstract concept of the number 6. Other numbers have very specific representative characteristics and things, or people’s strengths and weaknesses or skills, such as the leadership and independent creation of the number 1, and the communication and development of the number 2. Coordination, the innovation and creativity of the number 3, etc., but the number 6 represents the more abstract meaning of the "spirit" level, representing more abstract psychological aspects such as love, care, empathy, consideration, and acceptance.

If you can use indigo to complement the energy of the number 6, you will be able to have empathy and tolerance for others, and know how to love others.

3.2.7 Number 7: Purple

The number 7 isnumber of inquiries,lucky number, represents the ability of logic and thinking, likes to explore the meaning and motivation behind things, and the ability to be good at analysis, and also represents a lucky number.

In color psychology, purple represents wisdom and spirit, and is also regarded as a noble and mysterious color. Experiments have shown that purple can stimulate enzymes in cells, repair damaged DNA, and help mental recovery. Anthocyanins are also extracted from purple fruits and vegetables, boosts immunityEchinacea is also purple. Russian studies have also pointed out that purple can enhance memory [2].

3.2.8 Number 8: Gold or Pink

The number 8 isAuthoritative number,causal number, representing the desire for success, power, etc., has unlimited potential, and has the spirit of dedication and hard work. It is also a number that values wealth.

Gold represents the color of the sun, and the sun represents the symbol of power. The scepter that symbolizes power is often decorated with the shape of the sun. The pharaoh of ancient Egypt was the ruler of the highest administrative power in Egypt, and he also called himself the sun. God's son [1].

The shiny gold is like the quality of gold, just like the characteristics of "wealth" and "nobility" represented by the number 8. Gold symbolizes power and wealth, and the color of gold is also golden, representing career success. success and achievement.

3.2.9 Number 9: white or pinkish yellow

The number 9 isWisdom number,love number, representing the intersection of divinity and divinity, has the characteristics of serving the public, the consciousness of fraternity, and has expectations for the world.

White represents purity and spirituality, and this color also represents the embodiment of love of the highest wisdom, many people are obsessed with this color.

The immaculate quality of white is like the qualities of "wisdom" and "great love" represented by the number 9. White is a clean and flawless neutral color, and it represents simplicity, kindness, and charity in terms of temperament. And with humanitarianism. But white also has the meaning of "rejection". When the level of mental pain reaches a certain level, it will close its own feelings. The goal white pursues is to have no feeling and no emotion. When there are emotional problems, it is easy to close and escape. status.

3.2.10 Number 0: colorless, empty or black

The number 0 is an illusory number in mathematics and has no other special meaning, but it represents the inspiration from God and the power of integration in mathematics.

Colorless is "empty", and black is also an empty color, but compared with colorless, black has more negative characteristics, such as a strong negative continuation, with a feeling of hiding and darkness, or a sense of isolation from the world feeling.

However, in the spiritual number of life, the number 0 is rarely mentioned, and "colorless" is also difficult to match with life in reality.

3.2.11 Summary: Comparison of numbers and representative colors

After the above introduction, each number has a corresponding color, and the original number has its own meaning, which has a subtle fit with the things symbolized by the color. The relationship between the number and the color is listed below in the form of a table. Similarities can be compared directly.

The comparison of life spirit number and representative color
number meaning color the symbol
1 leadership, independence, initiative, autonomy red Earthfire, Flame, Action, Active, Energy
2 coordination, balance, communication, cooperation orange tenderness, softness, harmony
3 Creativity, expression, ideas, originality, variety yellow bright
4 firm, safe, regular, stable green land, mother earth, life
5 freedom, challenge, change blue freedom, sky, sea
6 love, caring, empathy, consideration, acceptance Indigo Like wax printing, jeans
7 Analytical, Rational, Sensitive, Truth, Thinking, Wisdom Purple Spiritual, Wisdom, Mystical, Restorative
8 Wealth, Power, Career, Status, Material, Entrepreneurship gold sun, nobleman, wealth, power
9 Great love, fraternity, selfless dedication, wisdom, perfection White Pure, Clean, Flawless, Spiritual
0 fusion, illusory, empty colorless empty color, nothingness

3.3 Crystals and Chakras

  crystal,spar,oreEtc. is a gift from nature. No matter what kind of naturally occurring ore, it will contain energy and wavelengths that we humans cannot see. Crystals can bring people a beautiful feeling, aspirations, or Some spiritual healing. In addition to the energy function of the spar itself, there are also auxiliary products that can help us meditate, and it is also one of the psychological powers. For example, if you see information that amethyst can improve people's wisdom and thinking ability, People will feel a lot of confidence because of this, which is the effect of driven consciousness, and this power should not be underestimated.

  chakras(Sanskrit: चक्र cakraṃ, sound: chakra, transliterated as:Chakra,Chakra, Tibetan: འཁོར་ལོ་, sound: khor lo), the root of the word comes from "circle" and "wheel", and the Chinese free translation is "chakras","Qi Gua", which means "spinning energy wheel"In Indian yoga, it refers to the center of energy concentration distributed in various parts of the human body, especially the energy center of the body that is connected from the spine and coccyx to the top of the head and the central nervous system. [3]. Each channel has its own unique vibration frequency, which corresponds to the colors of the rainbow and rotates clockwise.

