Nine years in a round, using digital cycles to understand the direction and fortune of life







Nine years in a round, using digital cycles to understand the direction and fortune of life

  The digital flow year is to use the energy meaning of the nine numbers in the life spirit number to calculate the fortune, and the nine years are a round. Knowing which years you have reached, you can calculate what plans have not been completed in the past and try to make up for them, you can also understand the direction of your future life, set a blueprint and goals for life, get inspiration and inspiration from them, and take advantage of the trend. How do you calculate which stream you have reached, and calculate the past and predict the direction of the future? This article will teach the estimation of flow years, and introduce in detail the meaning of each stage of the flow years 1 to 9, and draw inspiration from them.

1 Preface

Everything in the universe exists in the form of energy, and nature contains a grand energy cycle, from the sunrise and sunset in the sky, the full moon and the absence of the moon, to the rotation of the four seasons on the surface and the evaporation of precipitation, these repeated cycles, ups and downs, inevitably remind us that the “law of circulation” is everywhere. In addition to large-scale energy circulation, you can also experience the smaller scale of energy circulation around you, including the birth, old age, illness and death of each life, or things that we often overlook, such as the promotion of duties, the success or failure of affairs, the ups and downs of emotions, the high and low of life, etc., all the time is the transformation, change and cycle of energy. If you can get some inspiration from life, lessons of success or failure, and take advantage of the situation and ride the wind, then you can master your life and go to destiny.

Everything in the universe and nature contain a grand energy cycle, and numerology also speculates on the trend of fate in the form of energy cycle, and obtains ways to improve and change fortunes. Flow year is a commonly used noun in numerology, “flow” literally means “endless flow” artistic conception, to indicate the change and passage of time, and the flow year represents each year’s different journey, change and cycle, in Chinese and Western numerology operations often appear this word. In numerology, in addition to the flow year, it is also commonly used to flow month and flow day, which refers to the monthly and daily journey [1]. The eight characters in Chinese numerology often pay attention to “pushing the great luck”, and in Western astrology, the movement and change of the stars are also used to infer the flow year, and there is also a method of calculating the flow year in mathematics, respectively, with the number 1 to the number 9 as a cycle of nine years.

The summary of the digital flow year is fixed, each digital flow year has its own laws, and in the magnetic field changes of all things in the universe and nature, it shows a series of life cycle fluctuations, changes and cycles. Using the cycle law of numbers 1 to 9 of the digital flow year to calculate the journey, just like the towering tree from sowing seeds, germinating and thriving to blossoming and bearing fruit, and this life growth process is precisely the result of the resonance of the cycle law. If you can understand the meaning of each stage of the digital flow year, understand the changes in the journey, be able to see the opportunity before things happen, do things with foresight, and be able to follow the trend and go with the wind when the opportunity comes, it has a guiding effect on the direction of life, and can have a prompt function when it is in a difficult situation.

All things in heaven and earth and nature have circular laws, and numerology often uses circular laws to make calculations, and in the number of life spirits that account for the number of skills, you can use the number of years to calculate the fortune. And the surprising thing about the digital flow year is that everyone has a new plan, a new journey, and a new stage in their lives, which often appears at the beginning of the year of the digital flow year 1, and the end of a small stage in the year of the flow year 9, and return to the flow year 1 to begin, start again, just like the cycle of life, and each stage has its own mission to be completed, if you can thoroughly understand the meaning of each digital flow year, you can grasp the issues to be faced at each flow year stage of life. And how to improve, grow, and thrive, so that our life direction and topics can have a guiding and prompting role.

For more information on cycle numbers related to life numbers, please refer to the article “Life Cycle Numbers“.

