【2023】180 virtual mobile phone number generators to receive SMS verification code receiving platform








【2023】180 virtual mobile phone number generators to receive SMS verification code receiving platform

When using or registering certain services on the Internet, it is often required to fill in the mobile phone number and verify, but for privacy-conscious users, there are concerns, and the service of “mobile phone number online SMS receiving service” (or “code receiving platform” and “code receiving platform“) can solve this problem, you can use the mobile phone number provided by the website that provides this function, and receive text messages on the web page. You can view the content of the verification SMS. This article will organize related services and articles.

1 Preface

Modern people are more and more inseparable from mobile phones, although with the development of smart phones, the use of SMS services is not as good as the traditional mobile phone era, but many website services require mobile phone number verification, at this time must use SMS services. The following is a detailed summary of the services provided on the network to receive, transmit, and create mobile phone SMS.

2 Summary of project lists

The network provides a variety of services, many services need to apply for an account to be able to use a more complete service, but also often require users to verify mobile phone numbers, such as: Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, Google, YouTube channels, etc., must be verified to be able to remove the restrictions of the function, or to successfully register an account.

However, if users who are more concerned about privacy do not want to disclose the originally commonly used mobile phone number, but at the same time there is no extra mobile phone door number at hand to use, and do not want to apply for a new door number, then the “mobile phone number SMS receiving service” can allow users with this need to have additional mobile phone numbers, and use the service to receive text messages, and successfully pass the service that needs to be verified.

2.1 Browse the Platform by Country

The following is a list of the most common virtual phone mobile phone numbers in each country or region, according to the international calling code, so that users can find the number according to the country or region they need. Alternatively, to directly browse and compare all service platforms, you can skip to the next section, “All Platforms”.

Describe the platform by country
regionInternational calling area codeCountry coderemark
North America+1U.S. numberThe largest number in the world; Required for Google Voice application.
Africa+234Nigeria number 
Europe+41Swiss number 
+44UK number 
+49German number 
Americas+54Argentina numberYouTube Premium Argentina users have the lowest tariffs worldwide;
Netflix Argentina subscribers have the second lowest tariff in the world.
+55Brazil number 
Southeast Asia
+60Malaysia number 
+61Australian number 
+62Indonesian number 
+63Philippines number 
+64New Zealand number 
+65Singapore numberRare numbers.
+66Thailand number 
Eastern Asia+81Japanese numberRare numbers.
+82Korean numberRare numbers.
+84Vietnam number(Southeast Asia)
+852Hong Kong number 
+86China numberVarious game websites, membership service platforms.
+886Taiwan numberRare numbers.
Middle East
Southern Asia
+90Turkey numberNetflix Turkey users have the lowest tariffs in the world.
+91Indian number 
+92Pakistan number 

2.2 Browse the platform by receiving the service SMS

The following is a list of the more common virtual phone mobile phone number services provided by each platform to receive various verification codes, so that users can browse the platform according to the verification code or SMS services they need to receive. Alternatively, to directly browse and compare all service platforms, you can skip to the next section, “All Platforms”.

Introduce the platform by receiving the service SMS
classifyReceived service text messagesremark
Instant messagingLINEThe communication app with the largest market share in Taiwan.
WhatsAppCommunication APP with the largest share of the global market.
AmazonThe e-commerce platform with the largest global market share.
Cloud computingAWSThe world’s largest market share of cloud computing services.

2.3 All Platforms

The following is a list of all the website service platforms related to the mobile phone number of the virtual phone, you can compare all the platforms, or you can directly select the platform you want to use in the list of all platforms.

Tip: To quickly find which platforms meet the conditions (such as: name, country/region, language, etc.), users of the desktop version can use the “ctrl” key + “F” key of the keyboard to find, or find the “Find” function in the menu bar at the top right of the browser, which can quickly filter the conditions; If you use the mobile version, you can directly find the relevant functions such as “Find” at the top right of the browser to facilitate quick filter conditions.

2.3.1 Platforms that only receive SMS (receiving codes)

  Mobile phone number generator to receive SMS, mobile phone verification code, online SMS, SMS receiving platform, code receiving platform, SMS collection, collection verification code, receiving SMS,Virtual number SMS,Virtual phone SMS, mobile phone number to receive SMS verification code, door number SMS website,One-time SMS, SMS receive, receive SMS online refers to platforms that can receive SMS It can just meet the above needs, you can view the content of SMS, and some websites also provide more advanced functions (such as: paid privacy, mobile phone number management, personal account settings, etc.), or additional value-added services (such as: mobile APP download and use, Google Voice application, etc.).

The following will list the service websites of “mobile number SMS receiving service” collected by this site in alphabetical order according to the service name, and organize the relevant information, and continuously update more mobile number SMS receiving services from time to time.