In ancient Indian philosophy, it is mentioned that if one purifies all the chakras in the body, from the first (red) to the seventh (seventh) chakras will get a rainbow-like light and make the body glow brilliance. In Buddhism or Buddhism, to achieve success, all chakras must be purified through practice or meditation. In the life number, the method of using digital energy and color is used to derive color therapy for the corresponding chakras, that is, to use the energy of color in daily life to treat the body and mind naturally, and to give the body and mind a sense of comfort. , and then return to a healthy state.

Natural crystals and spars can reflect different colors through light, and transmit different energies through colors, so as to increase the energy and magnetic field of the environment, and influence and enhance people's minds. Numbers have corresponding colors and chakras, and the energy of chakras can be enhanced through the magnetic fields of different crystals and spars. The chakras corresponding to numbers and related crystals and spars will be introduced below.

3.3.1 Number 1: root chakra (basal chakra, root chakra, beginningless chakra)

The number 1 meanslead,independent,create,independent, the spiritual meaning of the sea chakra isthe scene of living,instinct,vitality,the basics of the whole. The creation and autonomy of life, the most important thing is to have the will to survive, the instinct to survive, and the vitality full of energy.

  • Sanskrit name: मूलाधार (Mūlādhāra).
  • Chakra Location: Located at the end of the spine, between the anus and the genitals.
  • Corresponding color: red or black (black is the second color).
  • Body organs: spine, kidneys, back, hips, legs, feet; bones, feet, spinal cord, rectum, immune system.
  • Endocrine glands: adrenal glands.
  • Spiritual meaning: the will to survive, instinct, vitality, and the basis of the whole.
  • Related spars: citrine, red jasper, red garnet, onyx, bloodstone, ametrine, obsidian, fire agate, nephrite, hematite, black tourmaline, meteorite, red coral, black hair crystal, ruby.
  • Effect: Take care of the abdomen and ovaries, increase sexual desire and reproductive ability, andPromote Qi and blood circulation, beautify the skin, and increase the energy of love. Red is also the blood of life, willpower, enthusiasm for life, love and enthusiasm, lively and energetic, full of motivation.

3.3.2 Number 2: Ego Chakra (No Name Chakra)

The number 2 meanscoordination,balance,communicate,cooperate, the spiritual meaning of the id chakra isFeel,sexual characteristics,like,old relationship. To coordinate and balance the mind, one must be aware of one's own feelings and preferences, and to communicate and cooperate with others must have appropriate feelings rather than being completely indifferent and cold-blooded.

  • Sanskrit name: स्वाधिष्ठान (Svādhisthāna).
  • Chakra Location: Located on the back of the waist at the sacrum, coccyx (end of the spine).
  • Corresponding color: orange (tangerine).
  • Body organs: reproductive organs, bladder, intestines; intestines, kidneys, waist, genitals, endocrine system.
  • Endocrine Glands: Gonads.
  • Spiritual meaning: feelings, sexual characteristics, preferences, old feelings.
  • Related spars: red rabbit fur, amber, carnelian, aragonite, orange calcite, golden emerald, zircon, clear plaster, opal, sunstone, orange coral, red ghost, orange-red gemstone.
  • Effect: Take care of the digestive system, stomach, genitals, ovaries, prostate, testicles;Increased social energy, intuition.

3.3.3 Number 3: navel wheel (named color wheel)

The number 3 meanscreativity,Express,idea,original,diverse, the spiritual meaning of the navel chakra isemotion,social,self,personality. The innovation and creativity of ideas and works must be integrated with emotion and endowed with a unique personality in order to make ideas and works full of originality and diversity.

  • Sanskrit name: मणिपूर (Manipūra).
  • Chakra location: Located in the Dantian, abdomen, and solar plexus.
  • Corresponding color: yellow.
  • Body organs: pancreas, stomach, liver, gallbladder; stomach, spleen, liver, pancreas, nervous system.
  • Endocrine Glands: Pancreas.
  • Spiritual meaning: emotion, sociality, ego, personality.
  • Related Stones: Citrine, Golden Topaz, Chartreuse Tourmaline, Tiger's Eye, Blonde Quartz, Peridot, Emerald, Amber, Malachite, Topaz, Titanium.
  • Effect: Helps the digestive system such as pancreas (insulin gland), liver, stomach, and intestines, and increases appetite;It can improve spirituality, be full of sunshine, be lively, cheerful and confident; improve partial wealth, investment and financial management, and improve communication and public relations skills.