2 Calculation method

The calculation method of the number of life number flow years is very simple, you only need to calculate the sum of the numbers of the year to be extrapolated, plus the sum of the birth months, plus the sum of the birth days, and add up all (must be added to single digits) is the number of years of the year. The following is the formula for the year of the current year’s number, along with an example of the calculation:


Current year + month of birth + date of birth = number of years in the current year (sum to single digits)


Add up to single digits:

Bob’s birthday is January 01, 1990 , to calculate the number of years in “2000”, then as long as the sum of 2000 is added to the sum of January 01 and the sum of 01 days, the complete calculation method is 2+0+0+0+0+1+0+1+1=4, then you can calculate the number of years in 2000 as “4”.

Sums to single digits:

Bob’s birthday is December 09, 1990, to calculate what the number of years in “2000” is, then just add the sum of 2000 to the sum of December and the sum of 09 days, and the complete calculation method is 2+0+0+0+1+2+0+ 9=14→1+4=5 , then Bob’s flow years in 2000 can be calculated as “5”.

3 Digital flow year resolution

There are nine flow years, from the number 1 to the number 9 as nine different life stages, and the flow years 1 to 9 have their own energy and meaning, respectivelySowing period (creativity and self-confidence), dormancy period(Cooperation and balance.)), budding stage(Expressive and keen.)), rooting period(Stability and program.)), reproductive period(Freedom and norms.)), gestation period(Foresight and acceptance.)), reorganization period(Trust and enlightenment.)), the result period(Abundance and power), rest period(Integrity and wisdomNine phases, starting with stream year 1 as the beginning of a new phase, returning to flow year 1 after flow year 9, and the cycle continues. Here’s a closer look at what these nine flow years represent, and how they correspond to digital energy.

3.1 Flow Year Number 1: Sowing Period (Creativity and Confidence)

The number 1 is the number of pioneers, the number of founders, representing independent consciousness, is the beginning of energy, and at the same time is a number with the most basic “self”, so people with the number 1 are very independent, have their own ideas, less often to rely on others, but prefer to lead others, easy to become the leader of the group, and full of automatic spontaneity, momentum is very full, full of vitality and energy.

Stream Year 1 is the beginning year of the digital flow year cycle and represents the digital energy phase of creation. From the perspective of crop cultivation, this stage is to plan the land and sow the seeds, to sow the seeds with new expectations, full of confidence and opportunity for the next year’s harvest, but only to sow the seeds first, the seeds have not germinated, and the snow in early spring is just about to melt.

The creative and confident qualities of Year 1 are similar to the meaning of leadership, independence, pioneering and autonomy in Number 1. The number 1 is the beginning of the numbers 1 to 9, and the number of years 1 is also the beginning of the nine-year round of the digital flow year, and it is also the stage of life to start new plans and new goals, and to give yourself the confidence to set plans, goals and execute.

Therefore, Year 1 is like the sowing period, it is necessary to start planning the division and distribution of land, and planning how to plant crops on the land, it is a year of planting new plans and new goals, it may be to find and plan solutions, or to plan the blueprint for the next stage of life, or it may be to return to the previous unfinished goal, use a new method or mentality to complete it again, or on a small range of matters, such as re-reading the books already read, re-accepting the cultivation or training of ability, reviewing past courses, and so on.

3.2 Flow Year Number 2: Dormancy Period (Cooperation and Balance)

The number 2 is a coordinated number and a balanced number, which has the characteristics of two sides, has the ability to analyze, and is sensitive and easy to measure, and is also a number that loves beauty. People with the number 2 are very detail-oriented, have good analytical and discerning skills, and also like to ask questions and think. Good at communication, sometimes diplomacy and public relations, and emotionally rich, cordial and gentle, especially emotionally rich and sensitive. People in the number 2 do not like to take the lead, but are more willing to cooperate with others rather than acting alone, are not easy to make decisions about things, are less likely to take the initiative to make decisions and positive actions, prefer to wait for others to find them to act together, and less willing to actively invite others to join.