Warning: It is recommended to use the “free” platform, if you really must use the paid platform, please purchase a “small” amount at your discretion to avoid monetary losses caused by the expiration of the platform number!!! In addition, this article only tries to cover the platforms on the Internet, and does not guarantee the availability and authenticity, please consider carefully before using paid platforms!!!
(Mobile version can be scrolled left and right)
Topping platform
Platform nameArea codeWebsite languageNature of UseenrollRun the platformremark
Tiger picks up the codeMore than 100 countriesChinese Simplified. English, RussianPaybeWeb pages, APIs 
全球 100 多個地區付費網頁、API 

AutoFications全球 50 多個地區英文付費網頁、API、Android 
BEST SMS中國大陸、美國簡體中文、英文免費網頁 
FelixMerchantSMS Verification Service(待確認)英文付費網頁 
Free Online Phone加拿大、英國、瑞典、美國英文免費網頁
Free Receive SMS Online美國、英國、澳洲、法國

Free SMS Center中國大陸、美國、英國、瑞士


FreePhoneNum.comRECEIVE SMS美國、加拿大


Give SMS印尼、美國、英國、加拿大、德國、巴西、俄羅斯、法國

Grizzly SMS台灣、中國大陸、香港、澳門、馬來西亞、日本、越南、泰國、印度、印尼、菲律賓、美國、德國、墨西哥、巴西、土耳其、澳洲、紐西蘭、巴基斯坦、奈及利亞、瑞士、法國

Major Phones美國、英國英文付費網頁 
Message HeroReceive SMS Online英國、愛爾蘭英文免費網頁可回簡訊、轉發信箱




OnceSMS 임시 SMS 수신美國、英國韓文免費網頁 
Online SMS Box美國、加拿大、印度、土耳其、德國



超過 20 個國家或地區的號碼一次性付費網頁、API一次一個號碼,效期 20 分鐘
長期租賃無限收訊息,租期 180 天,可延長
Phone Rent Service中國大陸、香港、澳門、馬來西亞、菲律賓、泰國、越南、美國、英國

PingMeReceive SMS Online美國、加拿大、英國、澳洲簡體中文、英文付費網頁、Android、iOS 
PVAPins100 多個英文付費網頁、API 
Receive a SMS online美國、墨西哥、巴西、英國、澳洲、德國瑞士

Receive Free SMS加拿大、英國、瑞典、美國英文免費網頁、Android
Receive FREE SMS online香港、美國、印度、巴西、英國、澳洲、德國、瑞士、法國

付費 隱私號碼、Google Voice 帳號購買

Receive SMS




RECEIVE SMS ONLINE (www.smsbo.com)


Receive SMS Online (receive-sms.com)



Receive SMS Online (receivesmsonline.net)


Receive SMS Online (receive-sms.cc)



Receive SMS Online (receivesmsonline.in)


Recibir SMS Online

Receive SMS Online for FREE and with NO Registration俄羅斯、英國、烏克蘭、阿聯英文免費網頁

Receive SMS Online Free

US Phone Number美國英文免費網頁
China Phone Number中國大陸



Receive SMS Online For Free (hs3x.com)



Receive SMS Online for Free (sms-online.co)

















Richpva台灣、中國大陸、香港、澳門、馬來西亞、泰國、越南、印尼、印度、美國、加拿大、英國、墨西哥、德國、其它 170 多個英文、簡體中文、俄文付費網頁、API 
SELLAITE 愛沙尼亞英文、俄文免費網頁語音訊息接收、簡訊內容傳送至電子郵件
SMS Man台灣、中國大陸、香港、澳門、馬來西亞、新加坡、日本、韓國、越南、泰國、印尼、印度、菲律賓、美國、加拿大、英國、墨西哥、巴西、土耳其、阿根廷、澳洲、紐西蘭、巴基斯坦、奈及利亞、德國、瑞士、法國

SMS Online Empfangen美國、英國、加拿大德文免費網頁 
SMS Online Pro越南、印度、墨西哥、巴西、俄羅斯、阿根廷、巴基斯坦、法國

SMS Pool美國、荷蘭、葡萄牙、澳洲、英國、以色列、烏克蘭、俄羅斯

SMS Receive Free美國、加拿大英文免費網頁 
SMS Service台灣、中國大陸、香港、澳門、馬來西亞、越南、泰國、印尼、印度、菲律賓、美國(網路電話)、加拿大(網路電話)、英國、墨西哥、巴西、土耳其、巴基斯坦、奈及利亞、紐西蘭、德國、瑞士、法國









SPOOF BOXTrash Mobile香港、美國、英國、澳洲、德國



Temp Number菲律賓、美國、英國、加拿大、澳洲、德國、法國

Temp Phone Number美國、英國、澳洲、德國、法國


Temporary Phone Number香港、澳門、菲律賓、美國、英國、德國

Turtle sms中國大陸英文、簡體中文免費網頁 

VirtnumberFree Receive SMS英國、西班牙、愛沙尼亞、荷蘭、捷克英文免費網頁 
Temporary SMS Numbers美國、英國付費臨時號碼
Virtual SMS number中國大陸、香港、美國、印度、墨西哥、巴西、英國、土耳其、澳洲、巴基斯坦、瑞士、法國

