Life Vacancies: Lack of numerical energy in nature and making up for weaknesses in life







Life Vacancies: Lack of numerical energy in nature and making up for weaknesses in life

Life number vacancy number (also known as life spirit number vacancy, life number vacancy, life number vacancy, empty circle ), is a number that does not appear in the individual’s life spirit number chart, as long as you use the birthday nine squares of the life spirit number to draw a personal life chart and find out the vacant number, and can understand what kind of digital energy a person lacks, and then understand their own shortcomings and improve bad habits. How do you find out the number of vacancies in life to understand the impact of vacancies? This article will explain in detail what each vacancy number represents!

1 Preface

Life Spirit Numbers most often use the birthday nine-square grid to draw a personal life chart, because it is very convenient, interesting and practical. However, in the fortune chart of most people’s birthday nine-square grid, there are often a few numbers that are not circled, that is, there is no appearance of the number at all, then these numbers are called the vacant numbers of the life spirit number. The number of vacancies represents the energy that is not born with this number, which is some deficiencies, defects, shortcomings, weaknesses, etc. in human nature and personality, that is, the part that you are naturally less good at, you must be more careful about the obstacles caused by the lack of digital energy, and understand the meaning of these vacant numbers, how to affect people’s personality, and then find a solution and improve, in order to make up for insufficient digital energy, correct their own shortcomings, make up for the defects and regrets in life.

When referring to your own vacant number, you don’t need to focus on your own shortcomings, such as: “What if I don’t have a certain number?” “What does the absence of a number affect?” “Isn’t it bad not to have a certain number?” You should not have to have an attitude of not accepting the facts, but try to understand the meaning behind the number of vacancies, that is, face up to your shortcomings and improve. And when understanding the number of vacancies in other people’s fortunes, there is no need to be overly disgusted or show disgust, after all, there are no perfect people in this world, including most people who also belong to the number of vacancies. For the number of vacancies, there is no need to have a sense of loss and regret, nor do you have to force all the digital energy to be obtained immediately, some people will have the idea of perfectionism, requiring themselves, parents, children, relatives and friends to become very perfect people, in all aspects, all fields to have strengths, see no shortcomings, which is undoubtedly too greedy.

Some people do not have a vacant number in the nine squares of the life number, and all numbers from 1 to 9 appear, which can be called a “grand slam”. Such a fortune chart has every number, all the connections are connected (for a detailed connection analysis, please see the article “Life Spirit Number Connection“), it seems to occupy a very big advantage, but at the same time there are also its disadvantages, often the life of people in this situation will be more difficult or bumpy. Because of being endowed with all the digital energy, life tends to go to the path that ordinary people will not take, want to be different from others, want to be extraordinary; At the same time, it is also easy to get lost on the road of life, because all the numbers are there, there are too many preferences, there are many areas of expertise, everything will be, or want to be comprehensive, complex mind, want everything, the road is open, but do not know which way to take in the end, easy to get lost, will also make the energy too scattered, can not concentrate. Therefore, although the Grand Slam people do not have obvious disadvantages, they also do not have very prominent advantages to develop, and it takes a long growth process to find a way out.

When there is a vacancy in your own life chart, don’t get too entangled in this, most people’s life chart has a vacancy number, only a small number of people will be a slam without a vacancy number, whether there is a vacancy number has its own challenges. Although the number of vacancies is a natural defect, it is a condition for progress in life, a remedial course in the growth process, and it should be to accept one’s shortcomings and improve, rather than entangled in being born without advantages and inferiority for this; Although people in the “Grand Slam” naturally have all the digital energy, it is more difficult to break through themselves, there is less room for improvement, and if they cannot find their own prominent advantages, they are often easy to lose their way. After learning the number of vacancies, do not compare your own advantages with the disadvantages of others, and do not have to be demanding to cover everything, the number of vacancies is the key point of progress, and shortcomings are the source of motivation for growth.

2 Find out the number of vacancies

The quickest, most effective and most interesting way to find the number of vacancies is to use the method of drawing the nine-square grid of the birth date to find the vacant number of your own life spirit number. How to draw a complete birthday nine-square grid for the method, please refer to “Life Spirit Number Nine-Square“, the text has detailed and complete steps and teaching, leading readers to complete the birthday nine-square grid step by step.