Stream year 2 is the second year of the digital flow year, which is the flow year process and journey after it is connected and connected with the previous stream year 1. In the second year of the nine-year round, it is necessary to cooperate with other people, things, things and other resources with the energy of cooperation and balance, and to establish what kind of authority they have, and find new positions in interpersonal interactions with others, such as new work, new activities, new interpersonal relationships, new cooperation models, new network support, etc.

The characteristics of cooperation and balance of flow year 2 are the same as the meaning of the coordination and balance of number 2. Year 2 is to connect the initiation, the energy of the beginning, and the state of readiness, and deal with the process to be made in the next few years, and the goal to be accomplished, that is, to balance and connect between the beginning and the process, and to find out in a timely manner the help that can help growth, including any people, things, things and other resources, and cooperate with them.

Therefore, Year 2 is like farming, after the sowing period and then into the dormant period, the seeds absorb the surrounding sunlight, soil and water, etc., with the help of other resources and factors, and quietly wait for the germination. So this year you can confirm that the blueprint of the goal set planned the previous year is correct, and make slight corrections, actively looking for factors that can be cooperated, or resources that can help you grow and thrive next, and prepare the energy before the sprint.

3.3 Stream Year Number 3: Embryonic (Expression and Acuity)

The number 3 is a creative number, an expression number, and people with the number 3 often look at things from the surface, care about the image and appearance, and sometimes have a very good opinion on what they don’t like, and the attitude towards life is often very similar to a spoiled child, and it is also the most stubborn group of all digital energy, and also has a naïve character. People with the number 3 can dance with long sleeves, and because they are lively and funny, they can make people happy, and bring everyone a joyful atmosphere. When you work with creativity and creativity, you feel very happy.

Year 3 is a plan that has been brewing for a long time in Year 2, let it slowly germinate and develop, the life blueprint that has been drawn up, the planned career plan, the set life goals, etc., must start and start, let yourself take the first step, work hard towards the goal, and complete the planned plan or dream.

The expression and sensitivity of Year 3 are like the number 3’s ‘creativity, expression, ideas, originality, variety, etc.’. After going through the precipitation stage of Year 2, as well as planning modification and goal confirmation, the next step is to let the process of your blueprint slowly start to start, and when many conditions are slowly formed and everything is done, you can start to move forward and let your plan set blueprint develop slowly. Try to think about how to express the blueprint you planned earlier, so that the results can slowly appear, and also have a certain degree of acuity to know how to correct after the start, and what factors affect the start of the plan.

Therefore, in the 3th year, try to express yourself, and let the blueprint start to move forward, just like letting the seeds break through the soil, from the ground protected by the soil to germinate, break the soil to the surface, and appear under the sun, there will be some adaptation period, but it is a new challenge and opportunity. Of course, this stage is the budding stage, the shoots are very fragile, and they also need to respond a little, so the plan may encounter some obstacles when they start to be implemented, which will make them doubt whether such a goal is correct, they will have doubts about their own ability, and they are afraid that they will not be able to do the requirements they set.

3.4 Flow Year Number 4: Rooting Period (Stability and Procedure)

The number 4 is a pragmatic number and an execution number, which represents a solid force, and has the ability to be pragmatic, and has a particularly strong sense of security. The number 4 person is not characterized by creation, so there is no need to start with the spirit, only need to choose from the original things, can achieve the effect that others can not achieve, is a natural construction master, because of this construction characteristic, is a way to establish a sense of security and unwilling to take risks, so that prefer to be employed by others, rather than being their own boss. When the number 4 person encounters challenges, doubts, and opposition, he will appear highly self-defensive and unusually stubborn.

After the germination of the stream year 3. Year 4 is about to start growing slowly. After experiencing the unfamiliar beginning process, you will slowly become familiar with it, and develop more and more mature, strong, and lay a good foundation, stabilize your strength, and meet more challenges in the future with a more active spirit.