Real SMS number美國、英國、德國


在線短信接收 (storytrain.info)英國、香港、菲律賓簡體中文免費網頁 
在線短信接收 (114sim.com)美國、英國、印尼簡體中文免費網頁 
在線短信接收 (shejiinn.com)美國、英國、印尼簡體中文免費網頁 




中國大陸、馬來西亞、泰國、越南、印尼、印度、美國、加拿大、英國、墨西哥、巴西、德國、瑞士、其它 70 個付費網頁 
超人接碼200 多個簡體中文、英文付費網頁、API 








2.3.2 SMS-only platforms (sending codes)

  Online SMS, web SMS, virtual SMS, virtual mobile phone number SMS, group SMS, code sending means that only SMS can be sent platform. Although the short message service is provided for mobile phone users, but the text input of the mobile phone is still not as convenient as the keyboard text input of the computer, so there are many services on the network that provide SMS from computers, mobile phones and other devices to send SMS to other SMS receiving devices (such as mobile phones) or services (such as: SMS service websites introduced above in this article), and some are more able to send multiple text messages, which will be introduced below to provide services that can send SMS from the web page.

(Mobile version can be scrolled left and right)



Agile Telecom英文付費網頁、API 


FREE CALL 二岸簡訊王發送簡訊繁體中文付費網頁、API

Message Hero英文付費電腦、平板、Mac、API

Messagebird英文免費網頁、API每月最多 50 個聯繫人
MightyText英文免費Android + PC同步手機和電腦/平板的簡訊
PChome 網路家庭一元簡訊繁體中文付費(PChome小額付款點數)網頁快速發送、罐頭簡訊

PingMeSend SMS Online英文免費網頁、Android、iOS 
Receive SMS OnlineSend Text英文免費網頁 
Sms everywhere英文免費網頁 



Text Messages英文免費網頁 


中華電信emome 簡訊/MMS繁體中文付費網頁

HiNet 企業簡訊繁體中文付費網頁、視窗軟體可自行開發程式客戶端
HiNet 網際簡訊繁體中文付費網頁



亞太 GT 智慧生活企業行銷簡訊繁體中文付費網頁




遠傳FETnet MMS 簡訊發送繁體中文付費網頁




2.3.3 Platforms that only generate numbers

  Phone number generator, mobile phone number generator, mobile phone door number generator, random call generator, phone number generator, fake phone number refers to web pages or software that can only generate telecommunication numbers.

The mobile phone number provided by the service platform introduced earlier in the article has been created, so when registering some network services, it may not be possible to register smoothly because the same number has been used, so there are websites on the network that can generate mobile phone numbers.

However, the number generated by these website services is only generated in accordance with the number rules, and does not provide the service of receiving and sending SMS, if the user wants to use such services, please remember not to use the website that requires SMS verification registration, otherwise you will not receive the verification code.

The following services cannot receive SMS, send SMS, or make calls (but sometimes the number generated will be the same as the real number, and there is a possibility of connection, please do not use it for illegal purposes).

Project name (sorted alphabetically or by stroke)Area codeWebsite languageNature of UseRun the platformremark
Mobile number generatorChinese mainland. Hong Kong, Taiwan (Taiwan), South Korea, Japan, United StatesChinese SimplifiedgratisWeb page 
Mobile number batch generatorChinese mainland. Hong Kong, Taiwan (Taiwan), South Korea, Japan, United StatesChinese SimplifiedgratisWeb page 
Mobile phone number random generatorTaiwan (Taiwan)Chinese TraditionalgratisWeb pageThere are avoidance of real numbers and cannot actually call or subpoena.
Online mobile number generatorChinaChinese SimplifiedgratisWeb pageYou can export to a TXT file or an Excel file.
Phone Number Generation & Mobile Number Generation (ifreesite.com)Hong Kong, Taiwan (Taiwan), United States, South Korea, Japan, Chinese mainlandChinese TraditionalgratisWeb page 
Phone Number Generation & Mobile Number Generation (jsten.free.fr)Hong Kong, Taiwan (Taiwan), Chinese mainland, South Korea, Japan, United StatesChinese TraditionalgratisWeb page 
Free producer online for phone/mobile numberHong Kong, Taiwan (Taiwan), Chinese mainland, South Korea, Japan, United StatesChinese TraditionalgratisWeb page 
Phone number generatorTaiwan, Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Nigeria, Switzerland, France

Chinese TraditionalgratisWeb page 

2.3.4 Platforms that can only be called

  Online telephone, virtual telephone, online call refers to the platform that can make online calls, and such services can use the number provided by the service platform or website to make calls through the network.

