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  " Receive SMS online " ( is a website that provides free SMS receiving services for mobile phone numbers in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. When using or registering for certain services on the Internet, it is often required to fill in the mobile phone number and verify it, but it is a concern for privacy-conscious users, and "Receive SMS online" ( ) service can just solve this problem, you can use the mobile phone number provided by them, and receive SMS on the web page, you can check the content of the verification SMS, and the website also has a mobile application (APP) for download and use.

1 Introduction

  A variety of services are provided on the Internet. Many services require an account to be able to use more complete services. At the same time, users are often required to verify their mobile phone numbers, such as: Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, YouTube channel cancellation function restrictions, etc.

  However, if users who are more concerned about privacy do not want to reveal their mobile phone numbers, but at the same time they do not have any extra mobile phone numbers to use, and do not want to apply for additional phone numbers, then the mobile phone SMS received The service allows users who have this demand to have an additional mobile SMS number for SMS verification.

  Although there are various mobile SMS receiving services on the Internet, some users only use services that require mobile phone verification temporarily, and do not want to do too complicated account registration, mobile phone number management, personal account and privacy. For operations such as settings, you only need to simply provide your mobile phone number and read the content of the text message.

  And "Receive SMS online" ( can just meet the above requirements. It does not require users to register an additional account, and does not need to do any mobile phone number management. View the content of the SMS, and also have a mobile application (APP) for users to download and use.

2 Basic information

  • Website Name: Receive SMS Online
  • Website URL:
  • Website language: English
  • Website service: Provide free SMS receiving service for mobile phone numbers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries.
  • Contact: e-mail:

3 How to use

  The service and interface provided by "Receive SMS Online" ( are very simple, with a soft light green background. It does not require users to register an account, nor does it require complicated procedures. Generally, only two steps are required. , after selecting the desired SMS number, you can read the content of the SMS after receiving the SMS from the sender.

3.1 Check the mobile phone number provided by the website

Homepage of "Receive SMS Online" ( page of "Receive SMS Online" (

  Log in to the home page ( ) of the service " Receive SMS Online " ( , and you can see the numbers of many groups and related information fields at the bottom of the home page.

  On the left side of the number in each column, there will be the national flag of the country, and on the right side is the phone number with the international prefix. The "Read SMS" below can read the content of the text message. Currently, the website provides the United States, Canada, United Kingdom,HongkongAfter waiting for the number of the country, and then selecting the mobile phone number you want, you can fill in the number into the service website that needs to verify the mobile phone number, and then wait for the verification SMS sent by the service website.

3.2 Read the SMS content of the mobile number

Receive SMS Online ( Free multi-country mobile phone number SMS receiving service, and mobile APP for download and useThe SMS reading page of "Receive SMS Online" (

  After clicking "Read SMS" to enter the page, you will see the latest received SMS content list and related fields.

  • The From Number field will show who sent the message.
  • The Time (time) field shows the time when the text message was received.
  • The Message field is to view the content of the message.

  If "Receive SMS Online" has received the verification SMS sent by the service website, it will display the content in each column of this page. You can check the received time to confirm whether it is the SMS you requested.

4 Other functions

4.1 Out of service numbers

  Some numbers in the service of this website can no longer receive SMS content, but they can still query the content of the SMS they have received before. Just click the " INACTIVE NUMBERS " above to enter the page, and you can inquire about the number of the number whose service has stopped. Received text messages.

4.2 Mobile Apps

Receive SMS Online ( mobile appReceive SMS Online ( mobile app for Android on Google Play.


  The website's mobile SMS receiving service not only receives on the webpage, but also provides a mobile application (APP) for users to download and use the APP to query and receive the content of mobile SMS, just click " ON GOOGLE PLAY " on the upper right to enter . Go to the page of the mobile application on Google Play, you can download and use it.

5 Conclusion, experience and evaluation

  "Receive SMS online" ( web service interface and use process are very simple and simple, with a light green background with a sense of technology, and there is no application for use of the more complex mobile SMS receiving service web page The user's account and mailbox verification and the setting and application of many steps do not have too many processes and functions, but compared with the previously introduced " RECEIVESMS . Although the content of the received SMS does not have a Google Voice account like " Receive FREE SMS online ", it has more functions of a mobile phone application (APP), which is more convenient to use when going out.

  Although the content of the text messages received by the website using the free number is public on the website, since there is no need to apply for an account and no personal information is provided, other than the user himself, it is impossible to see who is using it. , if the content of the text message is not important confidential information, then there is no need to worry too much. However, if you have privacy considerations for the content of the SMS, you can also use the privacy SMS service provided by them, but the privacy SMS service is paid for, so that the SMS received by the user is not published on the public web page.

  If you just want to quickly get the SMS number and receive a verification SMS to activate other services on the Internet, or you don’t want to reveal your real mobile phone, you won’t receive confidential content, and you don’t want to spend too much time on complicated account application or function operations. , then "Receive SMS online" ( can quickly obtain multiple groups and multi-country mobile phone SMS numbers, plus the website provides a mobile application (APP), you can use it when you are out or using a mobile phone. The convenience and immediacy of the APP can quickly complete the function of the SMS receiving service.

  However, if you want a more powerful number management platform, you can use other mobile phone SMS receiving services. Because the overall function is relatively simple, it is more suitable for users who need to obtain numbers quickly. Therefore, if you want a complete management service, there are Other better platforms can be used.

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