The stability of the flow year 4 and the characteristics of the program are just like the digital energy characteristics of the number 4 such as stability, safety, rules, and stability. Originally, it was only in the bud in the 3th year, and it seemed rusty in the face of new environments and challenges, but after entering the 4th year, you must slowly familiarize yourself with it, and stabilize your own situation, so that the original plan, blueprint, etc. can grow stably and safely, and slowly develop according to the procedures and rules, and more and more can see the prototype of the goal.

Therefore, the flow year 4 is like a bud that has just sprouted, after breaking the ground, it slowly begins to grow and grow, and the roots go deeper into the soil, which is the rooting period, which is the stability stage of establishing the blueprint, there is no need to force progress too fast, it should be firmly laid and firmly established, and timely reflect on mistakes, review the past, make up for the gaps, reorganize the state, determine goals, etc., so that they can be fully prepared for future challenges, just like the budding crops in spring are ready to welcome the arrival of summer prosperity.

3.5 Stream Year Number 5: Reproductive Period (Freedom and Norms)

The number 5 is a free number, representing the ability of the new system, and seeking their own freedom and changing life, so they do not like to conform to the rules and unchanged way of doing things, and will want to subvert the original rules, ideas, and have their own opinions, ideas and sense of direction, anything that hinders their freedom will make them feel disgusted.

If in the first four years, there is a good irrigation blueprint, planning progress, implementation plan, looking for cooperation and opportunities, and moving towards the goal, then in the fifth year you will experience the rapid and smooth progress of the progress, many plans begin to flourish more and more, and slowly blossom, more than half of the goal has been completed.

The free and normative nature of the number 5 is like the freedom, challenge, and change characteristics of the number 5. In the fifth year, many plans will develop rapidly, and many conditions have been formed for the first four years of irrigation and cultivation. This year can also develop and grow more freely, will not be tied due to the lack of environment, conditions and other factors, but also more comfortable to accept the oncoming challenge and overcome it, no matter how many changes in the environment can be easier to adapt than before, things can also be carried out according to the plan and norms.

So the year 5 is like the breeding period of crops, lush plants, strong trees, lush crops are gradually beginning to bloom, and attract other creatures, such as bees, butterflies and other insects to collect nectar, and other animals, the ecosystem becomes more changeable and active, if the first four years have hard work, then this year will be very vibrant, and begin to bear fruit slowly, and there will be many opportunities and choices. This year is the height of summer, the year of the most vigorous biological growth.

3.6 Stream Year Number 6: Gestation Period (Vision and Acceptance)

The number 6 is the number of care and dedication, representing the spirit of dedication and the need for love, and can always consider others, be considerate and considerate, and value emotions. The personality traits of number 6 instinctively want to repair things and solve problems, are naturally very sensitive, empathize with the pain of others, fall into other people’s problems because they are too strong, they have the courage to shoulder responsibility, even if they have exceeded their ability, they are just helping others to get the feeling of being needed, the feeling of being needed is the life supply of person No. 6, making them feel that life is worth it. The goal of the number 6 in life, all their lives want to fix things, solve problems, and encourage others to create a better life, when their efforts need the other party’s response, they feel respected, their enthusiasm for people.

Year 6 is a stage of expecting the results of the early efforts after irrigation, many plans and blueprints are beginning to mature more and more, and are getting closer and closer to the goal of completion, confirm that there are no other external factors to interfere or destroy during this period, and continue to let the steps move towards the goal, and accept the results of the effort, be grateful for the people, things, and things that have been helped from the past to the present, and look forward to the day when the goal and ideal will be completed in the future.

The foresight and acceptance qualities of Year 6 are like the digital energy of number 6 of love, care, empathy, thoughtfulness, and acceptance. In the fifth year, the crop begins to blossom and bear fruit, and in the sixth year it is to wait for the fruit to ripen gradually, because of the efforts of the previous years to irrigate, cultivate carefully, and have a vision for the goal, so in the sixth year you can accept and wait for the fruits with love, care about whether the fruit grows safely and is not infested by pests.