After completing the birthday nine-square grid of the life spirit number, just find the number with zero circles in the nine-square grid (the number that is not circled) is the vacant number. If all numbers are circled, it means that there is no empty number of circles and has all the digital energy, but it is also difficult to make a big breakthrough.

3 Analysis of vacancies

There are nine numbers from 1 to 9 in the nine squares of the life number, each of which has its own energy and meaning, and what is the impact of the absence of those numbers? The following will be a detailed introduction and analysis of each vacancy figure.

3.1 Vacancy figure 1

The number 1 is the number of pioneers, the number of founders, representing independent consciousness, is the beginning of energy, but also has the most basic “self” of a number, so people with the number 1 are very independent, have their own ideas, less often to rely on others, but prefer to lead others, easy to become the leader of the group, and full of automatic and spontaneous state, momentum is very full, full of vitality and energy.

People without the number 1 tend to lack independent awareness, have weak pioneering ability, and have less opinions, so they want to follow others more, and rely heavier.

At present, people born in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have the number 1, and only those born after 2000 AD will have a number without 1, which means that there may be a big gap between those born in 19XX and those born in 20XX, and the energy originally dominated by the number 1 is influenced by the number 2.

Without the energy of the number 1, but with the energy of 2, it will be more dependent on others. Because 2 is a balanced number, it is easy to have a relationship with people, although the positive energy is coordinated, but the negative value is no opinion, lack of independence, dependent on others, and the energy of the number 1 is independent, if there is a digital energy of 1 will be able to reconcile.

3.2 Vacancy figure 2

The number 2 is a coordinated number and a balanced number, which has the characteristics of two sides, has the ability to analyze, and is sensitive and easy to measure, and is also a number that loves beauty. People with the number 2 are very detail-oriented, have good analytical and discerning skills, and also like to ask questions and think. Good at communication, sometimes diplomacy and public relations, and emotionally rich, cordial and gentle, especially emotionally rich and sensitive. People in the number 2 do not like to take the lead, but are more willing to cooperate with others rather than acting alone, are not easy to make decisions about things, are less likely to take the initiative to make decisions and positive actions, prefer to wait for others to find them to act together, and less willing to actively invite others to join.

If there is no number 2, people are more independent, less dependent on others, easy to do things only by themselves, even if the family is good, they are less likely to want to add more trouble to their parents and elders, which is easy to cause themselves to not be able to actively seek help from others.

The number 2 has the ability to look at aesthetics, and if there is no 2, people may be less good at dressing, easy to mismatch in dressing and dressing, less sensitive to color, and less sensitive and imaginative.

People with the number 2 have the ability to coordinate and cooperate, so people without the number 2 are slightly more difficult to cooperate with others, easy to do things by themselves, hot and cold, and less affinity and flexibility in communication, and easy to have a feeling of blockage and no circulation. In terms of feelings, people without the number 2 are prone to not knowing how to communicate well with each other, easy to have subjective bias, choose the other half will be biased, and the values of the other party will be very different.

3.3 Vacancy figure 3

The number 3 is a creative number, an expression number, and people with the number 3 often look at things from the surface, care about the image and appearance, and sometimes have a very good opinion on what they don’t like, and the attitude towards life is often very similar to a spoiled child, and it is also the most stubborn group of all digital energy, and also has a naïve character. People with the number 3 can dance with long sleeves, and because they are lively and funny, they can make people happy, and bring everyone a joyful atmosphere. When you work with creativity and creativity, you feel very happy.

People will have their own fields of expertise in their lives, but they all need a channel to show their talents, if there is no number 3, there may be a lack of channels to show and to the limit, even if they have unique skills and inner talent, they may not know what way to express and do not know which form to use to present their talents. If you are an artist, painter, musician, etc., without the energy of the number 3, it is easy to become a craftsman, but the work lacks original ability and aura, and there will be some obstacles to expression.

A person without the number 3 may become a straightforward person, but it is also possible to become a person who talks a lot, but even so, it will often cause misunderstanding by others because the words are not in line with the meaning, and they will accidentally say the wrong thing. But people who don’t have the number 3 tend to say more truth, and they are more able to concentrate.

3.4 Vacancy figure 4

The number 4 is a pragmatic number and an execution number, which represents a solid force, and has the ability to be pragmatic, and has a particularly strong sense of security. The number 4 person is not characterized by creation, so there is no need to start with the spirit, only need to choose from the original things, can achieve the effect that others can not achieve, is a natural construction master, because of this construction characteristic, is a way to establish a sense of security and unwilling to take risks, so that prefer to be employed by others, rather than being their own boss. When the number 4 person encounters challenges, doubts, and opposition, he will appear highly self-defensive and unusually stubborn.

