3【AWS】Virtual phone number verification code receiving platform service summary


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3【AWS】Virtual phone number verification code receiving platform service summary

  Virtual Phone NumberAWS Verification Code Receiving Platform ServiceRefers to the service that enables users to use the web service platform provided by the website on the Internet and use the platform to receive AWS SMS or verification codes. This article will introduce the online service platform that provides AWS SMS and verification code receiving functions.

1 Introduction

  If you want to use AWS but don't want to use your own mobile phone number, or have privacy concerns, or just don't have an available or redundant mobile phone number at hand, but temporarily want to use your mobile phone to receive the AWS verification code, what can you do?

  There are website service platforms that provide online numbers on the Internet, and can be used to receive text messages, send text messages, use number calls, etc. (but it still depends on the functions provided by each service platform), and some are In particular, indicate that you can receive the verification code from AWS. This article will introduce various virtual phone phone number service platforms that can verify AWS verification codes.

2 Platform Introduction

  Although there are already many virtual phone number services on the Internet, most of them use the country or region as the basis for selecting the number, but some payment platforms can also use the verification codes received from different network services as an option.

  Generally speaking, whether it is free or paid, there is a chance to receive the verification code of AWS correctly, but anyone on the free platform can directly see the mobile phone number and use it, so the number is often registered.

  The payment platform can only be used by paid users, so the probability of receiving the verification code is relatively high, and some payment platforms clearly indicate that they can receive the AWS verification code, which means that the number has not been registered with an AWS account and can be registered with AWS. The probability is the highest.

  The purpose of this article is to receive AWS verification codes, so only platforms that clearly indicate that they provide AWS verification codes or text messages are selected below. Most of them are paid platforms, but users are recommended to use "Virtual Phone Mobile Number Generator Receive SMS Code Platform"In the free service, it is necessary to use the paid service platform.

2.1 Indicate the platforms that receive AWS newsletters

  Indicate platforms that receive AWS newslettersHere it means that the website service platform provides telephone or mobile phone numbers, and these numbers can receive AWS SMS verification codes online, and you can receive and view SMS content without using a mobile phone. The following introduces several mobile phone number receiving SMS service platforms that provide AWS SMS verification codes. Although there is no guarantee that they can continue to be used normally, the available websites will be updated as much as possible.

2.1.1 SMS Man

SMS Man's AWS Verification Code Receive

• Website platform:SMS Man
• Website languages: Simplified Chinese, English, Russian.
• Website Services: Provide Paid Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, andSMS receiving platform service for mobile phone numbers in other places.
• Nature of use:to pay.
• Contact: Telegram.

2.1.2 PVAPins

AWS Verification Code Reception for PVAPins

• Website platform:PVAPins
• Website language: English.
• Website service: Provide paid SMS receiving platform services for mobile phone numbers in more than 100 regions.
• Nature of use:to pay.
• Contact: (1) Email: [email protected]; (2) Skype.

2.1.3 Lu Chi Backpack Cloud


Amazon Web Services Verification Code Received by Luzhi Backpack Cloud

Receive the AWS verification code of Luchi Backpack Cloud

• Website platform:Road Crazy Backpack Cloud
• Website language: English.
• Website service: Provide paid SMS receiving platform services for mobile phone numbers in more than 100 regions.
• Nature of use:to pay.
• Contact method: instant chat on the webpage.

2.2 All other platforms

  The virtual phone number platforms described above in this article are mainly platforms that clearly indicate "receive AWS text messages". Such platforms are usually paid.

  However, in addition to paid platforms that clearly show that they receive AWS verification codes, free platforms and other platforms that do not clearly indicate that they provide AWS verification codes may also be able to successfully receive AWS verification codes.

  Free platforms usually need to use the verification code or SMS to receive AWS when the number is provided. If someone has already used it, there is a high probability that it cannot be used again. And the payment platform that clearly indicates that it can accept AWS, because it is not open to anyone to use, only paying users can use it, so there is a high probability of successfully receiving the AWS verification code.

  Therefore, if the platform introduced above in this article does not meet the needs of users, you can also go toOnline virtual phone mobile phone number generator to receive SMS verification code and receive code〉Browsing in one article, there are all mobile phone numbers around the world.

3 Conclusion

  Amazon's AWS has occupied 33% of the global cloud service market share until the end of 2021, ahead of Microsoft Azure with a market share of 21% and Google Cloud with a market share of 10%. The highest cloud service.

  Therefore, if you want one or more sets of online AWS mobile phone numbers and use them for a long time, it is recommended to choose a paid service platform. In addition to being exclusive numbers that can only be used by yourself, you can also use them for a long time, but you still need to judge by yourself Is the website operating properly? Otherwise, you may spend money to buy a number but you cannot use it. If you are worried, it is recommended to use the free platform to test it first, and then consider whether to purchase a paid number after using it.

4 Related Resources

  The resources introduced in this article are to use the website service platform to receive text messages from mobile phones, or use mobile phone numbers to simulate various functions and applications of real mobile phones. Intuitively, such services are to virtualize physical mobile phones and SIM cards into network service platforms. The independent virtual mobile phone number can even have the functions of receiving text messages, sending text messages, making calls, listening to calls, and so on.

  But in addition to the virtualization of mobile phone numbers, there are many tools in life that can virtualize things. For example, in the past, receiving physical letters at home, but now more and more services have been changed to sending emails. In the past, you had to carry a credit card, Multiple cards such as membership cards, and now more and more virtual cards, only need a mobile phone to go out. The following introduces the relevant resources published on this site: virtual card, email mailbox.

4.1 Virtual Card

  In addition to the virtualization of mobile phone numbers, physical cards used in daily life can also be virtualized into virtual cards, such as virtual credit cards, virtual membership cards, virtual electronic ticket cards, virtual SIM cards (eSIM cards), etc., which can be bound In the mobile phone, it can reduce the trouble of carrying multiple cards when going out, and reduce the risk of being skimmed and data leakage. It can also reduce the contact between cards and people in the epidemic era, and it can better organize the troubles of cards, reduce resource waste, and protect the environment. Earth. For more virtual cards and usage skills, please refer toVirtual card〉One article, there is a complete introduction and teaching.

4.2 Email address

  Although the purpose of this article is to introduce the service platform for sending and receiving SMS online, usually a large part of users who have this need are because they want to register with the online service platform, and they need to fill in the mobile phone number and receive the verification SMS. When creating such services or creating an account, many platforms will also require you to fill in your email address at the same time. So in addition to using a temporary number, the e-mail address will usually want to useTemporary mailbox(aka 10 minutes mailbox,拋棄式信箱,no-clean mailbox,Disposable mailbox,letterbox generatoretc.) to prevent privacy leaks, or to avoid applying for multiple mailbox accounts. For information and service introductions about temporary mailboxes, please refer to

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