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Numerology Compatibility Relationship: Who are you the fastest match? Birthday Nine Palaces, Interpersonal Relationship and Love Fit

  Life number can use numbers, birthdays, etc. to calculate a person's personality and fortune, but in addition to understanding one's own horoscope, you can also use the number of life to understand your compatibility with other people, interpersonal relationship, emotional status, love Model and other relationships can grasp the communication skills with the other party […]

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How to Calculate the Numerology? The most complete digital analysis and calculation method, focusing on sorting and telling you all at once!

  The calculation method of the spiritual number of life will have different formulas according to the characteristics of different spiritual numbers, as well as the interpretation and meaning analysis of different aspects of the natal chart. This article completes the various digital meanings, calculation methods and key points of the number of life numbers, so […]

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Numerology Golden Triangle Number: Solve the plate with triangle numbers, and resolve conflicts with solving numbers

  There are many calculation methods and solutions for the number of life spirits. Different numbers after calculation represent different meanings and connotations, but these various numbers affect each other due to their different energy and types. Sometimes A single number method will make it impossible to accurately solve the chart, and use the golden three […]

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Numerology Destiny Number: what number are you? Decide the role and direction you want to play in your life

  The number of fate ( number of fate , number of birth, number of main fate, number of life, number of main secret, number of fate , number of people , number of people ) is a number composed of the number of talents after the birth year, month, and day of the Western Yuan. One of the most important spiritual numbers in the spiritual number of life , there are nine […]

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Numerology Line: Use the birthday nine-square grid connection to see talent aspirations and behavior patterns

  Life Spirit Number Connection (also known as Life Number Connection , Life Password Connection , Jiugong Number Connection or Jiugong Grid Connection , etc.) is the number that appears on the personal birthday natal chart after completing the Life Spirit Number Birthday Jiugong Grid. The numbers are connected in a straight line, and these lines represent a person's talent or ambition. Each line has its own […]

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Numerology Zodiac Sign Number: What is the relationship between constellations and numbers? Make the horoscope more accurate

  Constellation number (or constellation code, constellation representative number ) is the number represented by each twelve constellations, each number has its own characteristics, you can use the way of understanding the number energy conveyed by the life number in order to learn about life. Facing the problems, there are some guidance on the lost road. In addition to each number in the […]

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Numerology Internal and External Number: From the inner and outer spiritual numbers to see the appearance and inner nature

  Each number in the spiritual number of life has its own meaning, but in fact, the spiritual number can be further subdivided into the outer spiritual number and the inner spiritual number , which represent the external characteristics and the inner heart. Have you noticed that some people think differently than they do? This may be affected by the number of inner […]

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Numerology Lo Shu Square: Calculate personal horoscope with birthday, detailed steps, analysis and teaching

  The birthday nine-square grid is the most practical, interesting and understandable way of life spiritual numbers . Using the nine-square grid chart can more clearly and intuitively understand a person's digital energy and behavior methods, and calculate the personal horoscope. How to use birthday to accurately draw a person's life number nine house chart? The following will […]

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