People without the number 4 are prone to arrogance, although on the surface it seems that there is not much desire for money, there is excess money to spend, without money the heart will not feel panic or anxiety, believe that the boat to the bridge is naturally straight, but in fact, the heart has certain requirements for life, so it is not to reject money, sometimes just can’t put down the body. For opportunities to come, they adopt an inactive attitude and approach, tend to withdraw more often, are fickle, and have some isolation, lack the courage to integrate with society, and life may be more disorderly.

The advantage of people without the number 4 is that they will not be careful, and they are not greedy and cheap, and they will not take money very seriously, but at the same time, people without the number 4 must also find some goals and motivation to become more pragmatic, which often comes from love in the family.

3.5 Vacancy figure 5

The number 5 is a free number, representing the ability of the new system, and seeking its own freedom, changing life, so they do not like to conform to the rules, unchanged way of acting, but also want to subvert the original rules, ideas, and have their own opinions, ideas and sense of direction, anything that hinders their freedom is that mistaken food will make them feel disgusted.

The number 5 is the “mind”, in the life spirit number birthday nine square grid chart is a number in the middle position, if there is no 5 will break the four lines (4-5-6, 2-5-8, 1-5-9, 3-5-7), become a state of no connection, so the lack of the number 5 will be much more serious than the lack of other numbers, must be careful to make up the energy of the number 5.

People without the number 5, easy to have no own opinion, but also often affected by external fluctuations, and do not know what they really need, especially when facing choices, often because of other people’s attitudes or choices and influence, shake their original thoughts and true needs, the heart will lack concentration to be affected by others, often unable to dominate themselves, and even sometimes there will be some strange situations.

Those who lack the number 5 are the most in need of spiritual support, because this type of people has strong absorption ability, but weak digestion ability, that is, they can quickly absorb things or energy around the outside world, but they often cannot effectively and correctly judge and deal with the absorbed things. If you look at the direction of advantages, people without the number 5 can often absorb the surrounding energy very quickly like a sponge, so the room for improvement is very large, but it is easy to form a situation of “near Zhu is red, near ink is black”, which requires extra caution and judgment.

3.6 Vacancy figure 6

The number 6 is the number of care and dedication, representing the spirit of dedication and the need for love, and can always consider others, be considerate and considerate, and value emotions. The personality traits of number 6 instinctively want to repair things and solve problems, are naturally very sensitive, empathize with the pain of others, fall into other people’s problems because they are too strong, they have the courage to shoulder responsibility, even if they have exceeded their ability, they are just helping others to get the feeling of being needed, the feeling of being needed is the life supply of person No. 6, making them feel that life is worth it. The goal of the number 6 in life, who wants to fix things, solve problems, and encourage others to create a better life, feels respected when their efforts need the response of the other party, and their enthusiasm for people should be applied to social volunteers or religious groups.

People who do not have the number 6, the personality is frank and straightforward, straightforward, not easy to be sensitive to the attitude of others, but will express selfish characteristics, once some unhappy things happen will be directly revealed on the outside, especially in the language is more subjective and love to impose on others, so it is easy to cause conflicts and misunderstandings with others, so that others feel very uncomfortable, often offend others without knowing it.

However, people without the number 6 do not mean that there must be no love, but more often do not know how to express love, and often only think from their own point of view, it is difficult to think differently, especially in feelings. People who lack the energy of number 6 are prone to be sluggish in the need for love, so they may also have less peach blossom luck.

3.7 Vacancy figure 7

The number 7 is the number of exploration, the lucky number, which represents the ability to logic and thinking, likes to explore the meaning and motivation behind things, and is good at analysis, which also represents the lucky number. People with the number 7 are naturally curious about looking at things, so they will not only look at the surface value of things, so they will like to constantly ask, analyze, and explore the meaning and truth behind things, so the number of people are very logical, and then the thinking about things is based on the known facts. The perspective of thinking is also often non-clear, not vague, which is a very typical logical orientation, and can quickly analyze the situation and context of things, and consider and make pragmatic decisions. People with this number can also see through the essence of things and problems at a glance, and the requirements for quality are more rigorous and advanced, and they are not afraid to tell the truth and opinions of the matter.