3.3.4 Number 4: Heart Chakra (Mingxin Chakra)

The number 4 meansstable,Safety,rule,Stablize, the spiritual meaning of the heart chakra is general love, permission, self-existence, emotion. Having a stable, safe, and regular environment and life can satisfy the existence of emotions and self. If you live in an environment without a sense of security, it will be difficult to maintain your relationship, and your life will be unstable and insufficient, and it will be difficult to satisfy you. the existence of self.

  • Sanskrit name: अनाहत (Anāhata).
  • Chakra Location: Located in the heart.
  • Corresponding color: green or pink (pink is the second color).
  • Body Organs: Heart, Lungs, Circulatory System; Heart, Diaphragm, Lungs, Circulatory System, Thymus.
  • Endocrine glands: Thymus.
  • Spiritual meaning: general love, permission, self-existence, emotion.
  • Related spar: pink crystal, green ghost, green hair crystal, green aventurine jade, malachite, emerald, green jade, kunzite, Czech meteorite, rhodonite, watermelon tourmaline, turquoise, green willow.
  • Effects: Corresponding to the heart, lungs, and thymus (regulating the growth of the body, lymphatic system, and strengthening the immune system); harmony, abundance, making money, helping career wealth, and positive wealth.

3.3.5 Number 5: Throat chakra (two empty chakras)

The number 5 meansfree,challenge,Variety, the spiritual meaning of the Throat Chakra iscommunicate,inspiration,sense of security,interpersonal relationship,true self. The environment in which people live changes every day, and they have to get out of their original comfort zone and go through many freedoms, challenges, and changes in order to achieve communication with others, better interpersonal relationships, and a sense of security in getting along with others and realize the true self.

  • Sanskrit name: विशुद्ध (Viśuddha).
  • Chakra location: in the neck (neck), throat.
  • Corresponding color: blue.
  • Endocrine glands: thyroid, parathyroid.
  • Body organs: mouth, throat, bronchi; throat, trachea, esophagus, oral cavity, teeth, thyroid.
  • Spiritual meaning: communication, inspiration, sense of security, interpersonal relationship, true self.
  • Related spars: aquamarine, blue topaz, blue hair crystal, blue turquoise, sodalite, zircon, kyanite, amazonite, acanthite (Larimar), sapphire.
  • Effects: Take care of the entire throat, neck area, thyroid gland, bronchi, tonsils, respiratory organs, nasal allergies, suppress high blood pressure; enhance communication skills, creativity, and persuasion. ;Relax, relieve stress;Calm down! Professional and knowledgeable.

3.3.6 Number 6: Eyebrow chakra (eyebrow chakra, third eye chakra, Dharma eye chakra)

The number 6 meanslike,care,in the same way,considerate,accept, the spiritual meaning of the brow chakra isinsight,creativity,perspective,intuition. To learn how to love, care, empathize, be considerate, and accept others, one must have certain insight, perspective, and intuition for others, otherwise it will be difficult to understand the true inner thoughts of others, and be able to penetrate different elements and have new ideas. creativity.

  • Sanskrit name: आज्ञा (Ājñā).
  • Chakra location: It is located on the forehead of the head, and the part between the two eyebrows, where the third eye is located.
  • Corresponding color: indigo (indigo).
  • Endocrine glands: pituitary gland, pineal gland.
  • Body organs: brain, ear, nose, left eye, nervous system; cerebellum, eye, nose, ear, pineal gland (pituitary gland).
  • Spiritual meaning: insight, creativity, perspective, intuition.
  • Related spars: azurite, amethyst, lapis lazuli, sapphire, amethyst, sodalite, lapis lazuli, suglet, amethyst.
  • Effect: Corresponds to all sensory organs in the chest and head, pituitary gland (the highest gland, which dominates the functions of all glands) bronchi; increases intuition.

3.3.7 Number 7: Crown Chakra (Zen Chakra)

The number 7 meansanalyze,reason,keen,truth,think,wisdom, the spiritual meaning of the crown chakra isSpirituality,vision,combine,spirituality. Only by analyzing and thinking about things rationally and keenly can we integrate the information we receive, distinguish the authenticity of things we see through vision, and discover the truth, and then we can reach the realm of wisdom and spirituality.