Therefore, the 6th year is to wait for the fruits of the planted crops to gradually ripen, and to ensure that they are not disturbed by pests or other external disturbances, and to welcome the ripe fruits with a sense of expectation, responsibility, and the heart that ideals are about to be realized, which is a period of foresight and acceptance, kindness and abundance, responsibility and expectation, ideals and realization. Regardless of the outcome, we should accept it sincerely, reflect on the past, be grateful for the present, and look forward to the future. This year is also a year that symbolizes the end of summer and the beginning of the autumn harvest.

3.7 Stream Number 7: Reorganization Period (Trust and Enlightenment)

The number 7 is the number of exploration, the lucky number, which represents the ability to logic and thinking, likes to explore the meaning and motivation behind things, and is good at analysis, which also represents the lucky number. People with the number 7 are naturally curious about looking at things, so they will not only look at the surface value of things, so they will like to constantly ask, analyze, and explore the meaning and truth behind things, so the number of people are very logical, and then the thinking about things is based on the known facts. The perspective of thinking is also often non-clear, not vague, which is a very typical logical orientation, and can quickly analyze the situation and context of things, and consider and make pragmatic decisions. People with this number can also see through the essence of things and problems at a glance, and the requirements for quality are more rigorous and advanced, and they are not afraid to tell the truth and opinions of the matter.

Year 7 After the gradual maturity of Year 6, seeing that many plans and blueprints are coming to fruition, you must trust that your previous plans and efforts to irrigate are correct and worthwhile, and greet them with an open attitude. However, if the results are different from expectations, they may doubt their efforts.

The trusting and cheerful qualities of the number 7 are like the analytical, rational, sharp, truth, thinking, and intellectual qualities of the number 7. After experiencing the ripening of flow year 6, flow year 7 must rationally analyze, judge whether these fruits are fully ripe and ready to be harvested, keenly observe which fruits can be harvested, and think about how to harvest is the most appropriate way, which tests their wisdom.

Therefore, Year 7 is a year of looking forward to and feeling the harvest, rather than a year of continuing to sprint forward towards the goal, a year in which you can try to enjoy and expect the results and relax, or you can try to recall whether the efforts of the past few years are worth it, what needs to be improved, and ready to reap the fruits of the efforts of these years.It’s autumn harvest season.

3.8 Stream Year Number 8: Fruitful Period (Abundance and Power)

The number 8 is the number of authority, cause and effect, representing the desire for success, power, etc., with unlimited potential, and with the spirit of professionalism and hard work, but also a number that values wealth. People with the number 8 have a unique insight, often able to see through the potential of those people and things at a glance, and take the initiative to help others develop and succeed. The number 8 will drive people to seek and develop financial independence more actively, and it may be far more than the actual number required. The number 8 person has a contradictory appearance, and although the personality is strong and tough, the band is often docile in appearance. Compared with the number 1, the number 1 person is more likely to stand up for himself, while the number 8 tends to stand out for others, and also tends to have a business mind, a natural businessman.

Year 8 is a harvest year, and after the first seven years of hard work, most of the plans and blueprints for this year have been able to reach their goals and enjoy the fruitful results of irrigation. However, if there is no solid implementation plan in the first seven years, or there is no hard work, careful irrigation, or the direction of the goal is deviated, then the year may not achieve the expected results, or it will feel that there is no gain.

The wealth and power traits of the number 8 are the same as the wealth, power, career, status, material, and entrepreneurship of the number 8. After planning and irrigation efforts in previous years, the fruits of the seventh year are gradually maturing, and the harvest can be enjoyed in the eighth year. Whether it is a promotion in the workplace or a successful career after entrepreneurship, it can allow you to enjoy the wealth after investment and the power after hard work.