People without the number 7 do not like to rely on luck to do things, and most of them are the result of their own hard work and hard work. People without the number 7 have limitations in the ability of rational analysis and logical reasoning, often fail to think about the focus of things, are easy to be afraid of trouble, think simpler, and are not willing to explore the deep truth through deep thinking, and are easy to get excited and angry, especially for things that do not need to be angry at all.

However, people without the number 7 may be simpler and more approachable, because their minds are less complex and their thinking ability is less delicate, and they don’t like to doubt, but prefer to express themselves with actions, so sometimes people feel more affinity and get along well.

3.8 Vacancy figure 8

The number 8 is the number of authority, cause and effect, representing the desire for success, power, etc., with unlimited potential, and with the spirit of professionalism and hard work, but also a number that values wealth. People with the number 8 have a unique insight, often able to see through the potential of those people and things at a glance, and take the initiative to help others develop and succeed. The number 8 will drive people to seek and develop financial independence more actively, and it may be far more than the actual number required. The number 8 person has a contradictory appearance, and although the personality is strong and tough, the band is often docile in appearance. Compared with the number 1, the number 1 person is more likely to stand up for himself, while the number 8 tends to stand out for others, and also tends to have a business mind, a natural businessman.

The number 8 itself represents a number with a very strong sense of power, desire, and achievement, so people without the number 8 will disdain power, and if such a person becomes a boss or is in a position, it is easy to lack deterrence, so that it is easy to grasp and control the situation.

As for the relationship, because the lack of the number 8 people will let go too much, the other half is more likely to have an affair, just like holding sand in the hand, although holding too tightly will make all the sand squeeze out, but holding too loose sand will also flow out slowly, the strength must be moderate to hold the most amount of sand, and people without the number 8 are often too loose.

The advantage of people without the number 8 is that they will not be oppressed by the thoughts of desire, power, achievement, etc., especially for career, money, status, etc., they are not so ambitious, so they are more able to be at ease with encounters.

3.9 Vacancy figure 9

The number 9 is the number of wisdom and great love, representing the junction of divinity and divinity, with the characteristics of serving the public, the consciousness of fraternity, and the expectation of world harmony. The number 9 people have versatile characteristics, imagination is very rich, believe that there is nothing impossible in the world, is a natural dreamer who firmly believes in dreams, because the number 9 has the energy of the first eight numbers, easy to learn a variety of fields and eighteen martial arts, many novels, stories are from the number 9 people, and for dreams, plans are like a scene of the movie plot without any restrictions, but it is because of this unpragmatic vision and attitude to face life, Therefore, there is often suffering and hardship in life. People with the number 9 are also very sensitive to the needs of others, like to help others, and are obligated to help others.

At present, people born in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have the number 9, and only those born after 2000 AD will have a number without a 9, which means that there may be a big gap between those born in 19XX and those born in 20XX, and there will be very big differences in personality.

The number 9 represents the spirit of great love, people without the number 9 are easy to show indifference to society, even if it is a meaningful and valuable thing for society, it may be due to the lack of the spirit and compassion of great love, so it will be indifferent to the needs of others, and let their imagination be limited, and often show a more selfish side in spiritual consciousness.

However, people without the number 9 also have less desire for social “salvation”, because they are more indifferent to the public, so they can focus more on themselves and reduce external influences.

3.10 Vacancy figure 0

There is no number 0 in the nine-square grid chart of the life spirit number, but in the calculation of the life spirit number, the number 0 will appear on the birthday, and the number 0 has less impact, but it has the use of finishing touches, usually less aware of its role, but it is slowly playing a role unconsciously.

The number 0 represents dilution or solidification, and people with a vacant number of 0 cannot fuse and balance the digital energy of 1 to 9, which is easy to make other numerical qualities too strong or too light.

4 Filling and improvement of the number of vacancies

The previous paragraph introduced in detail the meaning of 1 to 9 vacant numbers, knowing what kind of defects you will have without a certain number, and after recognizing your shortcomings, the next step is to find a way to make up for the impact of not having the number and improve your life. Here’s how to fill the gap and improve your nature.

4.1 Vacancy figure 1 filled

People with a vacancy number of 1 must learn to be independent and have to stand firm and move forward. People without the number 1 often encounter other people’s needs and their own inner thoughts and opinions are different, which is necessary to go through an external and inner struggle, struggle, can really understand their willpower, this is must adhere to their own goals, trust their own judgment, do not blindly follow the ideas of others, to affirm themselves.