Project name (sorted alphabetically or by stroke)regionWebsite languageNature of UseenrollRun the platformremark
OperatorsbrandSender numberRecipient region
FreePhoneNum.comFree Phone CallUnited States, CanadaChinese Simplified. English

gratisnotWeb page 

2.3.5 Platforms for obtaining numbers, sending and receiving text messages, and making calls

  Virtual Number,Virtual door number,Virtual Phone,Virtual mobile phone number,Virtual phone door number,Virtual phone number,Temporary door number,Temporary mobile phone number,disposable mobile phone number, disposable phone number,Privacy number,VoIP,Temporary phone number means that you can get numbers, send text messages, send text messages, and make calls at the same time and other services. In the mobile phone number SMS receiving service introduced earlier in this article, the service provider itself has created a fixed mobile phone number, and the user can only select the number provided by the service provider, and cannot create a new set of mobile phone numbers by himself. The following services are provided by users can create a new set of virtual mobile phone numbers (door numbers), of course, it can also be used to receive SMS like the aforementioned services, and some can even send SMS, transfer and receive calls, voice verification and other functions, which is equivalent to creating a new, full-featured virtual mobile phone number, but not all mobile phone functions of each service have it, depending on the service provider.

In addition, the biggest difference from the service platform introduced above is that the number owned by such a service can usually use multiple services (sending and receiving text messages, calls, etc.) at the same time, unlike the aforementioned services, although the same website may have functions such as sending text messages, sending text messages, calls, etc., but using different numbers to use different functions, may also be public numbers to allow different users to use the same number, while the following services are that users have a private number and can use multi-function.

(Mobile version can be scrolled left and right)



FelixMerchantPermanent Phone Number(待確認)英文付費網頁 
Freeje100 多個國家或地區英文、俄文、法文付費Android、iOS 
GoogleGoogle Voice個人美國多語,含繁體中文免費網頁、Android、iOS一定要有一組美國號碼才可申請
商業美國付費整合 Google Workspace

PingMe美國、加拿大、英國 英文 免費網頁、Android、iOS使用積分換取免費額度
Proovl212 個國家或地區英文付費網頁、API 
Microsoft | SkypeSkype 號碼收發簡訊香港、日本、韓國、美國、墨西哥、巴西、英國、澳洲、紐西蘭、德國、瑞士、法國



Skype 軟體即時訊息免費 




免費網頁、Android、iOS、Facebook Messenger必須在自己的網站上使用「免費客戶聊天功能」才能夠獲得免費號碼

TextNow 美國、加拿大英文免費Android、iOS、Windows有廣告
Tossable Digits中國大陸、香港、日本、泰國、越南、菲律賓、美國、墨西哥、巴西、英國、阿根廷、澳洲、紐西蘭、德國、瑞士、法國


免費iOS、Android、BlackBerry OS、Series 40、Symbian、Bada、Windows Phone、Windows、Linux、Mac 
Virtual Phone Line臺灣(台灣)、中國大陸、香港、馬來西亞、新加坡、泰國、越南、菲律賓、美國、墨西哥、巴西、英國、阿根廷、澳洲、紐西蘭、奈及利亞、德國、瑞士、法國


2.3.6 A platform for obtaining numbers, sending and receiving text messages, making calls, and surfing the Internet

  Physical number, physical door number, and physical SIM card refer to the ability to get numbers, receive text messages, send text messages, make calls, and surf the Internet at the same time and other functional platforms. In the introduction of the above various service platforms, most of them are through the web page, mobile application (APP), computer programs, etc. to provide online sending and receiving SMS, calls and other functions, although through virtual numbers, non-physical numbers, etc. can quickly achieve a variety of functions similar to mobile phones or phones, but sometimes need to use the physical number (SIM card) service platform, can not use virtual numbers to replace, for example, want to use Google Voice must use a physical SIM Card to verify to activate the relevant functions.

The physical numbers (physical door numbers, SIM cards) introduced below are different from the general mobile phone application telecommunications service providers, only include services that do not require identity document verification, no binding, and no credit checking, usually such services may not have telecom peripheral services, physical stores or other value-added services, but only obtain a physical SIM card, and can only use basic number functions, such as sending and receiving text messages, calls, recharging, renewing or surfing the Internet. Usually used when using some services that must require a physical number (such as: Google Voice, LINE, WeChet, etc.), or a SIM card that requires a foreign number but cannot apply for telecommunications services in person (such as using Google Voice services, you must use a physical number in the United States), or when traveling abroad for a short time.

The time, location, and specifications of each SIM card also vary greatly, because it is a physical card, and the price may be higher than the virtual number introduced in the previous chapter, so please compare before purchasing, and be clear about the functions and usage time provided by each service.

Some SIMs are time-limited, such as 7 days or one or two months that automatically expire and can be used as disposable physical numbers, while others can be renewed for a long time and can have the number for a long time; The place of use is also different, usually sending and receiving text messages, connecting calls are all around the world as long as there is a signal can be used, but will be according to each place call fee is different, and some services in the United States and Canada are completely free, as for the roaming Internet part depends on the purchase of the plan, some can only be used in some regions, some are global, please be sure to read the service description carefully before purchasing.