Therefore, the 8th year will allow those who really want to harvest in the eighth year to bring the fruits of the first seven years of hard work, and these years of hard work can be rewarded abundantly, and the harvest reflects the degree and quality of the first seven years of effort, and the fruits of the crop grow very fruitfully, ripe and precious, and can obtain very good results. However, if you do not cultivate carefully in the first seven years, then this year may feel that there is no harvest, growth, and harvest of fruitful fruits. This year is the autumn of the harvest, but also the arrival of late autumn.

3.9 Stream Year Number 9: Rest Period (Integrity and Wisdom)

The number 9 is the number of wisdom and great love, representing the junction of divinity and divinity, with the characteristics of serving the public, the consciousness of fraternity, and the expectation of world harmony. The number 9 people have versatile characteristics, imagination is very rich, believe that there is nothing impossible in the world, is a natural dreamer who firmly believes in dreams, because the number 9 has the energy of the first eight numbers, easy to learn a variety of fields and eighteen martial arts, many novels, stories are from the number 9 people, and for dreams, plans are like a scene of the movie plot without any restrictions, but it is because of this unpragmatic vision and attitude to face life, Therefore, there is often suffering and hardship in life. People with the number 9 are also very sensitive to the needs of others, like to help others, and are obligated to help others.

Year 9 is the last year of the Year of Flow, a year of completion, letting go, and precipitation, a year of completion, lay-down, and precipitation, and being able to enjoy the fruits of the previous years’ efforts to get the fruits they deserve. But if you don’t work hard to irrigate in the previous years, or if you don’t have much to gain, you don’t have to be persistent or depressed, but you have to learn to let go and think about how to redraw the blueprint next year and welcome the arrival of a new cycle.

The integrity and wisdom of Year 9 are like the number 9’s great love, fraternity, selfless dedication, wisdom, and perfection. After the first eight years of the flow year, the ninth year can enjoy the perfect results of these eight years of hard work, and quietly reflect on the past right and wrong, gain fruitful wisdom, and think about what plans are for the next nine-year cycle, how to plan the next step, and understand that each cycle will end and start again. In addition, undigested fruits and resources can also be given or helped to others when there is free time, reflecting the spirit of great love, fraternity and selfless dedication.

So Year 9 has reached the last year of the year, and after the first eight years of careful planning, hard irrigation and harvesting, many goals and visions can be achieved and enjoy the fruits of these efforts. But this is not a permanent end, and to prepare for the beginning of the next cycle, you can calm down and reflect on whether there was any side that has not done well in the past, and in the next cycle do not repeat the mistakes of the past, improve your wisdom, and be grateful for the current harvest, and be well prepared and ready to face the new cycle and wait for the arrival of spring.

4 Digital streaming year app

The above details introduce the meaning of each stage of the digital flow year, as well as the topics that need to be faced, in addition to these processes and steps such as pre-planning, hard irrigation, continuous implementation, careful harvesting, etc., the digital flow year can also be used in a wider range of places, such as people, things, things around life, such as work, investment, studies, love, health, etc., due to the larger and wider space, the detailed application writing will be made for each flow year in the future, so stay tuned!

5 Implementation

The above detailed explanation of the correspondence between the number of flow years 1 to 9 and the number, but also explained the meaning of each flow year stage and the issues to be faced, as well as the way and energy to be used, etc., after understanding the theory of these flow years, you can try to verify the correlation between the flow year and your own major events, and experience the cycle energy of the nine-year cycle.

5.1 Event Review

After writing down the date of birth, decide which years to calculate, you can push back a few years from this year, or to the flow year 1, or directly from the year of birth.

Using the flow year calculation formula mentioned earlier, calculate the major events that have occurred over the years, and the age you want to calculate corresponds to the number of flow years, for example, you are now twenty-five years old, want to calculate the luck of twenty to twenty-five years old, you can correspond twenty to twenty-five years old to the number of flow years, if the current twenty-five years old is the flow year 7, then twenty-four years old is the flow year 6, and so on, or directly from the birth of one year old until the current age.