Therefore, people without the number 1 are likely to experience many trials, setbacks, failures and mistakes, and try very hard to control them in time, but they still cannot easily grasp their own situation, and even fill their hearts with a lot of anger and dissatisfaction until they have the ability to solve and deal with it. At this point, the person with the vacant number 1 will likely have a set of values of his own and develop into an original and most transformative self.

4.2 Vacancy figure 2 filled

People with vacancy number 2 are easy to be too sensitive, and also understand the expectations of others, so it is easy to suppress themselves and not let others pay too much attention to themselves, but because of too strong self-awareness, they do not know how to deal with it, and at the same time fear of others’ gossip about themselves, and then too much suppress their feelings, which will produce such a result because they are too suppressed of their own uniqueness, but at the same time very much hope to be able to integrate with everyone. Expressing oneself in a timely manner can also make others understand oneself.

People without the number 2 have a great impact on feelings and emotions, will be easy to be nervous and cause fear, fear, lack of self-confidence, etc., sometimes will experience unnecessary mood swings, even a little thing will find it difficult to overcome, and cause unable to move forward, but also because of jealous relationship and cause their own pain and misunderstanding. Try to stabilize your emotions and find a way to solve them, even if things come suddenly, they won’t affect you too much.

4.3 Vacancy figure 3 filled

People with vacant number 3 are easy to criticize themselves too much, because 3 is the number of expressions, without 3 it is easy to suppress their creativity and self-awareness, it is easy to doubt themselves before doing things, but then criticize their own decisions, sometimes criticizing themselves is much harsher than others criticizing themselves, because so, for safety, people without the number 3 tend to only deal with superficial things, and do not deal with the content too deeply, so they rarely really express their inner thoughts, and may also be witty, Perfunctory attitude, words and deeds to hide their inner emotions. Express your inner feelings more at the right time and have some confidence in your decisions, which can reduce your inner depression.

The number 3 represents expression, people without the number 3 are easy to feel nervous and even lonely in social situations without knowing how to express themselves, so sometimes they often relax themselves through jokes, people who are vacant 3 can try to do more things to express their inner feelings, such as writing, painting, singing or dancing as an expression and vent of inner emotions, emotions, ideas, and strive to show their true self, learn how to value their own value, their own creativity, works, Many ideas and so on are higher than the judgment of others, such a process can make you learn how to express yourself, make yourself a complete individual, and be more independent of your own ideas, no longer too attached to and dependent on others.

4.4 Vacancy figure 4 filled

The number 4 represents pragmatism, and people without the number 4 are prone to lack the concept of organization and regularity, and often think of some imaginative or worthless plans. To solve such problems, we must try to think and learn what things are possible and what goals are not feasible, and cultivate organizational capabilities and practical characteristics, so that what you think can fit with life, so that you can have the ability to achieve goals.

The number 4 also represents the norm, and it will be more difficult for people with the number 4 to complete the plan because they don’t have a clear vision to know how to go and how to get there. Try to understand the details and ins and outs of everything, keep things in complete regularity, make the environment tidy, do things efficiently, need to have perseverance and perseverance, then you can complete the plan, which is the key to the success of the lack of number 4.

4.5 Vacancy figure 5 filled

The number 5 represents freedom, change, and challenge, so people without the number 5 will be afraid of change, unable to let go of some encounters, or even stay in the past, hesitate, and stop allowing themselves to grow. People with vacancy number 5 should try to learn the spirit of adventure, try to live a variety of lives and challenges, try to do many different things, go to many places that have never been before, but do not indulge in alcohol, food, medicine and sex, which is counterproductive.

In addition, the vacancy number of 5 can also try to deal with the situation that does not meet your original requirements, and stick to the plan, but also try to be patient with other people, continue to maintain friendships with others, build long-term relationships, and do not easily give up friends or jobs when there are difficulties.

4.6 Vacancy figure 6 filled

The number 6 represents empathy and love, so people without the number 6 are easy to empathize with others, and there is serious, distorted idealism, if the ideal is too high and unreal, it will make life difficult for themselves and others, and it is easy to be dissatisfied with what they or others do, and lack of gratitude, resulting in easy to ignore many beautiful things and beauty in life, thinking is too rigid to see the essence of things, feel that what they think is everything, Inability to effectively receive information that actually helps. You can try to remove the obstacles in front of you, find ways to broaden your horizons, and improve your perspective to help you see some enlightenment.