Project name (sorted alphabetically or by stroke)Area codeWebsite languageNature of Useremark
AISSIM2FlyThailandChinese Simplified. English, ThaiPay 
GoogleGoogle FiUnited StatesEnglishPayDomestic calls and texting are free
RunsilicUnited StatesChinese SimplifiedPayYou can sign up for Google Voice
PvaVerifyUnited StatesEnglishPay 
TextNowSIM CardUnited States, CanadaEnglishPayCalls and texts within the U.S. and Canada are free
Boyuan informationHiking SIMHong KongChinese Traditional. Chinese Simplified, EnglishPayApply using WeChat

3 Related resources

The “virtual mobile phone number generator SMS verification code service (code receiving platform)” introduced in this article is to use the website service platform to receive SMS from mobile phones, or use mobile phone numbers to simulate various functions and applications of real mobile phones, such services intuitively virtualize physical mobile phones and SIM cards into network service platforms. The independent virtual mobile phone number can even have the functions of receiving SMS, texting, calling, listening to calls, and so on.

But in addition to mobile phone numbers can be virtualized, there are many tools in life that can virtualize things, such as receiving physical letters at home in the past, and now more and more services are changing to email, in the past you had to carry multiple cards such as credit cards and membership cards, and now they are increasingly changing to virtual cards, as long as a mobile phone goes out. The following describes the relevant resources published on this site: virtual cards, email addresses.

3.1 Virtual Cards

In addition to the mobile phone number can be virtualized, the daily use of physical cards can also be virtualized into virtual cards, such as: virtual credit cards, virtual membership cards, virtual electronic ticket cards, virtual SIM cards (eSIM cards), etc., can be bound to the mobile phone, reduce the trouble of carrying multiple cards when going out, and reduce the risk of side recording and data leakage, but also reduce the contact between cards and people in the epidemic era, and more can sort out the troubles of cards, reduce resource waste, environmental protection and love the earth. For more virtual cards and tips on how to use them, please refer to the article “Virtual Cards“, which has a complete introduction and teaching.

3.2 E-mail Address

Although the main purpose of this article is to introduce the service platform for sending and receiving SMS online, usually a large part of the users who have this demand are because they want to register for the network service platform, and need to fill in the mobile phone number and send verification SMS, when applying for such services or creating an account, many platforms will also require to fill in the email address. So in addition to using temporary numbers, then e-mail addresses usually want to use temporary mailboxes (or 10-minute mailboxes, disposable mailboxes, disposable mailboxes, mailbox generators, etc.) to prevent privacy leakage, or exempt from applying for multiple mailbox accounts, and information and service introduction about temporary mailboxes can be found in 〈 Email Mailbox” article in the section of the temporary mailbox, described in detail.

Update History

The following is the update history of this article, including the changes in the layout, as well as the new and removed records of any service platform, sorted from newest to oldest, so that readers can obtain the latest update information, and it is displayed in the form of scrolls to avoid too many update records and too long pages. (The mobile version can scroll the update list up and down.)