Correspond all the ages to be estimated to the number of years, and write down the major events of the year, whether good or bad, you can list them, if the age you calculate forward, the more complete the cycle of the entire journey, and the events can also be written in detail, as far as possible to recall forward.

Such exercises and practices allow you to understand the correlation between the major events that occurred during this estimation period, see if there is any correlation between these events and the number of years of flow, and which years are smoother. Are there duplicate patterns? Is the harvest in stream year 8 expected, or what association has been observed in previous years? If the pattern of the first nine-year cycle is the same, does the nine-year cycle that lasts until the second still apply?

5.2 Correspondence between years and years

Most of the time, the calculation of the number of years of flow will not be one year old from the beginning year of the nine-year round (flow year 1) (that is, the number of years will not be 1 for one year, the number of years 2 for two years, the number of years for 3 years for three years, etc., and so on), unless the number of births (year + month + day) is 10 when the second time is summed, for example: the number of birthdays (year + month + day) adds up to 19→ 1+9=10, 28→ 2+8=10, 37→3+7=10, 46→4+6=10, then the first year of birth (one year old) is equal to the number of years of flow 1 (because 10→ 1+0=1, and the current era will not have anyone’s birth year, month, and day added up to 1).

But just born or young, because the age is not yet enough to take care of the blueprint of life, so sometimes it is to help parents or relatives around them bring the energy of the digital flow year, such as birth flow year 2 may make the family harmonious, or born in the flow year 8 will bring parents wealth or power digital energy, in addition to the child’s digital flow energy will bring parents or family, and the parents’ situation will in turn affect the baby, because the child’s small life is dependent on the parents, unless they live separately from their parents from an early age.

5.3 Review and Learning

We have made a corresponding comparison of the cycle of the flow year to be calculated and the major events that occurred in that year, and examined and considered the relationship between the flow year and the events. You may notice that when you reach Year 1, you often have new plans, such as planning to go abroad, looking for a new job, moving to a new environment, planning and realizing dreams that you have thought about before, and so on. When it comes to the 9th year, it is often the end of a plan or stage, and some things will come to an end or be realized, such as having saved enough money to buy a new house, having moved to a new place of residence, having achieved certain ideals, and so on.

Although the number of years 1 to 9 will have major events corresponding to them, they may not be very consistent, and there may still be some errors in time, and may be half a year away or delayed to about a year, depending on each person’s situation, but regardless of the difference, it will be found that the meaning of the number of years and the events that occur in that year will have an impact. After examination and analysis, you can be aware of the cycle and rhythm of your life, find out what problems need to be faced, find out how to deal with it, and judge what opportunities or directions are in the future.

6 Digital energy top-up

Generally speaking, most people’s lives will go through nine stages from year 1 to year 9, and each digital year stage has challenges to face, and different attitudes and methods must be used to solve the corresponding problems. However, everyone’s ability, method and attitude to cope at each stage of the flow year are different, some people can solve the problem immediately, and some people are trying to irrigate or unable to make good results, then it is likely to be due to the lack of a certain number of energy.

To know what digital energy you lack, you can use the life spirit number birthday nine houses of the fortune chart to find the number of vacancies, detailed steps and teaching, please refer to the article “Life Spirit Number Vacant Number“, and there is also a detailed explanation of the meaning of each vacancy number represented. In addition to finding the vacant number to know what digital energy you lack, you can also use many methods to make up for the lack of digital energy, such as communicating with people, using color matching, using the correspondence of crystals (which can be matched with chakras), making digital energy cards, etc., the detailed method can be found in the article “Digital Energy of Life Spirit“.

7 Conclusion

The above fully introduces the meaning of each stage from year 1 to year 9, each digital energy and digital flow year have corresponding meanings, and the flow year of each stage also symbolizes the natural spring, summer, autumn, winter cycle state, these have a very subtle sense of fit, the following is a table to list the similarities between numbers, flow years, meanings and symbols, which can be directly compared and compared.