  • Sanskrit name: सहस्ररर (Sahasrāra).
  • Chakra Location: Located directly above the top of the head.
  • Corresponding color: purple or white.
  • Endocrine glands: pineal gland.
  • Body organs: upper spine, brainstem, right eye; brain, muscles, skin, pituitary gland (pineal gland).
  • Spiritual meaning: Spirituality, vision, integration, spirituality.
  • Related Stones: White Quartz, Argentine, White Chalcedony, Amethyst, Ametrine, White Moonstone, White Topaz, Tridacna, Opal.
  • Effect: Corresponding to the head, the top of the head, the brain, the pineal gland (the ancient Greek is where the soul is); nobility, wealth, wisdom, help memory, good luck in exams, comprehension of all things in one; increase nobles, prevent rotten peach blossoms, Good marriage; amethyst can increase luck; Russian research shows that purple light can enhance memory

3.3.8 Number 8: Eighth round

The number 8 meanswealth,power,cause,status ,substance,start a business, but the number 8 is not in the seven main energy chakras, it is the divine wheel outside the human body.

  • Chakra location: Located above the top of the head], the angel's halo.
  • Corresponding colors: gold, fuchsia or pink (fuchsia, pink are secondary colors).
  • Endocrine glands: None.
  • Body organs: None.
  • Related spar: diamond, white crystal
  • Pink effect: care for female hormone coordination, promote pheromones, reproductive organs; increase love, peach blossom charm; interpersonal relationships are always unfavorable; loving and being loved, unconditional; making money and managing money, business organization ability.

3.3.9 Number 9: Ninth round

The number 9 meansBig Love,fraternity,Dedication ,wisdom,Perfect, but the number 9 is not in the seven main energy chakras, it is the divine wheel outside the human body.

  • Chakra location: spirit, spirituality.
  • Corresponding color: pearl white, white or transparent color (transparent color is the second color).
  • Endocrine glands: None.
  • Body organs: None.
  • Associated spar: None.
  • White effect: reflect, purify energy, prevent radiation, purify blood, regulate blood sugar; help memory, help test luck; amplify energy, step up, open, face.

3.3.10 Summary: Comparison of Numbers and Chakras

After the above introduction, each number has a corresponding chakra and crystal, and the original number has its own meaning, which has a subtle fit with the spiritual meaning of the chakra. The numbers, chakras and colors are listed below in the form of a table The relationship and similarities between them can be compared directly.

Comparison of the Numerology of Life and the Chakras
number meaning chakras spiritual meaning color
1 leadership, independence, initiative, autonomy root chakra The will to live, instinct, vitality, the basics of the whole red
2 coordination, balance, communication, cooperation id wheel Feelings, Sexuality, Preferences, Old Relationships orange
3 Creativity, expression, ideas, originality, variety navel chakra emotion, sociality, ego, personality yellow
4 firm, safe, regular, stable heart chakra Amorousness in general, permission, self-presence, emotion green
5 freedom, challenge, change throat chakra Communication, Inspiration, Security, Relationships, Authentic Self blue
6 love, caring, empathy, consideration, acceptance brow chakra insight, creativity, perspective, intuition Indigo
7 Analytical, Rational, Sensitive, Truth, Thinking, Wisdom crown chakra spirituality, vision, integration, spirituality Purple
8 Wealth, Power, Career, Status, Material, Entrepreneurship eighth round none gold
9 Great love, fraternity, selfless dedication, wisdom, perfection ninth round none

3.3.11 Other supplementary instructions

Generally speaking, the most common human chakras are seven (but in fact there are other smaller chakras not included in the human body), which correspond to the seven colors of the rainbow, so the number 8 and the number 9 do not correspond Among the seven chakras, it is the divine chakra outside the human body.

However, the chakras of some religions, methods and sects have more chakras, as many as ten chakras or more, but here we only discuss the chakras corresponding to the colors of the number of life, so there are more chakras. Chakras are not discussed here, please refer to relevant information by yourself.

In addition, chakras originate from Indian philosophy or religion, and there are many different translations from China, or different names due to different interpretations, and the corresponding information is also somewhat different, but this article only focuses on "life "Spiritual Numbers and Colors", as well as the most common and extensive information.

For more information about "hormones", "glands", "endocrine" and human health, please refer to "Quickly understand the five important hormones that affect human growth and health"One article.

3.4 Digital energy card

You can make your own digital energy card for the number of life spirits. Just write the required number on the card of the corresponding color, and write the positive energy words or sentences of the number, and you can carry it with you to attract the energy of the number. For example, if there is no number 5 (that is, the vacant number 5) in the Nine Palaces of Life Spirit Number Birthday, then you can write the number 5 and the positive energy words or sentences it represents on the blue card, such as: number 5 ──Dare to take risks, go against tradition, feel subversion, freedom, challenge, change, etc. It can also be shared or given to friends and relatives.


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