This article updates the list of records
  1. 2023/01/19, the “Tiger Code” service has been added.
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  21. 2022/08/21, added the link of browsing service platform by UK.
  22. 2022/06/12, “Grizzly SMS” added.
  23. 2022/06/08, added a new chapter of “Browse Platform by Received Service SMS”.
  24. 2022/06/04, added the link to browse the service platform by “Argentina”.
  25. 2022/06/03, update content fine-tuned.
  26. 2022/05/30, update the Blue Whale code URL “masrmon.com” to “sms-lanjing.com”.
  27. 2022/05/30, Added Superman code.
  28. 2022/05/20, delete YY verification code.
  29. 2022/05/12, new multilingual version.
  30. 2022/04/21, added the remarks column of the section introduction.
  31. 2022/04/21, updated the paragraph introduction of partition browsing.
  32. 2022/04/21, added “United States” browsing service platform link.
  33. 2022/04/20, update “SMSJIEMA.COM” to “Runsilic”.
  34. 2022/04/17, added “Indonesia” browsing service platform link.
  35. 2022/04/15, add the link to browse the service platform by “Vietnam”.
  36. 2022/04/13, a new link to browse the service platform by “Thailand” has been added.
  37. 2022/04/11, a link to browse the service platform by “Turkey” has been added.
  38. 2022/04/09, a link to browse the service platform by “Singapore” has been added.
  39. 2022/04/07, a link to browse the service platform by “Malaysia” has been added.
  40. 2022/04/07, “Turkey” has been added as a common number.
  41. 2022/04/06, “Phone Number Generator” service platform added.
  42. 2022/04/05, added link to browse service platform by Korea.
  43. 2022/04/03, a link to browse the service platform by “Hong Kong” has been added.
  44. 2022/04/01, “MobileSMS.io” service added.
  45. 2022/04/01, a link to browse the service platform by “Japan” has been added.
  46. 2022/03/28, added “China” browsing service platform link.
  47. 2022/03/28, update “eBocom eSender” to “Hiking SIM”, and delete the Chinese number.
  48. 2022/03/28, updated the name of “Cloud Connect – Free Code” to “YunSMS”.
  49. 2022/03/20, added “Taiwan” browsing service platform article link.
  50. 2022/03/20, a new section on “Browse platforms by country/region” has been added.
  51. 2022/02/28, SMS receiving service added.
  52. 2022/02/28, “SMSOnline” service added.
  53. 2022/02/25, “Temp Number” service added.
  54. 2022/02/25, “FelixMerchant” service added.
  55. 2022/02/25, “Online SMS Box” service added.
  56. 2022/02/25, “iReceiveSMS” service added.
  57. 2022/02/23, “Cloud Code – Free Code Connection” service was added.
  58. 2022/02/23, “Free-SMS-Receive” service added.
  59. 2022/02/23, “Quick SMS” service added.
  60. 2022/02/23, “SMSReceiveFree” service added.
  61. 2022/02/23, “Cloud Access Code (yunjiema.top)” service added.
  62. 2022/02/23, “Cloud SMS (yunduanxin.xyz)” service added.
  63. 2022/02/23, Super Cloud SMS Service is added.
  64. 2022/02/23, “Free Code Receiving (goinsms.xyz & mianfeisms.xyz)” service has been added.
  65. 2022/02/23, Added SMS code receiving service.
  66. 2022/01/18, shortened article title.
  67. 2022/01/11, the “Speedy Code Receiving Platform” service has been added.
  68. 2022/01/11, the “Firefox Platform” service was added.
  69. 2022/01/11, the “Miyun Code Platform” service was added.
  70. 2022/01/11, the “New Bluebird Code Receiving Platform” service was added.
  71. 2022/01/11, the “Connecting Code” service has been added.
  72. 2022/01/10, updated the countries/regions where free code access is available.
  74. 2022/01/10, update the name of the online SMS verification code to “Youxin Cloud SMS”, and update the country/region information provided.
  75. 2022/01/10, updated the countries/regions provided by “Cloud SMS”.
  76. On 2022/01/10, the United States and China that updated “Receive SMS Online Free” will display separate web links.
  77. 2022/01/02, “Major Phones” service added.
  78. 2022/01/01, added “Virtual Card” in the “Related Services” section.
  79. 2022/01/01, SMS cloud receiving service is added.
  80. 2022/01/01, “Mobile Number Network” service added.
  81. 2022/01/01, updated with the title “2022”.
  82. 2021/12/19, “PVAPins” service added.
  83. 2021/12/19, “Mika.com” service added.
  84. 2021/12/19, the “Meika.com” service was added.
  85. 2021/12/19, “OnceSMS 임시 SMS 수신” service added.
  86. 2021/12/19, “Dove Cloud Assistant” service was deleted, and the web connection was interrupted.
  87. 2021/12/19, Delete “SMS-receive.com” service, 500 Internal Server Error.
  88. 2021/12/19, delete the “Mobile number generator” service, 404 Page cannot be found, connection is lost.
  89. 2021/12/19, “Richpva” service added.
  90. 2021/12/02, “Karteplus.com” service added.
  91. 2021/10/11, “PvaVerify” service added.
  92. 2021/10/11, “SMSKA.xyz” service added.
  93. 2021/10/11, “SIMSMS.ORG” service added.
  94. 2021/10/11, “Give SMS” service added.
  95. 2021/10/11, “SMS Pool” service added.
  96. 2021/10/11, “SMS Online Pro” service added.
  97. 2021/10/11, “SMSCodeOnline” service added.
  98. On October 10, 2021, the Chinese mainland number of “KaKa Code” was removed.