The number of years of life is counted
digitimplicationNumber of years of flowimplicationperiodSymbol of the season
1Leadership, independence, pioneering and autonomy1Creative, confidentsowing dateWinter is over, early spring planting
2Coordination, balance, communication, cooperation2Cooperation, balanceDormancy periodWater and soil nourish, seeds wait
3Creativity, expression, ideas, originality, variety3Expressive, sharpEmbryonic stageSeeds sprout and break through the ground
4Solid, safe, regular, stable4Stable, proceduralRooting periodLay a solid foundation and grow stronger
5Freedom, challenge, change5Freedom, normsBreeding periodSummer is lush and flowers are in full bloom
6Love, care, empathy, thoughtfulness, acceptance6Vision, acceptanceGestation periodFlowering and fruiting, the residual summer has arrived
7Analytical, rational, keen, truth, thinking, wisdom7Trusting, open-mindedReorganization periodRegroup the state and wait for maturity
8Wealth, power, career, status, materiality, entrepreneurship8Abundance, powerFruiting periodThe fruits are abundant and the harvest is abundant in late autumn
9Great love, fraternity, selfless dedication, wisdom, perfection9Integrity, wisdomRest periodsRecuperate in the cold winter and wait for the new spring
0Fusion, illusory, nothingness   

Understanding the cycle of these years can make you better understand the changes and cycles of life conditions, and you can also solve problems in different ways in the major events encountered every year, learn how to deal with problems and increase courage and confidence, and have a guiding direction in the face of setbacks in life. For example, if you decide to implement some plan, but two or three years have passed and you find that there is no development, then you may still be in the stage of flow year 3 or 4, and you have to try to work hard in different ways until flow year 8 to gain something, let yourself know that the time has not yet come.

If you can know which stream year you have reached each year, you can use the digital energy characteristics of the flow year to exert the best results, and when the cycle is over, there will be a good harvest. Whether or not the correspondence between the number of years and events is used, the cycle is a continuous energy in the universe and nature, and only by using this gift and understanding the truth can we experience the cycle of life, control the cycle of the seasons, and gain wisdom from it.

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1. Number of years

The number of years can use the digital cycle cycle to achieve the goals, topics and challenges of the nine stages, so that people can better know the choices and directions of life, the application of the flow year is very wide, can be used in different areas of life, each book gives many examples, has different faces, including career, health, relationships, and even the time to buy lottery tickets, the following list of books that explain the digital energy cycle cycle (flow year, flow month or flow day).

  • The Life Code of Numbers“: There is a method for calculating the number of years of flow, and it explains the stage of each year of flow, describes how to face the problem, and pays attention to the physical health of each year.
  • The Code of Life“: First explain the natural cycle cycle of life, then there are the cycles of flowing years, months and days, and propose two methods of analyzing the cycle: “retrospective memory method” and “direct method”, and finally explain the cycle of each flow year.
  • New Life Code“: First explain the cycle of life, then describe the calculation steps of the flow year, flow month and flow day, and explain how to calculate accurately, propose the method of 18 years of memory return, give examples of how to apply, such as how to choose the number and timing of the lottery, and finally explain the challenges of the cycle and the meaning of each flow of years.
  • The Complete Book of Life Numbers“: Although this book does not have a nine-square birthday, it has calculation methods and explanations for each number of years, and there are steps to review major events, how to learn from them, how to follow the trend, etc., and make detailed explanations of the “law of circulation”.
  • Diamond Life Number: A Peerless Secret Left by Greek Mathematicians”: There are calculation methods and related instructions for the flow year, flow month, and flow day.

2. Life Spirit

The number of years is the use of the number 1 to the number 9 as a nine-year round of energy cycle, each year has its own meaning, topics and goals, and the number of years of flow each year corresponds to each number of spirits, if you can understand the original meaning of the number of life spirits, then you can better understand the meaning of the number of years, for more books related to “life spirit numbers” please see the article “Life Spirit Number Related Books“.


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