In addition, people with vacancy number 6 are also prone to an arrogant but upright attitude, often telling others what is right and what is wrong, but they cannot think differently from the other party’s perspective and position, and often do not have gratitude. When you have the opportunity, you can try to serve others sincerely, you can do more teaching or therapy work, and learn how to find a balance between your idealism and personal growth disorders.

4.7 Vacancy figure 7 filled

The number 7 represents the ability to be rational and analytical, and people without the number 7 are often skeptical about things that have not yet been proved, rather than using reason to analyze the truth and right and wrong of things, especially for spiritual things, so it is difficult to find out a personal philosophy of life to balance uncertain things and life. There will be some seemingly unreasonable things and thoughts in everyone’s life, you can try to find information or groups related to philosophy, so that you can get more vision and present your true thoughts.

Those who vacate number 7 must also understand the unseen thoughts, emotions, insight and love of life in order to understand that the perception of these senses is part of life. Try to humble yourself more so that you can make yourself less arrogant and not too limited in your heart.

4.8 Vacancy figure 8 filled

The number 8 dominates money, power, and status, and people without the number 8 are easy not to pursue their wealth too much, and those in positions of power are not easy to lead subordinates. Try to let yourself learn financial management well, think about how to open source and reduce costs, and be able to be clear about your goals and positioning for your career.

4.9 The vacancy figure 9 filled

The number 9 is the number of great love, people without the number 9 may be more indifferent to the people around them, and also feel that life as long as there is bread and can get by, the spiritual aspect is not very important, if you can overcome this problem, you can solve the balance between material and spiritual. Try not to put yourself in a situation where you can’t give and turn yourself into someone who can nourish everyone.

The number 9 contains the digital energy of 1 to 8 at the same time, and people without 9 may not be able to understand their shortcomings and often only be satisfied with the current situation of life. Try to inquire about yourself and enrich yourself inside.

4.10 Fill the vacancy figure of 0

The number 0 represents dilution and solidification, and people with a vacant number 0 are less energetic for balancing numbers 1 to 9. People without the number 0 may have a personal attitude of self-centeredness, which may bring some personal achievements, but after trying to help others more, they will understand true happiness and be able to integrate themselves more into this society, so that they feel that they are part of the world. Try not to be prejudiced about anything, and be able to tolerate other people’s opinions in order to interact and interact with all kinds of people.

5 Attract digital energy

The number of life spirit vacancies is a number that does not appear in the personal life chart of the birthday nine-square grid, and people who lack these numbers are inherently unable to directly possess the energy of these numbers. In the previous paragraph, there is a detailed analysis of how to improve the problem of the vacant number itself, but in addition to the above prescription methods, there are other ways to replenish the energy of the number, so as to use other acquired ways to regain the energy of the number to fill the vacant number.

There are roughly four ways to fill the gap digital energy, namely: (1) communication; (2) Crystals; (3) color; (4) Digital energy card. Due to space limitations, a new article is published to fully analyze and remedy the teaching of vacant digital energy, please refer to the article “Digital Energy of Life Spirit: Colors, Crystals, Chakras, Energy Cards” (published on 2018/02/05) for details.

6 Related books

6.1 Number of vacancies

Although there are a variety of life number books on the market, there are very few books that explain the vacant numbers, and the following is a compilation of related books mentioned so far.

  • The Life Code : A simple explanation from vacancy numbers 1 to 9.
  • New Life Code“: This book does not use the term “vacant number”, but directly uses “no circle” to describe it, but the meaning is the same. The book devotes only one page (page 238) to explaining the impact of certain numbers when they are not circled, from “1 without circles”, “2 without circles” to “9 without circles”, each number is explained in a short sentence.

6.2 Birthday Nine Squares

To find out the number of vacancies, you must first complete the birthday nine-square grid, before you can find out the number that is not circled from the personal life chart, the number is the number of vacancies, if you want to query more books related to the birthday nine-square grid, you can consult the relevant books at the bottom of the article “Life Spirit Number Nine Squares“.

6.3 Life Spirits

Each vacancy corresponds to each number of the number of life spirits, and for a list of books related to “life spirits”, please see the article “Books related to life spirits“.

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