  99. 2021/10/07, SMSUS.in service added.
  100. 2021/10/02, VAR-SMS.COM service added.
  101. 2021/10/02, updated the data of “ONLINE-SMS.ORG” service.
  102. 2021/09/27, Coral Cloud Code Connection Service was added.
  103. 2021/09/27, “Shengtong International” service added.
  104. 2021/09/27, “Courier Code” service added.
  105. 2021/09/27, added overseas international verification code receiving platform service.
  106. 2021/09/27, the “Little Rocket Global Code Connection Platform” service was added.
  107. 2021/09/27, “Turtle sms” service added.
  108. 2021/09/27, Removal of “Thunder Platform” service, 500 Internal Server Error.
  109. 2021/09/27, delete “Lin Chong Niubai” service, timed out, no response.
  110. 2021/09/15, delete the “Quick Message” service, 404 webpage cannot be found, connection is lost.
  111. 2021/09/15, Lightning code service deleted, timed out, connection interrupted.
  112. 2021/09/15, “SMSBO” service deleted, 403 Page not found.
  113. 2021/09/15, delete the “Sms Verification Online” service, the server cannot be found, there is no response, and the connection is interrupted.
  114. 2021/09/15, delete the “jindousms.com” service, connection failed, no response, connection lost.
  115. 2021/09/15, updated label.
  116. 2021/09/09, Added recommended field.
  117. 2021/09/03, SMS Man service added.
  118. 2021/09/03, updated the regional introduction of SMS Service and SMS-ACTIVATE.RU service.
  119. 2012/09/03, delete “MyTempSMS, Receive SMS Online Free, Receive-Sms-Free.net, Temporary Phone Number, Online SMS Reception (storytrain.info), Online SMS Reception (114sim.com), Online SMS Reception (shejiinn.com), Online SMS Receiving ( shejiinn.com), the ‘Chinese mainland’ number of services such as free code reception, code number, cloud code, cloud SMS, and ‘use and abandon’.
  120. 2021/09/03, delete the “Private SMS” service, and the server cannot be found.
  121. 2021/09/03, the “SMS Tools Online” service was deleted, and the connection failed.
  122. 2021/08/21, Agile Telecom service added.
  123. 2021/08/21, the “Seven Star Code” service was added.
  124. 2021/08/21, the “Thunder Platform” service was added
  125. 2021/08/21, the Blue Whale code service was added.
  126. 2021/08/21, changed UK to Common Number.
  127. 2021/08/20, Mexico and Brazil were changed to common numbers.
  128. 2021/07/26, Lin Chong Niubai service was added.
  129. 2021/07/26, Lightning code service added.
  130. 2021/07/26, “Dove Cloud Assistant” service added.
  131. 2021/07/26, the “Free SMS Verification Code Receiving Platform” service was added.
  132. 2021/07/26, the remarks in the chapter “Platform for sending SMS only” have too many features and have been changed to a drop-down menu to avoid the height of the mobile version being too high.
  133. 2021/07/26, the “Free SMS Authentication [Taiwan Door Number]” service was deleted, and the website has been lost.
  134. 2021/07/25, delete online free mobile phone service, unable to connect to this website.
  135. 2021/07/09, the order of “Update History” has been changed to reverse order, the latest update is at the top, from new to old, and changed to a scroll window to avoid too many update records resulting in too long layout and too long page scrolling.
  136. 2021/07/09, “Mobile number generator” service added.
  137. 2021/07/08, “SMSBO” service added.
  138. 2021/07/08, “MyTempSMS” service added.
  139. 2021/07/08, “receivesms.org” service added.
  140. 2021/07/08, “BEST SMS” service added.
  141. 2021/07/08, the cloud SMS service is added.
  142. 2021/07/08, Added Invincible Cloud SMS Service.
  143. On 2021/06/24, only the more common regions and languages were displayed, and the rest were changed to drop-down menus.
  144. 2021/05/07, delete “sms-online.pl” service, 404 Page not found.
  145. 2021/05/07, delete the “Taomai Platform” service, timed out, unable to connect to this website.
  146. 2021/05/07, delete the “Shanda Code Receiving Platform” service, fail to connect, refuse to connect.
  147. 2021/05/07, delete the “code receiving platform” service, timed out, unable to connect to this website.
  148. 2021/05/07, delete the “Code Farmer Platform” service, 404 Page not found.
  149. 2021/05/07, delete the “Baby Cloud Code” service, 404 Page not found.
  150. 2021/05/02, Form beautification.
  151. 2021/04/06, make chapter titles more concise, update content descriptions and add keywords.
  152. 2021/04/06, updated the “SIM Card” service link.
  153. 2020/11/22, “SMSmode” service added.
  154. On November 20, 2020, the “Code Connect” service was deleted and the registration was stopped.
  155. 2020/11/20, “Phone Rent Service” service added.
  156. 2020/11/16, “Sakari” service added.
  157. 2020/11/16, “Cloakmobile” service added.
  158. 2020/11/16, “Freeje” service added.
  159. 2020/11/16, “Temp Phone Number” service added.
  160. 2020/11/16, “Proovl” service added.
  161. 2020/11/16, ConXhub service added.
  162. 2020/11/14, “SMS24” service added.
  163. 2020/11/14, “SMS Online” service added.
  164. 2020/11/14, “7SIM.NET” service added.
  165. 2020/11/14, “SMS Service” service added.
  166. 2020/11/14, “ReceiveSMS.cc” service added.
  167. 2020/11/14, “Virtnumber” service added.
  168. 2020/11/14, “sms-online.pl” service added.
  169. 2020/11/14, “Free SMS Center” service added.
  170. 2020/11/14, “SMS-receive.com” service added.
  171. 2020/11/14, “Message Hero” service added.
  172. 2020/11/14, “ONLINE-SMS.ORG” service added.
  173. 2020/11/13, added Taomao connection platform service.
  174. 2020/11/13, the “Shanda Code Receiving Platform” service was added.
  175. 2020/11/13, GetSMS.ONLINE service added.
  176. 2020/11/13, “KaKa code connection” service added.
  177. 2020/11/13, the “Code Receiving Platform” service was added.
  178. 2020/11/13, “WeTalk” service added.
  179. 2020/11/13, added online free mobile phone service.
  180. 2020/11/13, “Sms Verification Online” service added.
  181. 2020/11/13, “Receive-Sms-Free.net” service added.
  182. 2020/11/12, “YY verification code” service added.
  183. 2020/11/09, “Blacktel” service added.
  184. 2020/11/09, the “use and abandon” service was added.
  185. 2020/11/09, the “Code Farmer Platform” service was added.
  186. 2020/11/08, “PingMe” service added.
  187. 2020/11/03, the “Baby Cloud Code” service was added.
  188. 2020/11/01, “AIS SIM2Fly” service added.
  189. On November 01, 2020, the “Shuffle” service was deleted, and the platform has been terminated.
  190. 2020/10/31, “Boyuan Information Stored Value Card Customer” service was added.
  191. 2020/10/31, “Google Fi” service added.
  192. 2020/10/12, “textverified” service added.
  193. 2020/10/09, SMS City service deleted, domain name expired.
  194. 2020/10/09, “PChome SMS” service added.
  195. 2020/10/09, add the field of whether the service needs to be registered.
  196. 2020/10/09, “Phone Number Generation & Mobile Number Generation (jsten.free.fr)” service was added.
  197. 2020/10/09, “Mobile Number Batch Generator” service added.
  198. 2020/10/09, “Mobile Phone Number Random Generator” service added.
  199. 2020/10/09, “Online Mobile Number Generator” service added.
  200. 2020/10/07, “Receive SMS Online (jindousms.com)” service added.
  201. 2020/10/07, free and paid column display, with background hint color.
  202. 2020/10/06, “Receive SMS Online / Temporary Phone Number” service was added.
  204. 2020/10/06, “Receive SMS Online Free” service added.
  205. 2020/10/06, “Receive SMS Online (receive-sms.cc)” service added.
  206. 2020/10/06, “ReceiveSMS.NET” service added.
  207. 2020/10/06, added online SMS receiving (shejiinn.com) service.
  208. 2020/10/06, added “code number” service.
  209. 2020/10/06, added “Little Bird Code” service.
  210. 2020/10/06, “LotHelper” service added.
  211. 2020/10/06, “5SIM” service added.
  212. On October 06, 2020, the “Other Services” column was changed to the “Remarks” column to expand the description.
  213. 2020/10/06, SMSPVA service added.
  214. 2020/10/06, “OnlineSim” service added.
  215. 2020/09/19, added free code receiving service.
  216. 2020/09/19, Cloud Code Connection Service added.
  217. 2020/09/19, “Z-SMS” service added.
  218. 2020/09/19, “Mobile Number Generator” service added.
  219. 2020/09/19, delete “Cloud Authentication Code” and the connection fails.
  220. 2020/09/12, “Free SMS Authentication [Taiwan Door Number]” service was added.
  221. 2020/09/12, “Tossable Digits” service added.
  222. 2020/09/12, “Vumber” service added.
  223. 2020/09/12, “Talkroute” service added.
  224. 2020/09/12, “eVoice” service added.
  225. 2020/09/12, “Viber” service added.
  226. 2020/08/22, added related service chapters.
  227. 2020/08/07, SMS finders restored, the website is already browsable.
  228. 2020/08/06, DELETE FREESMSCODE, 403 JUMP.
  229. 2020/08/06, SMSFinders removed, 500 Server error.
  230. 2020/08/06, delete “SMSListen“, 403 redirect.
  231. 2020/08/06, delete SMSTibo, 403 redirect.
  232. 2020/07/22, delete online SMS reception, link interruption.
  233. 2020/07/10, delete “Cloud Check SMS“, the connection is lost.
  234. 2020/07/10, delete “Receive-SMS-Now.com” and the server cannot be found.
  235. 2020/04/04, new update record.
  236. 2020/04/03, delete “RECEIVESMS. ONLINE“, the service website has ceased to operate.
  237. 2020/03/10, “Mobile SMS Sending Service”, “Mobile Number Generator” and “Mobile Number Creation Service” and other types have been added, as well as all project services in them.
  238. 2020/03/09, add online SMS reception, online SMS verification code, code receiving technology, cloud SMS, cloud verification SMS, cloud verification code, firefly, privacy SMS and other services that provide Chinese numbers.
  239. 2018/06/24, “SELLAITE” added.
  240. 2017/11/30, “Receive SMS Online for FREE and with NO Registration” added.
  241. 2017/11/29, “Receive a SMS online” added.
  242. 2017/11/28, “Receive Free SMS” added.
  243. 2017/11/25, “Free Online Phone” added.
  244. 2016/12/02, “Receive SMS Online (receivesmsonline.net)” added.
  245. 2016/11/09, “Receive SMS Online” added.
  246. 2016/11/06, “Receive FREE SMS online” added.
  247. 2016/10/30, “RECEIVESMS. ONLINE」。